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  1. Event: Toyoda Center Open House
  2. Seminar: Terada Kiyoyuki Shihan - Northwest Clinic 2002
  3. Seminar: Frank Doran Shihan in Utah
  4. Poll: Do you think you can learn aikido without ever taking on the role of uke?
  5. Seminar: Sugano Shihan Fall Seminar in Newport Beach, CA
  6. Article: Southpaw Swrodsmen by Hiroaki "Rocky" Izumi
  7. Seminar/Event: Grand Opening in Santa Barbara
  8. AikiWeb News: New Article: The Importance of Receiving
  9. Poll: Do you think koshinage as practiced in aikido is a martially effective technique?
  10. Seminar: Aiki Expo 2003
  11. Poll: Do you use vocalized kiai regularly in your aikido practice?
  12. Publication: Aikido Shinjinkai Newsletter Released
  13. Seminar/Event: Autumn Seminar and Demonstration
  14. Poll:
  15. Poll: What month did you start practicing aikido?
  16. AikiWeb News: Sensei/Shihan as Teacher in Japanese by Peter Goldsbury
  17. Poll: Does ukemi teach anything in aikido that a practitioner would otherwise never learn in aikido?
  18. Seminar/Event: AIF Guest Instructor Seminar
  19. Poll: Do you think aikido is a good "first" martial art?
  20. Seminar/Event: Simone Chierchini's Aikido 30th Anniversary with Nomoto Sensei
  21. Seminar/Event: 40th Anniversary of Aikido in Thailand
  22. AikiWeb News: New Article: Learning from the Learned
  23. Seminar: Aikido Dojo Camberley Ten Year Anniversary
  24. Poll: How did you find your first aikido school?
  25. Website: New Encyclopedia of Aikido on Aikido Journal
  26. New Video Review: Oyo Henka
  27. Seminar: Hiroshi Isoyama Pulls out of Aiki Expo 2003
  28. General News: Society of Aikido Centers is Formed
  29. Poll: How often do you verbally correct your training partner in aikido?
  30. AikiWeb News: AikiWeb AikiStore Now Open
  31. General News: Election of CAA Officers
  32. AikiWeb News: AikiWeb Reaches Two Million Homepage Views
  33. New Book Review: Dueling with O-Sensei: Grappling with the Myth of the Warrior Sage
  34. Poll: How many people train at your aikido dojo?
  35. Seminar/Event: Etsunengeiko, New Year's Training in Chicago
  36. Seminar/Event: Atemi Seminar in Chicago instructed by J. Mazza Sensei
  37. Seminar: Hatayama Shihan & Sato Sensei California Seminar
  38. Seminars: Upcoming AAA/AAI Seminars
  39. Poll: Do we need to study Japanese culture in order to "understand" aikido?
  40. New Book Review: Angry White Pyjamas
  41. New Book Review: Aikido: Tradition and the Competetive Edge
  42. New Book Review: Angry White Pyjamas
  43. Poll: Do you think teaching aikido is necessary in order to reach an advanced level in aikido?
  44. Seminar: Tomita Academy Summer Camp 2003
  45. Poll: Do you know anyone at an advanced level in aikido who has never taught aikido in any formal ca
  46. General News: The Silent Pioneer: Shuji Maruyama Sensei
  47. Website: The Midwest Aikido News
  48. Poll: Is aikido violent?
  49. Website: Aikido Centrum Cebu
  50. AikiWeb News: Happy Holidays!
  51. General News: Arthur Blick Sensei Dies at Age 79
  52. Seminar/Event: David Halprin at Raleigh Aikikai January 25-26, 2003
  53. Poll: Which season of the year do you find yourself training most intensely in aikido?
  54. Poll: Would you push someone past their "limits" in aikido training?
  55. New Video Review: Ukemi, Volume 1
  56. Seminar/Event: Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei in Methuen, MA
  57. Poll: How many aikido seminars did you attend in 2002?
  58. DVD: New York Aikikai 2002: Past, Present, and Future
  59. Seminar/Event: Open Sky Aikikai hosts Y. Yamada & Greg O'Connor
  60. Seminar/Event: Feb. 28-March 2 - Kangeiko in Chicago, IL
  61. Poll: Is weapons training necessary to understand aikido?
  62. Seminar: Fabia Sensei in Nuevo Laredo Mexico
  63. Seminar: New Years Gasshuku with Lia Suzuku sensei
  64. AikiWeb News: New Article: Why Women Should Wield Weapons
  65. General News: AikiWeb Server Back Up!
  66. Poll: How much does an effective aikido yonkyo/yonkajo rely on pain?
  67. Poll: How important are organizations in aikido?
  68. Seminar/Event: Aikido Dojo Camberley Winter Course
  69. New Book Review: Aikido Shugyo
  70. New Book Review: Aikido: Exercises for Teaching and Training
  71. New Book Review: Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere
  72. Seminar/Event: 1st Annual International Iwama Sempai Seminar
  73. Poll: How important is getting to know your fellow aikido dojo members outside of the dojo to you?
  74. New Video Review: Aikido in Training, Vol 1: Taijutsu (Body arts)
  75. New Video Review: Aikido in Training: Lost Techniques
  76. Seminar/Event: stratton sensei memorial bash
  77. Semina: Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan Seminar
  78. Poll: Which of these "instincts" have you had to work through the most in your aikido trai
  79. New Book Review: Aikido Shugyo
  80. Seminar/Event: Feb 13-16 -- AAA Celebrates Kangeiko in Chicago, IL
  81. Seminar: Haruyoshi Horikoshi in Roswell, GA
  82. Seminar: Kanai Sensei in Toronto, Canada
  83. Seminar: Shugenkai Colorado Celebrates Second Annivesary
  84. Dojo News: 6th Anniversary of Shinjinkan Dojo
  85. Seminar: March 14-16, AAA Seminar with Andrew Sato Sensei, 6th dan
  86. New Book Review: The Magic of Conflict
  87. Poll: How long does it take to get to your aikido dojo from home?
  88. Promotion: California Aikido Association
  89. Seminar: Boulder Aikikai Summer Camp in the Rockies
  90. Seminar: AAA Women's Aikido Seminar, Chicago, IL , Sept. 5-7, 2003
  91. Website: New Zealand Ki Society Website Launches
  92. Seminar: Kato Hiroshi in San Francisco, CA
  93. Poll: Who folds your aikido teacher's hakama after s/he teaches class?
  94. General News: Shigeru Kawabe Sensei Passes Away
  95. Seminar/Event: Robert Nadeau Sensei Seminar
  96. Seminar/Event: Sensi Patrick Cassidy seminar in Scotland
  97. Poll: Do you think katatedori (same side wrist grab) in and of itself could be an effective attack?
  98. New Video Review: Aikido: The Path Beyond Thought
  99. Seminar: Robert Nadeau Shihan Seminar
  100. New Book Review: The Aikido Student Handbook
  101. New Book Review: Angry White Pyjamas
  102. Seminar/Event: Tenshin Aikido Seminar in St. Louis Mo
  103. General News: Aviv Goldsmith at Aikido of Chesapeake
  104. Seminar/Event: Sato Sensei at Toyoda Center in Grand Rapids, MI
  105. General News: Aikido Shinjinkai Announces New Officers
  106. Poll: Is "the way of harmony" your preferred English translation of the term "aikido&
  107. Seminar/Event: Kenji Kumagai Shihan seminar in Manila, Philippines
  108. Seminar/Event: John Stevens Sensei at Lehigh Valley Aikikai
  109. Dojo News: Shinjinkan Dojo Grand re-opening
  110. Seminar/Event: Mark Uttech Weapons Seminar
  111. Seminar/Event: XII International Aikido Seminar
  112. New Book Review: Book of Ki
  113. Seminar/Event: Tactical Training Seminar in Providence, RI
  114. Poll: Do you think aikido would be a "better" art if it concentrated on less attacks and t
  115. Seminar: Seminar in Queensland, Australia
  116. Seminar: Minegishi Sensei in the Philippines
  117. General News: Seiichi Sugano Sensei in Hospital
  118. Poll: Do you think aikido would be a "better" art if it included more attacks and techniqu
  119. Other: Latest news on Sugano Sensei
  120. Seminar/Event: Spring Seminar in Portugal - Stobbaerts (8Dan) ; Aloui (7Dan)
  121. Promotion: Bill Smith Sensei Awarded Shihan
  122. Seminar: Alain Peyrache Shihan in Montreal
  123. New Book Review: Aikido and The Harmony of Nature
  124. Poll: Is aikido violent?
  125. Seminar: Mark Uttech Seminar Update
  126. Seminar: Jakarta Gasshuku 2003
  127. Media: Article on Yoshinkan Aikido in Japan Today
  128. General News: Latest News on Sugano Sensei
  129. New Book Review: Invincible Warrior
  130. New Book Review: This is Aikido
  131. New Book Review: Total Aikido: The Master Course
  132. Poll: Is feeling fear in your everyday aikido class a good way to grow?
  133. General News: Iwao Tamura Sensei Passes Away
  134. Seminar: Haruo Matsuoka in Brazil, Indiana
  135. Seminar: AAA Eastern States Camp
  136. Seminar: Update on Seminar Patrick Cassidy in Rotterdam
  137. Website:: New Tenshin Aikido Website
  138. Poll: If you had to move tomorrow to some place without any aikido dojo, would you open up a dojo th
  139. Poll: If you had to choose between being either only nage or only uke for the rest of your aikido ca
  140. General News: Takemusu Aiki Edinburgh Moves
  141. Seminar: Ellis Amdur in Pittsburgh
  142. Poll: Do you think your aikido dojo would survive for a year if its chief instructor passed away tom
  143. New Book Review: Aikido for Self Discovery
  144. General News: Tenshin Dojo O-Sensei Memorial Practice
  145. General News: Tom "Doc" Walker Sensei Passes Away
  146. Seminar: Aikido Dojo Camberley Spring Course
  147. Dojo News: Aikido Silver Bridge Dojo Expands
  148. General News: John Czarnuszewicz Sensei Passes Away
  149. Video/DVD: New DVD from Aikido Journal
  150. Seminar/Event: Doctor Walker's Memorial
  151. Seminar/Event: Aikikai Indonesia's 20th Anniversary
  152. Poll: How good a teacher do you think Morihei Ueshiba was?
  153. Poll: What do you think of wearing a hakama during aikido training?
  154. New Book Review: The Secrets of Aikido
  155. General News: Tom Moss Sensei Passes Away
  156. Seminar: Summer Solstice Gasshuku
  157. Seminar: YIA 20th Anniversary
  158. Website: Aikido Club Jovica Stanojevic goes online
  159. Poll: Do you think aikido should be preserved as the founder practiced it, or should it continue to
  160. Seminar: Eliis Amdur in Pittsburgh June 7-8
  161. New Book Review: Total Aikido: The Master Course
  162. Seminar: Lynn Fabia & David Fabia
  163. Seminar: Upcoming AAA Seminars/Camps
  164. Publication: Fudebakudo, The Way of the Exploding Pen
  165. General News: Debbie Kranzler Passes Away
  166. Poll: Outside of specific kaeshi waza (reversals) training, do you ever throw your partner when you
  167. New Book Review: Best Aikido
  168. Poll: Have you ever lost an aikido friend or teacher to death?
  169. Publication: Hebrew Aikido Magazine
  170. Seminar: European Aikido-L Seminar in Bristol, UK
  171. Website: Aikido Shinjinkai Newsletter Released
  172. Poll: If you didn't block an atemi from your teacher, would your teacher hit you?
  173. New Video Review: The Art of Aikido, #1: Introduction
  174. Dojo News: Aikido of Southern Connecticut Opens
  175. Dojo News: Copenhagen Aikido Club Resignation
  176. General News: Minoru Mochizuki Sensei Passes Away
  177. Event: Toyoda Sensei Memorial Training in Chicago
  178. Poll: Do you believe that Morihei Ueshiba actually dodged bullets?
  179. New Video Review: Supplemental Training Methods for Aikido Vol. 1 & 2
  180. New Book Review: Aikido o la armonia de la naturaleza
  181. New Book Review: Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere
  182. General News: Medical Fund for Sugano Sensei
  183. Seminar: Virginia Ki Society Summer Camp
  184. Poll: Do you think we should rename aikido terminology from Japanese to other languages?
  185. Poll: Have you ever been physically abused beyond the boundaries of hard training in your aikido tra
  186. New Book Review: Aikido: Tradition and the Competetive Edge
  187. Poll: How often do you use video recordings of yourself in your aikido training?
  188. Seminar: Iwao Yamaguchi Sensei in Washington DC
  189. Publication: Society of Aikido Center Newsletter
  190. Video/DVD: New Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo DVD
  191. Poll: How helpful is reviewing videos of your training in improving your physical aikido?
  192. AikiWeb News: Two New Articles in Training Section
  193. Seminar/Event: Jim Berkley in Winter Park, FL
  194. DVD: "Aikido in Three Easy Lessons" DVD
  195. Seminar: Andrew Sato Sensei in Memphis and Spring, TX
  196. General News: Nisei Week Aikido Demonstration in Los Angeles
  197. Poll: How often do you slide your feet along the ground while moving as nage in aikido?
  198. Poll: How much safer do you think aikido training would be without people wearing the hakama?
  199. Poll: How dangerous do you believe everyday aikido training is?
  200. New Book Review: It's a Lot Like Dancing: An Aikido Journal
  201. New Book Review: Total Aikido: The Master Course
  202. Seminar: Jorge Angulo Sensei in St Louis, MO
  203. Seminar: Aikido and Ryute seminar with Robert Bryner sensei
  204. Seminar: Fall Camp with Germanov Sensei at Toyoda Center/Sept 2003
  205. General News: Toyoda Center now accepting Uchi-Deshi Applications for 2004
  206. Poll: Which role do you think is more prone to injuries while training in aikido?
  207. Seminar: Joint Waseda Aikikai Seminar
  208. Poll: What percentage of time in your aikido classes is spent specifically on teaching ukemi?
  209. Poll: If more time were spent working specifically on ukemi during class, how much safer would aikid
  210. New Book Review: Mastery
  211. General News: Japanese Martial Arts Society Established in Chicago
  212. Seminar/Event: 6th GAC Foundation Anniversary in Saudi Arabia
  213. Publication: The Art of Aikido Video Series
  214. DVD: Ueshiba Kisshomaru Doshu 1974 DVD
  215. Seminar: Saotome Shihan in Boulder, CO
  216. Poll: Of the following three, which is currently the most important learning "mode" for yo
  217. Dojo News: Aikido Center of Los Angeles 30th Anniversary
  218. Dojo News: Aikido Center of Los Angeles Open House
  219. Poll: Have you ever intentionally injured someone seriously in your aikido training?
  220. Poll: Has anyone ever injured you seriously and intentionally in your aikido training?
  221. New Book Review: Aikido elementair
  222. Dojo News: Demonstration/Open House in Cape Cod
  223. Seminar: AAA Western States Camp Location Change
  224. Promotion: Clyde Takeguchi Sensei Promoted to 7th Dan
  225. Seminar: Daniel Linden Sensei in Rodgau, Germany, Oct 3-5, 2003
  226. Seminar: Christian Tissier Shihan en Santiago de Chile
  227. Poll: Do you think "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere" (by Ratti and Westbrooke) is a good tec
  228. Website: New URL for Aikido Journal Bulletin Board
  229. Poll: Which direction of falling do you think is the most dangerous for uke during aikido training?
  230. New Book Review: The Nishio Sensei Aikido Notebook
  231. Seminar: Ellis Amdur in Northern Virginia
  232. Poll: Would you go to aikido training if you had a cold?
  233. Publication: New issue of Aikido World
  234. Seminar: Seminar with Luis Santos
  235. Seminar: Utada / Ikeda Friendship Seminar
  236. Seminar: Fifth Annual Winter Retreat with Shiohira Shihan
  237. Seminar: Common Ground - 2003 Virginia Friendship Seminar
  238. Poll: How intimidated by falling and rolling were you as a beginner in aikido?
  239. General News: Sadateru Arikawa Sensei Passes Away
  240. Seminars:: Koretoshi Maruyama in Europe and US
  241. Seminar: Miyako Fujitani in Putney, VT
  242. Poll: Would you rather be teaching or training in aikido?
  243. Poll: Did you get injured while first learning ukemi in your aikido training?
  244. Seminar: Lisa Tomoleoni in Chicago Area, 11/28-11/30
  245. Seminar: Leslie MacLean in Pennsylvania
  246. Event: Aikido & Iaido Seminar in Burbank, CA
  247. Dojo News: New Beginners Classes in Edinburgh
  248. New Book Review: Toward the Unknown
  249. AikiWeb News: Three Millionth Homepage View
  250. Poll: Do you think aikido is pacifistic?