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  1. Angel Alvarez in the Dominican Republic
  2. Poll: Should the instructor be responsible for everything that happens on the mat during aikido training?
  3. Poll: How often do you get to choose your uke(s) for your rank testing at your aikido dojo?
  4. "Taisabaki" DVD Released
  5. Etsunengeiko - New Year's Eve Training in Chicago
  6. New Year Seminar in Rodgau/Germany
  7. Poll: Do you think your aikido dojo would survive without its chief instructor(s)?
  8. Kangeiko - Aikido Winter Training Seminar in Chicago
  9. Tsunami Relief Donations
  10. Michael Park's 30th Anniversary in Plano, Texas
  11. Shugyo Shin Dojo in Dominican Republic
  12. Photos from Hiroshi Kato's Houston Seminar Online
  13. December AikiWeb Columns
  14. Article: Transmission in Aikido, Part II by George S. Ledyard
  15. Article: The Gift by Lynn Seiser
  16. Article: The Adventures of Ron Dorey: Finding the Secret by Ross Robertson
  17. Article: Squirrelly by Paul Schweer
  18. Article: How to Use a Sword by "The Mirror"
  19. Poll: Do you think your aikido organization would surive without its chief instructor(s)?
  20. Poll: How important is the notion of "self defense" in your aikido training?
  21. New Aikido Dojo Opening in Houston, TX
  22. New Issue of Aikido Online
  23. Aikido East's Newest Issue Now Available
  24. AAA Seminar in Methuen, MA, 2/11-2/13
  25. Winter Intensive Training in Chicago, 2/3-2/6
  26. "Ukemi From the Ground Up" DVD by Ellis Amdur
  27. Yamada Sensei in Palm Beach, FL 2/26-2/27
  28. Poll: What gender is your chief instructor at your dojo?
  29. Linda Holiday Sensei Promoted to 6th Dan
  30. Society of Aikido Centers Newsletter
  31. Robert Frager Sensei Promoted to 7th Dan
  32. Bob Caron Sensei in Michigan 3/4-3/6
  33. Poll: Was your chief instructor present for your last aikido exam?
  34. BCAF summer camp June 2005, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  35. Wagner Bull Sensei in Portugal, 6/18-6/19
  36. Salvadego Paolo p in Calcutta, 2/6-2/12
  37. M. Crawford in Stafford, UK 5/14
  38. January 2005 AikiWeb Columns
  39. Article: Shoshin by Lynn Seiser
  40. Article: Ignoring the Objective by Paul Schweer
  41. Article: Striking a Balance by Ross Robertson
  42. Article: Appropriate Force by "The Mirror"
  43. Poll: Do you currently care what your aikido looks like?
  44. Bond Street Dojo Relocation
  45. Inner Aikido Seminar with Sugano Seiichi shihan
  46. Two New Articles by Peter Boylan
  47. Article: The Costs of Training with the Best by Peter Boylan
  48. Article: Taking Ukemi and Being Uke by Peter Boylan
  49. Mariko Takamizo Shihan in Hong Kong, 2/26-27
  50. Poll: Has your study of aikido made you more empathetic?
  51. Joe Anshel Sensei in Massachusetts 3/11-3/13
  52. Poll: If doctors told you that continuing aikido would be very bad for your health, would you continue training?
  53. Lorraine DiAnne in Poulsbo, WA 4/2-4/3
  54. Haruo Matsuoka in St. Louis, MO 3/18-3/20
  55. February AikiWeb Columns
  56. Aikido Dojo Camberley Winter Course
  57. Article: O-Sensei's Aikido by George S. Ledyard
  58. Article: Thoughts on Irimi by "The Mirror"
  59. Article: Penetrating the Heart of Aikido by Ross Robertson
  60. Article: One of Those Places by Paul Schweer
  61. Article: Mental Training: Mental Rehearsal by Lynn Seiser
  62. Summer Camp in the Rockies Registration Now Open
  63. Poll: How meaningful is your aikido rank to you?
  64. Bob Caron in Michigan, 3/4-3/6
  65. Randy Bonifay Sensei in Hudson, WI , April 1-3
  66. Poll: How meaningful are other people's aikido rank to you?
  67. New Subway Line to Aikikai Hombu Dojo
  68. 4th Asian Aikido Federation Seminar & Demostration in Bangkok
  69. Poll: On average, how many different techniques do you practice in an hour's training with your main aikido teacher?
  70. The Aikido Ohana Spring Camp (Honolulu, HI): March 25th-27th
  71. National Instructor's Seminar Illinois 4/27-5/1
  72. Training Across Borders
  73. Poll: On average, how many different techniques do you practice in an hour's training with your main aikido teacher?
  74. Lynn Fabia in Mission, TX 4/30 - 5/1
  75. Poll: How important is it for beginners in aikido to experience aikido styles other than their own?
  76. Ken Cottier Shihan in Dewsbury, UK 5/21
  77. Upcoming AAA Seminars in Texas, Chicago, Rhode Island
  78. March AikiWeb Columns Now Available
  79. Article: Ultimate Martial Art? by George S. Ledyard
  80. Article: Intent and Intensity by Lynn Seiser
  81. Article: Testing by Paul Schweer
  82. Article: Doors and Walls by Ross Robertson
  83. Article: The Bird in the Pomegranate: Mental Misogi by "The Mirror"
  84. Poll: How important is the philosophy of aikido during your "on the mat" training?
  85. Endo Shihan Seminar in Toronto, 4/16-17
  86. Tres Hofmeister sensei in Maine, 8/26-27
  87. Toshiro Suga in Edinburgh, Scotland
  88. Aikido Kenkyukai International 25th Anniversary
  89. Aikido Seminar with Mitsuo Tasaka Shihan
  90. Takeshi Yamashima Shihan at The Aikido Ohana in Honolulu
  91. Poll: How important is the philosophy of aikido outside of your "on the mat" training?
  92. "Training Across Borders" AikiBlog Updates
  93. Poll: Which movement direction in your body do you think is the most important in aikido techniques?
  94. New Dojo at USA Navy Base in Yokosuka, Japan
  95. Water Oak Aikikai Anniversary Seminar, May 27-28, Charlotte, NC
  96. Poll: Which aspect of aikido training is most important for you?
  97. Calgary Aikikai's 25th Anniversary Seminar
  98. Aiki Expo 2005
  99. April AikiWeb Columns Now Available
  100. Article: Initiative, Timing, and Spacing (Part I of II) by George S. Ledyard
  101. Article: Levels of Application by Lynn Seiser
  102. Article: Learning Opportunities by Paul Schweer
  103. Article: Keeping the Faith by Ross Robertson
  104. Article: Sempai/Kohai by "The Mirror"
  105. Friendship Seminar with Hiroshi Kato, 8th Dan
  106. David Halprin in Colombia, May 31-June 6
  107. Shinbu Dojo's 25th Anniversary and Aikido Seminar - Manila
  108. Poll: How often do you perform aikido techniques without moving your feet?
  109. Bu Jin Design "Aiki Expo 2005" Sale
  110. Koji Yoshida Shihan in Santa Monica, CA 6/4-6/5
  111. Shinichi Tohei Sensei's Weblog
  112. Benefit Seminar for Nelson Andujar of Miami Aikikai, 5/21
  113. Aikidothon - Raising Funds for Victims of Crime in East Ayrshire
  114. Poll: How realistic a goal do you feel is the "aikido" notion of defending yourself while minimizing or negating damage done to your attacker?
  115. Aikido Benefit Seminar in Grand Rapids, MI, 6/11
  116. The Kevin Sparkman Fund
  117. The Aikido Cruise
  118. Poll: Should religion play a part in an aikido curriculum?
  119. Toshiro Suga in Edinburgh, June 11-12th
  120. Latest Issue of "Aikido East" Now Available
  121. Sugano Sensei Seminar in Aspen Cancelled
  122. May AikiWeb Columns Now Available
  123. Article: Initiative, Timing, and Spacing (Part II of II) by George S. Ledyard
  124. Article: Moral Stances on Shaky Ground by "The Mirror"
  125. Article: Get With It by Ross Robertson
  126. Article: An Unjust Belief by Paul Schweer
  127. Article: Cross-Training by Lynn Seiser
  128. Poll: Should spirituality play a part in an aikido curriculum?
  129. Friendship Demonstration In Houston, 6/4
  130. Poll: Is the spiritual component of aikido inherent in the physical techniques?
  131. Poll: How physically dangerous are the techniques of aikido?
  132. Hiroshi Kato in Corpus Christi, TX, June 11, 12
  133. Aikido Kenkyukai International 25th Anniversary
  134. New York Aikikai 40th Anniversay DVD Celebration
  135. Andy Sato in Brooklyn, NY, 6/24-6/26
  136. "Way of the Warrior"
  137. Mike Dougher Sensei Passes Away
  138. Yoshinkan Aikido in Sydney
  139. Butch Chernofsky Sensei Passes Away
  140. Poll: Should philosophy play a part in an aikido curriculum?
  141. June AikiWeb Columns
  142. Article: Accountable and Responsible by Lynn Seiser
  143. Article: Let Fly by Paul Schweer
  144. Article: Ikkyo, Nikyo, and Sankyo as Geometric Principles by Ross Robertson
  145. Article: Serious Martial Artists by "The Mirror"
  146. Poll: How physically comfortable are your aikido classes?
  147. Corallini, Evenas, and Alexander in Italy, Oct 2005
  148. Lynn Fabia Sensei in Monterrey, NL, Mexico
  149. Jim Saba in Klamath Falls, Oregon
  150. Equipment Reviews Section Now Open
  151. Review: George Ledyard Seminar at Shindai
  152. Poll: How physically tired are you usually after one hour of aikido training?
  153. Makotokai Aikido Riai Demonstration in Edinburgh, July 2nd
  154. Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia Opens
  155. Aikido in Boulder, Colorado
  156. Poll: To what extent is how tired you get in your aikido training under your control?
  157. Yoshinkan Aikido DVDs by Joe Thambu Sensei
  158. Aikido Yoshin Dojo Opens in Orlando, FL
  159. Shindai Dojo in Orlando Open for Hurricane Evacuations
  160. Poll: How well are kihonwaza (basic techniques) taught at your dojo?
  161. Article: Adept at Aikido
  162. Article: Boys Can Dance, With a Little Martial Artistry
  163. Aikido Shudokan Mailing List Launched
  164. Association Sahelienne D'Aikido in Tunisia
  165. Article: Thundering Aikido
  166. 200 Photos of the Aikido Friendship Seminar in Houston,Tx
  167. Poll: How good are you at aikido?
  168. Poll: Does the philosophy of aikido need to be explicitly discussed during class for the training to be "aikido"?
  169. Poll: Have you modified your overall aikido training method due to injuries you've sustained?
  170. 25th Anniversary Summer Camp in Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  171. Fujita Shihan 8th Dan Aikikai in Israel, 8/12-8/13
  172. Mary Heiny in Brattleboro Vermont, 10/14-10/16
  173. Seminar Review Y. Kurita Shihan
  174. Poll: How important a part of aikido training is having good attacking skills?
  175. August AikiWeb Columns
  176. 2nd Annual Friendship T.A.F. Seminar 9/9-9/11 in Hanover Park IL
  177. 2005 "Common Ground" All Virginia Friendship Seminar
  178. Article: ...With the Body You Have by "The Mirror"
  179. Article: The Role of Faith by "The Grindstone"
  180. Article: Give Me Shelter by Ross Robertson
  181. Article: Sucking Air by Paul Schweer
  182. Article: An Aikido Journey: Part 1 by Peter Goldsbury
  183. Article: Introduction by Michael J. Hacker
  184. Article: Breath by Dennis Hooker
  185. Randy Bonifay Sensei in Hudson, WI 9/9-9/11
  186. Poll: How good do you feel is the overall attacking skills ability at your aikido dojo?
  187. The Aikido Ohana Summer Camp: August 26th-28th
  188. Yamada Sensei, 8th Dan, in Edinburgh, Scotland, 8/9th Oct.
  189. Jerry Zimmerman in Manasquan, NJ, 8/28
  190. Penny Bernath in Cincinnati, 9/24-9/25
  191. Poll: How much do you pay each month for your regular aikido classes (in US dollars)?
  192. New Sword DVD Set from George Ledyard
  193. Poll: How important is facing your own aggression in improving your aikido?
  194. Itachi, The Aikido Ferret
  195. Hurricane Katrina Relief Donations
  196. Article: Aikido Classes Offered at the Olde Gym
  197. Poll: How important is facing your own meekness in improving your aikido?
  198. Aikido Hawaii Website
  199. Hiroshi Kato in Houston, TX, 11/5-11/6
  200. Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?
  201. Ki Society Headquarter's New Website
  202. Mr. Thomas Makiyama Passes Away
  203. Aiki Extensions Conference in Merrifield, VA, 9/23-9/25
  204. Oscar Ratti Passes Away
  205. Aikido East New Edition Now Available
  206. Benefit Seminar for Hurricane Katrina Victims
  207. Article: Kicking Back at Rising Crime
  208. Poll: How well taught is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?
  209. Yoga for the Martial Artist
  210. Article: Overcome Bullying through Calmness
  211. Article: Lessons Well-Learned
  212. Article: Aikido Now in Brunei
  213. Hitohiro Saito Sensei in Rohnert Park, CA, 10/15-10/16
  214. September AikiWeb Columns
  215. Article: Aikido - What It Is and What It Isn't by George S. Ledyard
  216. Article: truth, Truth, and Broken Clocks (an introduction of sorts) by "The Grindstone"
  217. Article: Symbols, Metaphors, Change by "The Mirror"
  218. Article: Revolution by Ross Robertson
  219. Article: To Become a Better Someone by Paul Schweer
  220. Article: What's in a Name? by Michael J. Hacker
  221. Article: An Aikido Journey: Part by Peter Goldsbury
  222. "Aikido" Kanji Keychains Back in Stock
  223. Poll: How effective is learning aikido through a purely visual media (videos, DVDs, software, etc)?
  224. The Canon Photo Gallery, Honolulu: Aikido in Motion
  225. Upcoming Seminars in Ottawa, Canada
  226. Yamada Sensei in Edinburgh, Scotland, 10/8-10/9
  227. Article: Taking a Swing at Aikido
  228. Poll: How helpful has using visual media (videos, DVDs, software, etc) been in your aikido training?
  229. Koa Kimura's Photojournal of O-sensei's visit to Hawaii, 1961
  230. Florida Winter Seminar 25th Anniversary
  231. Article: "Aikido Offers Combined Benefits for Mind, Body"
  232. Poll: How important a goal do you feel is the "aikido" notion of defending yourself while minimizing or negating damage done to your attacker?
  233. Hiroshi Kato, 8th Dan in Corpus Christi, TX
  234. 5th Anniversary of the Macedonian Aikido Association
  235. Luis Santos Sensei 5th Dan in New York
  236. Y. Yamada and Y. Yokota, Shihan in Chicago, 10/15-10/16
  237. Poll: How important is actively applying the "principles" of aikido "off the mat" in your everyday life?
  238. "Stance on Fighting"
  239. Autumn Seminar in Calgary, Alberta Canada
  240. Mary Heiny at Bond Street This Weekend
  241. October AikiWeb Columns Now Available
  242. Article: Energy, Spirit, Consciousness by Dennis Hooker
  243. Article: What's in a Name?, Part 2 by Michael J. Hacker
  244. Article: Knotted Together by Paul Schweer
  245. Article: An Aikido Journey: Part 3 by Peter Goldsbury
  246. Article: Aiki Syntax, Part 1 by Ross Robertson
  247. Article: Uke is Never Wrong? by "The Grindstone"
  248. Article: Keiko by "The Mirror"
  249. AikiWeb Store Fall Discount Sale
  250. Shihan Shizuo Imaizumi - Atlanta GA, 11/4-6