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Since March 2004, AikiWeb has had the fortune of hosting and publishing over 500 columns from dedicated authors from across the world. These diverse voices from various aikido styles, organizations, and experiences have contributed the following articles for the AikiWeb Columns.

Authors are always interested in your thoughts, so please feel welcome to leave your thoughts in the threads following each article. And, if you like the column, please share with your friends on social media.

The forums interface (for columns after March 2007) may be directly accessed by clicking here. And, please be sure to register here to join the discussions on these articles!

(Please note that columns before March 2007 are in a different format from subsequent ones.)

Date Columns - Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation Author
2007-03-12 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation Peter A Goldsbury
2007-04-13 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 2 Peter A Goldsbury
2007-05-18 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 3 Peter A Goldsbury
2007-07-20 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 4 Peter A Goldsbury
2007-12-25 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 5 Peter A Goldsbury
2008-01-12 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 6 Peter A Goldsbury
2008-06-13 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 7 Peter A Goldsbury
2008-07-20 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8 Peter A Goldsbury
2008-07-31 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9 Peter A Goldsbury
2012-12-27 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9a / 22a Peter A Goldsbury
2008-09-12 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 10 Peter A Goldsbury
2009-02-17 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11 Peter A Goldsbury
2009-03-19 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 12 Peter A Goldsbury
2009-06-15 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13 Peter A Goldsbury
2009-07-23 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 14 Peter A Goldsbury
2009-08-18 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15 Peter A Goldsbury
2009-12-10 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 16 Peter A Goldsbury
2010-02-07 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 17 Peter A Goldsbury
2010-06-15 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18 Peter A Goldsbury
2011-02-15 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 19 Peter A Goldsbury
2011-09-23 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 20 Peter A Goldsbury
2011-10-19 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 21 Peter A Goldsbury
2012-08-21 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 22 Peter A Goldsbury
2013-04-16 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 23 Peter A Goldsbury
2013-06-24 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 24 Peter A Goldsbury
2013-12-17 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 25 Peter A Goldsbury
2015-03-26 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 26 Peter A Goldsbury
2015-08-31 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 27 Peter A Goldsbury
2017-04-16 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 28 (Part One) Peter A Goldsbury
2018-10-29 Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 28 (Part Two) Peter A Goldsbury
Date Columns - It Had to be Felt Author
2012-01-16 A New Column: It Had to be Felt Ellis Amdur
2012-01-27 It Had to Be Felt #1: Kisshomaru Ueshiba: "Chasing Doshu" Ellis Amdur
2012-01-27 It Had to Be Felt #2: Moriteru Ueshiba: "Chasing Waka-sensei" Ellis Amdur
2012-02-15 It Had to be Felt #3: Osawa Kisaburo: Simply Perfect Ellis Amdur
2012-02-15 It Had to be Felt #4: Arikawa Sadateru: "Please, put your hand Down!" Ellis Amdur
2012-02-15 It Had to be Felt #5: Tanaka Bansen: "You Tokyo People!" Ellis Amdur
2012-02-15 It Had to be Felt #6: Tada Hiroshi: "Like an Eagle" Ellis Amdur
2012-03-19 It Had to Be Felt #7: Yamaguchi Seigo: Suburi with People Ellis Amdur
2012-03-19 It Had to Be Felt #8: Saotome Mitsugi: One Strike Ellis Amdur
2012-03-19 It Had To Be Felt #9: Watanabe Nobuyuki: How the Mighty Have Fallen Ellis Amdur
2012-03-19 It Had to Be Felt #10: Shioda Gozo: "A Wonderful Feeling" Robert Mustard
2012-03-19 It Had to Be Felt #11: Kuwamori Shigeyuki: Chi-chan and Reimei Juku Don J. Modesto
2012-04-23 It Had To Be Felt #12: Sasaki Masando: Actions Speak Louder than Words, or They Don't Ellis Amdur
2012-04-23 It Had To Be Felt #13: Takeno Takafumi: Sharp, Fast, Powerful and Very Scary Robert Mustard
2012-04-23 It Had To Be Felt #14: Nishio Shoji: White Gold Ellis Amdur
2012-04-23 It Had to Be Felt #15: Abbe Kenshiro: "Trying to Catch the Wind" Henry Ellis
2012-05-18 It Had To Be Felt #16: Ichihashi Norihiko Ellis Amdur
2012-05-18 It Had To Be Felt #17: Chida Tsutomu: You Never Felt his Hands Robert Mustard
2012-05-18 It Had to Be Felt #18: Terry Dobson: The Knight of the Mouldy Rope Ellis Amdur
2012-05-18 It Had to Be Felt #19: Nakazono Masahilo: A Man of Peace and Pieces Henry Ellis
2012-06-25 It Had To Be Felt #20: Noro Masamichi: The White Tornado Henry Ellis
2012-06-25 It Had To Be Felt #21: Shibata Ichiro: A Lean and Hungry Look Ellis Amdur
2012-06-25 It Had To Be Felt #22: Kato Hiroshi: The same show, but it suddenly becomes living Jorge Garcia
2012-06-25 It Had To Be Felt #23: Imaizumi Shizuo: "True Aiki" Marc Abrams
2012-07-24 It Had to Be Felt #24: Chiba Kazuo: "There We Were, Two Handsome Young Men" Henry Ellis
2012-07-24 It Had to Be Felt #25: Kanai Mitsunari: "Cradles and Clotheslines" Peter A Goldsbury
2012-07-24 It Had to Be Felt #26: Jan Hermansson: "Yust Bench Press Me Oop" Ellis Amdur
2012-08-21 It Had to Be Felt #27: Inoue Kyoichi: "Pure Class" Robert Mustard
2012-09-27 It Had to Be Felt #28: Robert Mustard: The Bastard from Angry White Pyjamas Neil Saunders
2012-09-27 It Had to Be Felt #29: Masuda Seijuro: "Tall & Short" Maurice Gauthier
2012-10-22 It Had to Be Felt #30: Kobayashi Yasuo: A Living Axle Ellis Amdur
2012-12-27 It Had to Be Felt #31: Tamura Nobuyoshi: The Sharp Blade Leo Tamaki
2013-01-13 It Had to Be Felt #32: Seishiro Endo: Practice Basics - Be as Free as Nature Carsten Möllering
2013-02-05 It Had to Be Felt #33: Alan Ruddock: I Don't Know What It Was, but He Had It Guillaume Erard
2013-02-05 It Had to Be Felt #34: Suganuma Morito: The Calligrapher Maurice Gauthier
2013-03-07 It Had to Be Felt #35: Tomita Takeji: Cold Rain and Wild Strawberries Ethan Weisgard
2013-03-07 It Had to Be Felt #36: Clyde Takeguchi: Ecce Homo Robert Galeone
2013-03-11 It Had to Be Felt #37: Dennis Hooker: This Has Never Happened Before. This Will Never Happen Again. Paul Schweer
2013-03-07 It Had to Be Felt #38: Hiroaki Izumi: Uke Should Feel Like He's in Control Walter Martindale
2013-04-16 It Had to Be Felt #39: Ohba Hideo: He Felt Almost Like Nothing Eddy Wolput
2013-04-16 It Had to Be Felt #40: Inaba Minoru: Creating Diamonds Under Pressure Robert Cowham
2013-05-21 It Had to Be Felt #41: Shirata Rinjiro: "Your Aikido Techniques Must Become Majestic" John Stevens
2013-06-24 It Had to Be Felt #42: Seki Shoji: "Cold Autumn Wind Rustling Through the Gingko Leaves" Maurice Gauthier
2013-07-22 It Had to Be Felt #43: Kanetsuka Minoru: "Following in the Footsteps" Peter A Goldsbury
2013-10-29 It Had to Be Felt #44: Takeda Yoshinobu: Boundless Energy and the Joy of Practice Alister Gillies
2013-11-21 It Had to Be Felt #45: Kubota Ikuhiro: The Power of Ki no Renma Iriawan Kamal Thalib
2013-12-24 It Had to Be Felt #46: Kinoshita Takehisa: Edge of the Cliff Iriawan Kamal Thalib
2013-12-17 It Had To Be Felt #47: Kobayashi Hirokazu: Meguri Eddy Wolput
2014-01-21 It Had To Be Felt #48: Nakashimada Tamami: A Beautiful Gem Russ Qureshi
2014-02-25 It Had to Be Felt #49: Tohei Koichi: Master of Relaxed Power Jake McKee
2014-05-25 It Had To Be Felt #50: Masatake Fujita: When is a Hombu Deshi Not a Deshi? When He's the Secretary Peter A Goldsbury
2014-07-26 It Had To Be Felt #51: Isoyama Hiroshi: "No harm was done to any uke in these performances!" Ethan Weisgard
2015-08-31 It Had to Be Felt #52: Inagaki Shigemi: "A Gentleman of Aiki" Ethan Weisgard
2015-10-04 It Had to Be Felt #53: Mochizuki Minoru: "History was handing itself down to the future and asking me to pass it on" David Orange
2015-11-30 It Had to Be Felt #54: Murai Kyoichi: “After he threw you, you could not help laughing” David Orange
2016-02-29 It Had to Be Felt #55: Murashige Morihiko: "Heavy Hand, Light Heart" Benjamin Pincus
2016-05-01 It Had to Be Felt #56: Frank Doran: Command Presence Jim Sorrentino
2017-04-16 It Had to Be Felt #57: Saito Morihiro: "Soft Strength" Ethan Weisgard
2017-05-31 It Had to Be Felt #58: Maruyama Shuji: "Ueshiba did it, Tohei did it, I did it.... You can do it too." Ron Ragusa
2017-05-31 It Had to Be Felt #59: Matsuoka Haruo: "A Commitment to Breaking Through Barriers" Josh Gold
2017-12-09 It Had to Be Felt #60: Henry Kono: "Yin and Yang in Motion" Oisin Bourke
2018-11-11 It Had to Be Felt #61: Christian Tissier: "The Role Model" Guillaume Erard
2019-01-07 It Had to Be Felt #62: Okumura Shigenobu: "A Truly Inspiring Teacher" AikiWeb System
2019-08-08 It Had To Be Felt #63: Sugano Seiichi: "Alive Ukemi/Dead Ukemi" AikiWeb System
2019-10-06 It Had To Be Felt #64: Sekiya Masatake: "A Living Manifestation of an Art" Jun Akiyama
2020-01-13 It Had To Be Felt #65: Yokota Yoshiaki: "Issatsu no Shunkan" AikiWeb System
2020-03-23 It Had To Be Felt #66: Watahiki Yoshifumi: "A Promise to O-Sensei" Carl Thompson
2020-03-23 It Had To Be Felt #67: Kurita Yutaka: "A Devoted Follower" AikiWeb System
2020-04-05 It Had To Be Felt #68: Miyamoto Tsuruzo: "Human Betterment through Aikido" Guillaume Erard
2020-05-10 It Had To Be Felt #69: Ikeda Hiroshi: "The Rainbow Bridge" Jim Sorrentino
2020-05-26 It Had To Be Felt #70: Nemoto Hiroki: "Plenty of Pain Wrapped in Kindness" AikiWeb System
2020-07-12 It Had To Be Felt #71: Yamada Yoshimitsu: "Nothing Worth Learning Can Ever Be Taught" AikiWeb System
2020-08-06 It Had To Be Felt #72: Kawahara Yukio: "Grab Me! Fight Me! Fight Me! (He was laughing)" AikiWeb System
2021-05-09 It Had To Be Felt #73: Isoyama Toshihiro: "It's Kokyu-Power" Carl Thompson
2021-05-31 It Had To Be Felt #74: Maruyama Koretoshi: "The Essence of Mind" AikiWeb System
2021-08-09 It Had To Be Felt #75: Akimoto Hidehiro: "Living Proof" Carl Thompson
2022-02-17 It Had to Be Felt #76: Asai Katsuaki: "Like a safe cracker who can hear the moment right before the safe will open" Markus Rohde
Date Columns - "The Mirror" Author
2004-03 Introductions The Mirror
2004-04 This is MY Mat! The Mirror
2004-05 Mediating Reality, Connecting with the World The Mirror
2004-06 Damage The Mirror
2004-08 How to Make a Sword (Part One of Two) The Mirror
2004-09 My Mother's Gifts The Mirror
2004-10 A Basic Weapons Bag The Mirror
2004-11 Gone to the Dogs: Comparisons The Mirror
2004-12 How to Use a Sword The Mirror
2005-01 Appropriate Force The Mirror
2005-02 Thoughts on Irimi The Mirror
2005-03 The Bird in the Pomegranate: Mental Misogi The Mirror
2005-04 Sempai/Kohai The Mirror
2005-05 Moral Stances on Shaky Ground The Mirror
2005-06 Serious Martial Artists The Mirror
2005-08 ...With The Body You Have The Mirror
2005-09 Symbols, Metaphors, Change The Mirror
2005-10 Keiko The Mirror
2005-11 Customizing the Dogi The Mirror
2005-12 Death and Rebirth on the Mat The Mirror
2006-01 Standing Up for Kokyu Dosa The Mirror
2006-02 Fighting Patterns The Mirror
2006-03 The Test The Mirror
2006-04 Hanging Up My Dogi The Mirror
2006-05 On Aikido and Self-Flushing Toilets The Mirror
2006-06 Sempai Fi The Mirror
2006-07 Everyday Training The Mirror
2006-09 The Gentle Art of Cat Fu The Mirror
2006-10 Beyond the Ninja Turtles The Mirror
2006-11 The Do in Do The Mirror
2007-01 Dang! There's Aikido Everywhichwhere The Mirror
2007-02 Another Training Dilemma: A "The Mirror" Conversation The Mirror
2007-05-18 What Exactly Are We Practicing Here? The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2007-07-20 Airport Aikido The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2007-10-15 Not Magic, Science The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2007-11-28 Etiquette and Ego The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2007-12-25 Yoshinkai - Beyond the "Hard Style" Label The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2008-01-12 Aikido Cuisine The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2008-02-12 Receiving Corrections The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2008-04-17 The Demonstration The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2008-05-11 Toto, We're Not in Kansas Any More The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2008-06-13 Applying Aikido To Other Budo The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2008-07-20 On Teaching Writing and Aikido The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2008-08-01 Things That Won't Kill Me The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2008-09-12 The Boxes We Make The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2008-10-15 My Son's First Black Belt Test The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2008-11-10 Aikido in Uncertain Times The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2009-01-22 Looking Ahead The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2009-02-17 Aikido in Real Life The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2009-03-19 Aikido and Alexander Technique The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2009-04-26 Hai Sensei The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2009-05-19 Imagine The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2009-06-15 Little by Little The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2009-07-23 Modest Goals The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2009-08-18 The Visitor The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2009-09-22 Ride the Wave The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2009-10-27 How To Be An Amateur The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2009-11-10 Open Eyes The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2009-12-10 Learning by Feel The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2010-01-24 Triangles to Circles The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2010-02-07 What the Body Learns and Remembers The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2010-03-15 Letting Go The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2010-04-19 The Master Craftsman The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2010-05-19 Another New Student The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2010-06-15 Aikido and the Path to Better Horsemanship The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2010-07-21 Independence Day The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2010-08-18 5th Kyu Shihan and Learning Styles The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2010-09-20 Another Lesson The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2010-10-13 Go Slowly The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2010-11-07 Learning and Mastering The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2010-12-23 Keeping It Together The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2011-01-21 A Season The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2011-02-15 Injury and Responsibility The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2011-03-28 Testing Nerves The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2011-04-26 Responsibility and Smiling, or Training for Mutual Benefit The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2011-05-19 Learning Through Feeling The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2011-06-20 Am I Tough Enough to Be a Beginner? The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2011-07-14 A Difficult Application The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2011-09-23 Irimi The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2011-10-19 Kihon Waza and Randori The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2011-11-17 Lessons from Missed Classes The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2012-01-16 The Benefits of Not Doing Aikido The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2012-01-27 A Round Robin: Why and How We Train The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2012-02-15 Reigi and the Aikido Hakama Fetish The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2012-03-19 Getting Your Groove Back The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2012-05-18 Journals and the thoughtful aikidoka The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2012-06-25 Badger Stops Looking Up, Finds The Sky Within The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2012-07-24 Whitetop Mountain The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2012-08-21 In the Spirit of Partnership The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2012-09-27 The Best Laid Plans... The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2012-10-22 True Budo is a Work of Love, Even Down the Rabbit Hole The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2012-11-24 Past Perfection The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2012-12-27 What I Learned by Not Going to a Seminar The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2013-01-13 Playing with Others The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2013-02-05 The Joy of Ukemi The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2013-03-07 A Rising Tide The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2013-04-16 The Least Amount of Force Necessary The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2013-05-17 Learning How I Learn The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2013-06-24 There Are No Shortcuts The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2013-07-22 Leading a Low Impact Aikido Class The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2013-08-12 The Little Kids' Class The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2013-09-29 Don't Miss This! The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2013-10-29 Performing on the Dojo Stage The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2013-11-21 Interview with Tanaka Tadamitsu Shihan The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2013-12-17 Outgrowing the Hollywood Cliches The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2014-01-21 Always Moving Forward... The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2014-02-25 Cultivating Yin and Yang The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2014-03-07 In Praise of Selfishness The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2014-04-27 Effective Technique The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2014-05-16 A Curriculum for Teaching Falling Skills, Part 1 The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2014-06-25 A Curriculum for Teaching Falling Skills, Part 2 The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2014-07-26 Training New Muscles The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2014-08-26 Ichi go Ichi e The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2014-10-15 The Non-Violence of Aikido The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2014-11-29 I'm Just Not Good At... The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2014-12-27 From Darkness to Light: Clarifying Intent The Mirror (Al Garcia)
2015-01-13 Holding Your Tail Up The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2015-02-28 How I Am The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2015-03-26 One Thing Happening The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2015-04-28 Please Help Me The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2015-05-31 Touch The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2015-07-30 Is Aikido Unique? The Mirror (Pauliina Lievonen)
2015-07-30 The Day I Lost My Mind The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2015-08-31 Musings on Keeping a Dojo Alive The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2015-09-28 Feeling My Way Through Career Change The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2015-11-30 The Liberating Power of Doubt The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2015-11-30 Some of What I Said, Some of What I Should Have Said The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2015-12-29 Pain The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2016-02-29 Seminar, Salmon, and Sleep The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2016-02-29 Aikido and the Third Generation The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2016-05-01 Gambarimasu! The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2016-05-01 A Cranky GeriAikidoka Sitting In Her Chair, Complaining The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2016-07-24 Writing About Aikido The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2016-07-24 For Carlos, with gratitude for the lesson in Aiki The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
2016-07-24 This Is Only a Test The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2017-04-16 In a Good Place The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2017-05-31 Training After Shodan The Mirror (Katherine Derbyshire)
2017-08-20 Ramblings on Twenty Years with Aikiweb The Mirror (Janet Rosen)
2017-08-20 20 Years: Looking Back, Looking Ahead The Mirror (Linda Eskin)
2017-12-09 Watching Them Fly The Mirror (Susan Dalton)
Date Columns - Ross Robertson Author
2004-03 Vitruvian Man Meets Da Vinci Girl Ross Robertson
2004-04 Aikido and Asymmetrical Warfare Ross Robertson
2004-05 Resistance and Flow Ross Robertson
2004-06 Aikido: A Brief Field-Guide to its Flora and Fauna Ross Robertson
2004-08 Aikido and Group Sects Ross Robertson
2004-09 Henry's Kitchen Ross Robertson
2004-10 Drawing a Blank Ross Robertson
2004-11 Kindness as Self Defense Ross Robertson
2004-12 The Adventures of Ron Dorey, Finding the Secret Ross Robertson
2005-01 Striking a Balance Ross Robertson
2005-02 Penetrating the Heart of Aikido Ross Robertson
2005-03 Doors and Walls Ross Robertson
2005-04 Keeping the Faith Ross Robertson
2005-05 Get With It Ross Robertson
2005-06 Ikkyo, Nikyo, and Sankyo as Geometric Principles Ross Robertson
2005-08 Give Me Shelter Ross Robertson
2005-09 Revolution Ross Robertson
2005-10 Aiki Syntax, Part 1 Ross Robertson
2005-11 Aiki Syntax, Part 2: Tori Ross Robertson
2005-12 Aiki Syntax, Part 3: Uke Ross Robertson
2006-01 Shoshin Ni Kaeru Ross Robertson
2006-02 Izanagi and Izanami Ross Robertson
2006-03 The 20 Year Technique Ross Robertson
2006-04 Affection and Affectation Ross Robertson
2006-05 Violence Ross Robertson
2006-06 At the Bank Ross Robertson
2006-07 The JiyuWaza Game Ross Robertson
2006-09 I Shouldn't Have to Do This Ross Robertson
2006-10 How to be a Student of Aikido Ross Robertson
2006-11 Temple Dogs Ross Robertson
2006-12 Falling Leaves Ross Robertson
2007-01 Restoring Harmony Ross Robertson
2007-02 Enduring Love Ross Robertson
2007-03-12 Off Center, and into the Zone Ross Robertson
2007-04-13 The Meta-Physics of Aikido Ross Robertson
2007-05-18 The Path Taken, and the Path Travelled Ross Robertson
2007-07-20 The Greater and Lesser Problem Ross Robertson
2007-08-24 One True Way Ross Robertson
2007-09-20 The Warrior's Attributes Ross Robertson
2007-10-12 A Bit Belated Ross Robertson
2007-11-28 Banyu Aigo Ross Robertson
2007-12-25 Parsimony Ross Robertson
2008-01-12 Pareto Optimum Ross Robertson
2008-02-12 Eroticism Ross Robertson
2008-03-17 The Death of Learning Ross Robertson
2008-04-17 The Randori Game Ross Robertson
2008-05-13 The 2nd Scout Law Ross Robertson
2008-06-13 The Potter and the Magic Clay Ross Robertson
2008-07-20 Breaking Time Ross Robertson
2008-08-01 War, Conflict, Competition Ross Robertson
2008-09-12 Recreation Ross Robertson
2008-10-23 Aiki Exploratorium, Part I: Combining Simple Motions Ross Robertson
2008-11-10 The Labyrinth Ross Robertson
2008-12-18 A Passage in Time Ross Robertson
2009-01-22 The Magnifying Glass Ross Robertson
2009-02-17 Evolving Ross Robertson
2009-03-19 The Climb Ross Robertson
2009-04-26 Off and On Ross Robertson
2009-05-19 Shark Repellent Ross Robertson
2009-06-15 A Strike Like Thunder Ross Robertson
2009-07-23 Student Intake Questionnaire Ross Robertson
2009-08-18 Saluting Salubrity Ross Robertson
2009-09-22 A Brother to Dragons Ross Robertson
2009-10-27 Why Beauty Ross Robertson
2009-11-10 Loaves and Fishes Ross Robertson
2009-12-10 The Secret Ross Robertson
2010-01-24 The Pupil Sees Ross Robertson
2010-02-07 Falling in Love Ross Robertson
2010-03-15 The Second Coming Ross Robertson
2010-04-19 The Hourglass Ross Robertson
2010-05-19 Breaking Shu Ha Ri Ross Robertson
2010-06-15 Out of the Blue Ross Robertson
2010-07-21 Layers of the Onion Ross Robertson
2010-08-18 The Fraud Ross Robertson
2010-09-20 Interview with Paul Linden Sensei Ross Robertson
2010-10-13 The Thought Ross Robertson
2010-11-07 Flights of Fancy Ross Robertson
2010-12-23 A Solid Idea Ross Robertson
2011-01-21 Economy Ross Robertson
2011-02-15 The Hand and the Glove (thirty two reasons) Ross Robertson
2011-03-28 The New Grading System Ross Robertson
2011-04-26 Kalamma Sutta Ross Robertson
2011-05-19 Nearness Ross Robertson
2011-06-20 Go, Said the Bird... Ross Robertson
2011-07-14 DIKIW Ross Robertson
2011-09-23 Lessons of the Sword Ross Robertson
2011-10-19 Un Camino que Tiene Corazón Ross Robertson
2011-11-17 Kuzushi Ross Robertson
2012-01-16 Fred and Ginger Ross Robertson
2012-01-27 Twenty Years of Stillness Ross Robertson
2012-02-15 Hard and Soft Ross Robertson
2012-03-19 Dog Chases Tail, Tail Wags Dog Ross Robertson
2012-04-23 Intelligent Fools, Dragons, and Princesses Ross Robertson
2012-05-18 Conformity and the Bicycle Lesson Ross Robertson
2012-06-25 Rip Van Winkle Ross Robertson
2012-07-24 Superman Ross Robertson
2012-08-21 It Has to be Felt #0 Ross Robertson
2012-09-27 In Tolerance Ross Robertson
2012-10-22 Entrance Ross Robertson
2012-11-24 Like an Unsheathed Sword Ross Robertson
2012-12-27 The Aiki Puzzle Ross Robertson
2013-01-13 Creation Myths Ross Robertson
2013-02-04 True Stories Ross Robertson
2013-03-07 La Petite Mort Ross Robertson
2013-04-16 Seven Rules of Training Ross Robertson
2013-05-17 I'm Better than You Ross Robertson
2013-06-24 The Aiki Web Ross Robertson
2013-07-22 Fit Ross Robertson
2013-08-12 Division of Divisiveness Ross Robertson
2013-09-29 Instruction Ross Robertson
2013-10-29 The Knot in the Plywood Ross Robertson
2013-11-21 Pop Quiz Ross Robertson
2013-12-17 Floating Ross Robertson
2014-01-28 Chronoscopic Perception Ross Robertson
2014-02-25 The Four-Chambered Heart Ross Robertson
2014-03-07 Configuring the Inevitable :: Practice :: Lesson 1 :: Balance Ross Robertson
2014-04-20 Lesson 2 :: Arm Zones and the Distribution of Pressure Ross Robertson
2014-05-16 Configuring the Inevitable :: Practice :: Lesson 3 :: Interaction Ross Robertson
2014-06-25 Configuring the Inevitable :: Practice :: Lesson 4 :: Directed Action Ross Robertson
2014-07-26 Configuring the Inevitable :: Practice :: Lesson 5 :: Roles Ross Robertson
2014-08-26 On Good and Evil Ross Robertson
2014-10-15 A Defining Moment Ross Robertson
2014-10-15 What is Peace? Ross Robertson
2014-11-29 Configuring the Inevitable :: Practice :: Lesson 6 :: Exploiting the Intransitive Ross Robertson
2014-12-27 Configuring the Inevitable :: Practice :: Lesson 7 :: Matching Forms Ross Robertson
2015-01-13 Randori Ross Robertson
2015-02-28 Stone Love (a Rock 'n' Roll Suicide) Ross Robertson
2015-03-26 Are Aikido Organizations Relevant? Ross Robertson
2015-04-28 Guess Who I Ran Into? Ross Robertson
2015-05-31 Bow Ross Robertson
2015-07-30 Nothing Ross Robertson
2015-07-30 Interview: Bill Leicht and Bertram Wohak -- International Aiki Peace Webinar Ross Robertson
2015-08-31 The Kuzushi Question Ross Robertson
2015-09-28 The Orthogonal Drill, or How to Work Constructively at Cross Purposes Ross Robertson
2015-11-30 The Atom Bomb Ross Robertson
2015-11-30 Root and Branch Ross Robertson
2015-12-27 Pillow Book Ross Robertson
2016-02-29 Memento Mori Ross Robertson
2016-02-29 Looking for Aiki (in all the wrong places) Ross Robertson
2016-05-01 Henry Ross Robertson
2016-05-01 Attribution Ross Robertson
2016-07-24 Aikido - More or Less Ross Robertson
2016-07-24 Eight Forces Ross Robertson
2016-07-24 Glamour Ross Robertson
2017-04-16 Only the Silence Ross Robertson
2017-05-31 Wei Wu Wei Ross Robertson
2017-08-20 Now Is Time Ross Robertson
2017-12-09 Your Sensei is a Hologram Ross Robertson
Date Columns - Lynn Seiser Author
2004-10 To Reach a Destination, Enjoy the Journey Lynn Seiser
2004-11 Domo Lynn Seiser
2004-12 The Gift Lynn Seiser
2005-01 Shoshin Lynn Seiser
2005-02 Mental Training: Mental Rehearsal Lynn Seiser
2005-03 Intent and Intensity Lynn Seiser
2005-04 Levels of Application Lynn Seiser
2005-05 Cross-Training Lynn Seiser
2005-06 Accountable and Responsible Lynn Seiser
2005-11 Aiki-Ethics Lynn Seiser
2005-12 The Elusive Aiki Lynn Seiser
2006-01 New Year's Resolutions and Training Goals Lynn Seiser
2006-02 Apples and Oranges; State Specific Learning Lynn Seiser
2006-03 Apples and Oranges 2: Imitation and Understanding Lynn Seiser
2006-04 Motivational Strategies Lynn Seiser
2006-05 Creating Internal Resources Lynn Seiser
2006-06 Zanshin Lynn Seiser
2006-07 AikiSolutions: Blending with Negative Emotions and Thoughts Lynn Seiser
2006-09 Jiyu-Waza Lynn Seiser
2006-10 The Dance Lynn Seiser
2006-11 Aiki-Write Lynn Seiser
2006-12 Aiki-Write II Lynn Seiser
2007-01 RIP: Musubi and Zanshin Lynn Seiser
2007-02 Aiki Biz Lynn Seiser
2007-03-12 Aiki-Grant Writing I Lynn Seiser
2007-04-13 Aiki-Grant Writing II: Enter, Blend, and Be One with Grant Writing Lynn Seiser
2007-05-18 Aikido With an Attitude: The Other Intenal Strength (or Weakness) Lynn Seiser
2007-07-20 Identity: Yet Another Internal Strength (or weakness) Lynn Seiser
2007-08-24 Discipline Lynn Seiser
2007-09-20 Circles, Spheres, and Spirals: Thinking in Circles Without Getting Dizzy Lynn Seiser
2007-10-12 Why is Easy So Hard to Learn? Lynn Seiser
2007-11-28 What Aikido is Not (IMHO) Lynn Seiser
2007-12-25 Everyday Holiday Lynn Seiser
2008-01-12 New Year, New Day, Everyday Lynn Seiser
2008-02-12 Irimi: Entering = Initiate and Intercept Lynn Seiser
2008-03-17 Courage, Compassion, and Class Lynn Seiser
2008-04-17 Extend From There Lynn Seiser
2008-05-13 Capture the Spine Lynn Seiser
2008-06-13 Empty from Below. Connect, Load, and Move the Hip Lynn Seiser
2008-07-20 One Continuous Motion Lynn Seiser
2008-07-29 Cut Like a Sword Lynn Seiser
2008-09-12 The Discipline of Loving Protection Lynn Seiser
2008-10-23 Finding Expression Lynn Seiser
2008-11-10 Inclusion Lynn Seiser
2008-12-18 The Challenge Lynn Seiser
2009-01-22 Changes Lynn Seiser
2009-02-17 Don't Create What You Don't Want Lynn Seiser
2009-03-19 Let Them Fall Lynn Seiser
2009-04-26 Always Aiming Lynn Seiser
2009-05-19 Personal Space Lynn Seiser
2009-06-15 Lead with the Head Lynn Seiser
2009-07-23 Feel the Finesse Lynn Seiser
2009-08-18 Big Mind, Small Technique Lynn Seiser
2009-09-22 Patience Lynn Seiser
2009-10-27 After Training... Friends Lynn Seiser
2009-11-10 Communication Lynn Seiser
2009-12-10 Always Re-finding Lynn Seiser
2010-01-24 The Journey Continues Lynn Seiser
2010-02-07 Belonging Lynn Seiser
2010-03-15 Mindful Practice Lynn Seiser
2010-04-19 Yet Lynn Seiser
2010-05-19 Victims and Predators Lynn Seiser
2010-06-15 Sheepdogs Lynn Seiser
2010-07-21 Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Mind Lynn Seiser
2010-08-18 Principle, Practical, and Practice Lynn Seiser
2010-09-20 Oh Yea Uh Lynn Seiser
2010-10-13 Circles, Spirals, and Spheres Lynn Seiser
2010-11-07 Mindful Modeling and Mentoring Lynn Seiser
2010-12-23 Receiving and Giving Gifts Lynn Seiser
2011-01-21 Everyday: A New Day Lynn Seiser
2011-02-15 Reciprocity Lynn Seiser
2011-03-28 The Box Lynn Seiser
2011-04-26 Knowing Lynn Seiser
2011-05-19 Understanding Aikido Lynn Seiser
2011-06-20 Shugyo: Mindfully Train Lynn Seiser
2011-09-23 A: Awareness, Ability, and Assertiveness Lynn Seiser
2011-10-19 B: Blending, Balance, and Bull Lynn Seiser
2011-11-17 C: Conflict, Contemplation, and Clarity Lynn Seiser
2012-01-16 D: Direction, Decision, and Discipline Lynn Seiser
2012-01-27 E: Empty, Empathy, Engage Lynn Seiser
2012-02-15 The "F" Words: Fear, Forgiveness, and Freedom Lynn Seiser
2012-03-19 G: Gift, Giving, and Growth Lynn Seiser
2012-04-23 H: Hatred, Healing, and Happiness Lynn Seiser
2012-05-18 I: Ignorance, Intelligence, and Integrity Lynn Seiser
2012-06-25 J: Judgment, Jokes, and Joy Lynn Seiser
2012-07-24 K: Kick-Ass, Kindness, and Kindred-Spirits Lynn Seiser
2012-08-21 L: Loser, Learn, Laugh Lynn Seiser
2012-09-27 M: Maai, Metsuke, and Musubi Lynn Seiser
2012-10-22 N: Nowhere, Nothing, No-One Lynn Seiser
2012-11-24 O: Obstacles, Opportunity, and Openness Lynn Seiser
2012-12-31 P: Problems, Possibilities, Progress Lynn Seiser
2013-01-13 Q: Question, Quiet, Quit Lynn Seiser
2013-02-04 R: Resistance, Relaxation, and Resolution Lynn Seiser
2013-03-07 S: Seriousness, Silliness, and Silence Lynn Seiser
2013-04-16 T: Transitions, Transformation, and Tranquility Lynn Seiser
2013-05-17 U: Unimaginable, Unknowable, and Unexplainable Lynn Seiser
2013-06-24 V: Violence, View, and Victory Lynn Seiser
2013-07-22 W: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How Lynn Seiser
2013-08-12 X: Unknown Mysteries, Buried Treasures, and Multiplicity Lynn Seiser
2013-09-29 Y: Yearning, Yielding, and You Lynn Seiser
2013-10-29 Z: Zazan, Zanshin, and Living in the Zone Lynn Seiser
2013-11-21 Coincidence, Serendipity, Synchonicity Lynn Seiser
2013-12-17 Learning, Teaching, Repeat Lynn Seiser
2014-01-21 Inch, Yard, Mile Lynn Seiser
2014-02-25 Obvious, Subtle, Elegance Lynn Seiser
2014-03-25 Apathy, Empathy, Epiphany Lynn Seiser
2014-04-20 Impossible, Possible, Probable Lynn Seiser
2014-05-16 Self Defense, Self Development, and No Self Lynn Seiser
2014-06-25 Imitation, Improvisation, Self-Expression Lynn Seiser
2014-07-26 Awareness, Action, Contemplation Lynn Seiser
2014-08-26 Pull, Push, Place Lynn Seiser
2014-10-15 Hello, Good-Bye, Today Lynn Seiser
2014-10-15 Structure, Connection, Inclusion Lynn Seiser
2014-11-29 Start, Continue, 20 Years Lynn Seiser
2014-12-27 I Got Nothing Lynn Seiser
2015-01-13 New, Old, Re-Solution Lynn Seiser
2015-02-28 And now for something completely different … Lynn Seiser
2015-03-26 Cause and Effect Lynn Seiser
2015-04-28 Adverse Lynn Seiser
2015-05-31 Empathy, Compassion, Connectedness and Conscience Lynn Seiser
2015-07-30 Finishing Touches Lynn Seiser
2015-07-30 The Illusion of Knowing Lynn Seiser
2015-08-31 Apples and Oranges Lynn Seiser
2015-09-28 Chunking Lynn Seiser
2015-11-30 Let Go and Flow Lynn Seiser
2015-11-30 Facing Demons and Slaying Dragons Lynn Seiser
2015-12-27 Violence Lynn Seiser
2016-02-29 In, Up, Turn, and Down Lynn Seiser
2016-02-29 Solid as a Sword, Flexible as a Whip Lynn Seiser
2016-05-01 Ready, Aim, Fire Lynn Seiser
2016-05-01 Persistence Lynn Seiser
2016-07-24 Naturally Learning Lynn Seiser
2016-07-24 Trust Lynn Seiser
2016-07-24 Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast Lynn Seiser
2017-08-20 20 Years Lynn Seiser
Date Columns - Francis Takahashi Author
2010-02-07 Aikido Comes to Hawaii Francis Takahashi
2010-03-15 Proficiency and Aikido Francis Takahashi
2010-04-19 Conflict and Aikido Francis Takahashi
2010-05-19 Why Courtesy Francis Takahashi
2010-06-15 Winning with my Aikido Francis Takahashi
2010-08-18 Focus and Aikido Training Francis Takahashi
2010-09-20 When Systems Falter Francis Takahashi
2010-10-13 Whose Aiki Is It, Anyway? Francis Takahashi
2010-11-07 Aiki Principles - Are They Realistic? Francis Takahashi
2010-12-23 Winning vs. Not Losing Francis Takahashi
2011-01-21 Legacy and the Founder Francis Takahashi
2011-02-15 My Living with Aiki Principles Francis Takahashi
2011-03-28 Do We Know What Aikido Truly Is? Francis Takahashi
2011-04-26 Importance of Keeping it Simple Francis Takahashi
2011-05-19 Hitori Geiko, an Aiki Perspective Francis Takahashi
2011-07-14 The Word "Aikido" Francis Takahashi
2011-09-23 9/11, an Aiki Perspective Francis Takahashi
2011-10-19 The Realm of Aiki Francis Takahashi
2011-11-17 Rethinking Aikido for the 21st Century Francis Takahashi
2012-01-16 Yurusu, An Aiki Perspective Francis Takahashi
2012-02-15 Reigo Sa Ho, an Aiki Perspective Revisited Francis Takahashi
2012-03-19 How do we learn, an Aiki Perspective Francis Takahashi
2012-04-23 Teaching Aikido, an Aiki perspective Francis Takahashi
2012-05-18 Being Committed to Aiki Francis Takahashi
2012-06-25 Aikido and Purpose Francis Takahashi
Date Columns - Gadi Shorr Author
2013-09-29 The Last Seiza Gadi Shorr
2013-11-21 The Intention behind the Technique Gadi Shorr
2014-01-21 The Challenging Instructor (Part 1 of 2) Gadi Shorr
2014-02-25 A Lesson in Salt and Pepper (Part 2 of 2) Gadi Shorr
2014-05-16 Total Disaster (Part 1 of 3) Gadi Shorr
2014-06-25 The One-Liner (Part 2 of 3) Gadi Shorr
2014-08-26 Crystal Clear Path (Part 3 of 3) Gadi Shorr
2014-10-15 In the Name of the Center (Part 1 of 3) Gadi Shorr
2014-11-29 Fungus and Chopsticks (Part 2 of 3) Gadi Shorr
2014-12-27 Teaching Myself (Part 3 of 3) Gadi Shorr
2015-03-26 Road Rage Gadi Shorr
2016-02-29 Sensei Jekyll and Sensei Hyde Gadi Shorr
2016-05-01 Facing Godzilla Gadi Shorr
2016-07-24 Winning with Ukemi Gadi Shorr
Date Columns - Niall Matthews Author
2011-03-28 Zen in the Art of Aikido Niall Matthews
2011-04-26 Half a Tatami Niall Matthews
2011-05-19 Unbalance - Feet of Clay Niall Matthews
2011-06-20 Brothers Niall Matthews
2011-07-14 Improvised Weapons No. 1: The Umbrella Niall Matthews
2011-09-23 Indigo Blue Niall Matthews
2011-10-19 Martial Arts in Manga and Animé Niall Matthews
2011-11-17 Resistance Niall Matthews
2012-01-16 Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku Niall Matthews
2012-01-27 Bamboo Niall Matthews
2012-02-15 Aikido Teaching Information Silence Niall Matthews
2012-03-19 Kata and Aikido Niall Matthews
2012-04-23 It's Just a Matter of Time Niall Matthews
2012-05-18 Why Have Martial Arts Demonstrations? Niall Matthews
2012-06-25 Strategy and Tactics Niall Matthews
2012-07-24 Emptiness, Space, Ma ai, Irimi, and the True Void Niall Matthews
2012-08-21 How to Turn Niall Matthews
2012-09-27 The House of Pain Niall Matthews
2012-10-22 Sempai and Kohai - The Ultimate Transmission Niall Matthews
2012-11-24 Eyes in the Martial Arts Niall Matthews
2012-12-27 The Maths of Aikido Niall Matthews
2013-01-14 Aikido, Cross-training, Aiki and the Arts Niall Matthews
2013-02-04 Arikawa Sensei and the End of Showa Niall Matthews
2013-03-07 Violent Socks and Haiku Niall Matthews
2013-04-16 Winning Niall Matthews
2013-05-17 Shinken Niall Matthews
2013-07-22 Aikido Paradoxes Niall Matthews
Date Columns - Stefan Stenudd Author
2008-09-12 Elusive Realism Stefan Stenudd
2008-10-23 Taoistic Aikido Stefan Stenudd
2008-11-10 Sensei is No Master Stefan Stenudd
2008-12-18 Taisabaki Stefan Stenudd
2009-01-22 The Challenge of Not Competing Stefan Stenudd
2009-02-17 Fighting Boredom Stefan Stenudd
2009-03-19 Slowly Stefan Stenudd
2009-04-26 Aikido is a World Heritage Stefan Stenudd
2009-06-15 The Soft Sword of Aikido Stefan Stenudd
2009-07-23 No Pain, No Gain Stefan Stenudd
2009-09-22 Soccer Team Spirit in Aikido Stefan Stenudd
2009-11-10 In Time and Out of It Stefan Stenudd
2010-02-07 Aikido is Healing Stefan Stenudd
2010-05-19 Same, Same, but Different Stefan Stenudd
2010-08-18 Nothing but Misogi? Stefan Stenudd
2010-10-13 What's With All the Pushing? Stefan Stenudd
2010-12-23 Aikido Solution to a Cultural Collision Stefan Stenudd
2011-03-28 The Dojo is a Stage Stefan Stenudd
2011-07-14 History in the Making Stefan Stenudd
2011-11-17 Pas de Deux for Peace Stefan Stenudd
2012-01-16 Worldwide Joining Stefan Stenudd
2012-05-18 They're All the Only One Doing It Right Stefan Stenudd
2012-09-27 Practicing Aikido Cosmology Stefan Stenudd
2012-10-22 The Way is Walked Stefan Stenudd
2013-02-04 The Gordian Knot of Grading Stefan Stenudd
2013-05-17 Like in Water Stefan Stenudd
2017-08-20 Those who Die without Being Forgotten Stefan Stenudd
Date Columns - "The Grindstone" Author
2005-08 The Role of Faith The Grindstone
2005-09 truth, Truth, and Broken Clocks (an introduction of sorts) The Grindstone
2005-10 Uke is Never Wrong? The Grindstone
2005-11 On the Interdependent Nature of Tactics and Strategies The Grindstone
2005-12 Respect and Plastic Budo Figurines The Grindstone
2006-01 Milestones The Grindstone
2006-02 The Triangular Base of Training: Wisdom, Humility, and Self-doubt The Grindstone
2006-03 Misogi on Several Levels The Grindstone
2006-04 Respect and Idolatry The Grindstone
2006-05 A Re-transliteration of Osensei's, "Kannagara no Jutsu" The Grindstone
2006-06 Perseverance, Perspiration, Pain, Pleasure, Progress and Persnickety Physicality The Grindstone
2006-07 Training to be Vulnerable The Grindstone
2006-09 Writing? Why the Hell Would I? The Grindstone
2007-03-12 Eat Your Veggies The Grindstone (David Valadez)
2007-04-13 The Child Budoka and the Forging of Character The Grindstone (David Valadez)
2010-08-18 Stress Inoculation and the Spirit The Grindstone (David Valadez)
Date Column Title Author
2017-08-29 Looking Back on Twenty Years of AikiWeb AikiWeb
2010-04-01 The Hiden Diaries: A Day in the Life of Morihei Ueshiba Anonymous
2010-05-19 The Hiden Diaries 2: Another Day in the Life of Morihei Ueshiba Anonymous
2009-08-18 Guests in the House Ellis Amdur
2010-02-16 In Memory of Kuroiwa Yoshio - 黒岩洋志郎 -- 1932- 2010 Ellis Amdur
2013-01-15 A Consideration of Aikido Practice within the Context of Internal Training Ellis Amdur
2007-03-23 The Point of Aikido George S. Ledyard
2008-05-07 Kisshomaru as Interpretor of the Founder's Words George S. Ledyard
2008-04-17 Of Oak Leaves, Blind Hogs, and an Acorn John Driscoll
2008-09-12 Correlation of Aikido and Daito-Ryu Waza John Driscoll
2017-05-31 Aikido Picayunes: Nawa John Driscoll
2017-12-09 Aikido Picayunes: Nawa Redux John Driscoll
2012-04-23 Paper House: Four Stories from the Dojo Paul Schweer
2012-09-27 Losing Paul Schweer
2014-01-21 Growing Up Paul Schweer
2015-03-26 Imagine Not Being Paul Schweer
2017-08-20 Down One Road But Not The Other Paul Schweer
2017-08-20 Musings on Twenty Years of AikiWeb Peter Goldsbury
2020-04-05 Book Review Essay 1: "Swords and Other Weapons, Life-giving or Otherwise: An Extended Review of Liese Klein's Biography of Kazuo Chiba" Peter Goldsbury
2008-04-17 Soft Power, A Magnetic Approach to Practice Wendy Palmer

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