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Welcome to the AikiWeb Columns!

AikiWeb is honored to have a group of wonderful writers here to share their thoughts and experiences about aikido. I believe that they will make all of us reflect upon our aikido training and perhaps understand aikido a bit more deeply than before.

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Please enjoy the AikiWeb Columns!

Important Notice: Starting in March 2007, the AikiWeb Columns will be published in a different part of the site. Please go to the following URL for the latest Columns.


Date Author Title Discussion
February, 2007 "The Mirror" Another Training Dilemma: A "The Mirror" Conversation Discussion
February, 2007 Lynn Seiser Aiki Biz Discussion
February, 2007 Paul Schweer What is Left Discussion
February, 2007 Ross Robertson Enduring Love Discussion
January, 2007 "The Mirror" Dang! There's Aikido Everywhichwhere Discussion
January, 2007 AaaRk Sensei O-Sensei Meets an Eager Student Discussion
January, 2007 Lynn Seiser RIP: Musubi and Zanshin Discussion
January, 2007 Paul Schweer Wherever We Need Discussion
January, 2007 Ross Robertson Restoring Harmony Discussion
December, 2006 AaaRk Sensei Meeting O-Sensei Discussion
December, 2006 Lynn Seiser Aiki-Write II Discussion
December, 2006 Paul Schweer Deep Within Or Dancing Around Discussion
December, 2006 Ross Robertson Falling Leaves Discussion
November, 2006 "The Mirror" The Do in Do Discussion
November, 2006 AaaRk Sensei Introduction Discussion
November, 2006 Lynn Seiser Aiki-Write Discussion
November, 2006 Paul Schweer The Same Thing Again Discussion
November, 2006 Peter Goldsbury 'Sincere' Attacks: A Platonic Dialogue Discussion
November, 2006 Ross Robertson Temple Dogs Discussion
October, 2006 "The Mirror" Beyond the Ninja Turtles Discussion
October, 2006 Lynn Seiser The Dance Discussion
October, 2006 Paul Schweer The Content of the Communication Discussion
October, 2006 Ross Robertson How to be a Student of Aikido Discussion
September, 2006 "The Grindstone" Writing? Why the Hell Would I? Discussion
September, 2006 "The Mirror" The Gentle Art of Cat Fu Discussion
September, 2006 George S. Ledyard What is Aiki? Discussion
September, 2006 Lynn Seiser Jiyu-Waza Discussion
September, 2006 Paul Schweer Need to Work Through Discussion
September, 2006 Ross Robertson I Shouldn't Have to Do This Discussion
July, 2006 "The Grindstone" Training to be Vulnerable Discussion
July, 2006 "The Mirror" Everyday Training Discussion
July, 2006 Lynn Seiser AikiSolutions: Blending with Negative Emotions and Thoughts Discussion
July, 2006 Michael J. Hacker Troika Discussion
July, 2006 Paul Schweer Innocence and Analysis Discussion
July, 2006 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 10 Discussion
July, 2006 Ross Robertson The JiyuWaza Game Discussion
June, 2006 "The Grindstone" Perseverance, Perspiration, Pain, Pleasure, Progress and Persnickety Physicality Discussion
June, 2006 "The Mirror" Sempai Fi Discussion
June, 2006 Lynn Seiser Zanshin Discussion
June, 2006 Paul Schweer Near and Against Discussion
June, 2006 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 9 Discussion
June, 2006 Ross Robertson At the Bank Discussion
May, 2006 "The Grindstone" A Re-transliteration of Osensei's, "Kannagara no Jutsu" Discussion
May, 2006 "The Mirror" On Aikido and Self-Flushing Toilets Discussion
May, 2006 Lynn Seiser Creating Internal Resources Discussion
May, 2006 Paul Schweer A Love of Sound Discussion
May, 2006 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 8 Discussion
May, 2006 Ross Robertson Violence Discussion
April, 2006 "The Grindstone" Respect and Idolatry Discussion
April, 2006 "The Mirror" Hanging Up My Dogi Discussion
April, 2006 Lynn Seiser Motivational Strategies Discussion
April, 2006 Michael J. Hacker Protect, Break, Leave Discussion
April, 2006 Paul Schweer There is Magic Discussion
April, 2006 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 7 Discussion
April, 2006 Ross Robertson Affection and Affectation Discussion
March, 2006 "The Grindstone" Misogi on Several Levels Discussion
March, 2006 "The Mirror" The Test Discussion
March, 2006 Lynn Seiser Apples and Oranges 2: Imitation and Understanding Discussion
March, 2006 Michael J. Hacker Training Discussion
March, 2006 Paul Schweer Naked Man Discussion
March, 2006 Ross Robertson The 20 Year Technique Discussion
February, 2006 "The Grindstone" The Triangular Base of Training: Wisdom, Humility, and Self-doubt Discussion
February, 2006 "The Mirror" Fighting Patterns Discussion
February, 2006 George S. Ledyard Thank You to My Teachers Discussion
February, 2006 Lynn Seiser Apples and Oranges; State Specific Learning Discussion
February, 2006 Paul Schweer A Little Distance Discussion
February, 2006 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 6 Discussion
February, 2006 Ross Robertson Izanagi and Izanami Discussion
January, 2006 "The Grindstone" Milestones Discussion
January, 2006 "The Mirror" Standing Up for Kokyu Dosa Discussion
January, 2006 George S. Ledyard The Nature of Aiki Discussion
January, 2006 Lynn Seiser New Year's Resolutions and Training Goals Discussion
January, 2006 Paul Schweer An Original Copyist Discussion
January, 2006 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 5 Discussion
January, 2006 Ross Robertson Shoshin Ni Kaeru Discussion
December, 2005 "The Grindstone" Respect and Plastic Budo Figurines Discussion
December, 2005 "The Mirror" Death and Rebirth on the Mat Discussion
December, 2005 George S. Ledyard Teaching Aikido as Michi - A Path Up the Mountain Discussion
December, 2005 Lynn Seiser The Elusive Aiki Discussion
December, 2005 Michael J. Hacker Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (Part Deux) Discussion
December, 2005 Paul Schweer Strange Rain Discussion
December, 2005 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 4 Discussion
December, 2005 Ross Robertson Aiki Syntax, Part 3: Uke Discussion
November, 2005 "The Grindstone" On the Interdependent Nature of Tactics and Strategies Discussion
November, 2005 "The Mirror" Customizing the Dogi Discussion
November, 2005 George S. Ledyard Clarity and Self-Delusion in One's Training Discussion
November, 2005 Lynn Seiser Aiki-Ethics Discussion
November, 2005 Michael J. Hacker Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Discussion
November, 2005 Paul Schweer Harmony in Line Discussion
November, 2005 Ross Robertson Aiki Syntax, Part 2: Tori Discussion
October, 2005 "The Grindstone" Uke is Never Wrong? Discussion
October, 2005 "The Mirror" Keiko Discussion
October, 2005 Dennis Hooker Energy, Spirit, Consciousness Discussion
October, 2005 Michael J. Hacker What's in a Name?, Part 2 Discussion
October, 2005 Paul Schweer Knotted Together Discussion
October, 2005 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 3 Discussion
October, 2005 Ross Robertson Aiki Syntax, Part 1 Discussion
September, 2005 "The Grindstone" truth, Truth, and Broken Clocks (an introduction of sorts) Discussion
September, 2005 "The Mirror" Symbols, Metaphors, Change Discussion
September, 2005 George S. Ledyard Aikido - What It Is and What It Isn't Discussion
September, 2005 Michael J. Hacker What's in a Name? Discussion
September, 2005 Paul Schweer To Become a Better Someone Discussion
September, 2005 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 2 Discussion
September, 2005 Ross Robertson Revolution Discussion
August, 2005 "The Grindstone" The Role of Faith Discussion
August, 2005 "The Mirror" ...With The Body You Have Discussion
August, 2005 Dennis Hooker Breath Discussion
August, 2005 Michael J. Hacker Introduction Discussion
August, 2005 Paul Schweer Sucking Air Discussion
August, 2005 Peter Goldsbury An Aikido Journey: Part 1 Discussion
August, 2005 Ross Robertson Give Me Shelter Discussion
June, 2005 "The Mirror" Serious Martial Artists Discussion
June, 2005 Lynn Seiser Accountable and Responsible Discussion
June, 2005 Paul Schweer Let Fly Discussion
June, 2005 Ross Robertson Ikkyo, Nikyo, and Sankyo as Geometric Principles Discussion
May, 2005 "The Mirror" Moral Stances on Shaky Ground Discussion
May, 2005 George S. Ledyard Initiative, Timing, and Spacing (Part II of II) Discussion
May, 2005 Lynn Seiser Cross-Training Discussion
May, 2005 Paul Schweer An Unjust Belief Discussion
May, 2005 Ross Robertson Get With It Discussion
April, 2005 "The Mirror" Sempai/Kohai Discussion
April, 2005 George S. Ledyard Initiative, Timing, and Spacing (Part I of II) Discussion
April, 2005 Lynn Seiser Levels of Application Discussion
April, 2005 Paul Schweer Learning Opportunities Discussion
April, 2005 Ross Robertson Keeping the Faith Discussion
March, 2005 "The Mirror" The Bird in the Pomegranate: Mental Misogi Discussion
March, 2005 George S. Ledyard Ultimate Martial Art? Discussion
March, 2005 Lynn Seiser Intent and Intensity Discussion
March, 2005 Paul Schweer Testing Discussion
March, 2005 Ross Robertson Doors and Walls Discussion
February, 2005 "The Mirror" Thoughts on Irimi Discussion
February, 2005 George S. Ledyard O-Sensei's Aikido Discussion
February, 2005 Lynn Seiser Mental Training: Mental Rehearsal Discussion
February, 2005 Paul Schweer One of Those Places Discussion
February, 2005 Ross Robertson Penetrating the Heart of Aikido Discussion
January, 2005 "The Mirror" Appropriate Force Discussion
January, 2005 George S. Ledyard Women and Everyone Else in Aikido Discussion
January, 2005 Lynn Seiser Shoshin Discussion
January, 2005 Paul Schweer Ignoring the Objective Discussion
January, 2005 Ross Robertson Striking a Balance Discussion
December, 2004 "The Mirror" How to Use a Sword Discussion
December, 2004 George S. Ledyard Transmission in Aikido, Part II Discussion
December, 2004 Lynn Seiser The Gift Discussion
December, 2004 Paul Schweer Squirrelly Discussion
December, 2004 Ross Robertson The Adventures of Ron Dorey, Finding the Secret Discussion
November, 2004 "The Mirror" Gone to the Dogs: Comparisons Discussion
November, 2004 George S. Ledyard Big Mind, Little Mind Discussion
November, 2004 Lynn Seiser Domo Discussion
November, 2004 Paul Schweer When It Fades Away Discussion
November, 2004 Ross Robertson Kindness as Self Defense Discussion
October, 2004 "The Mirror" A Basic Weapons Bag Discussion
October, 2004 George S. Ledyard The Nature of Ukemi Discussion
October, 2004 Lynn Seiser To Reach a Destination, Enjoy the Journey Discussion
October, 2004 Paul Schweer Sleep Deeply and Dream Discussion
October, 2004 Ross Robertson Drawing a Blank Discussion
September, 2004 "The Mirror" My Mother's Gifts Discussion
September, 2004 George S. Ledyard Transmission in Aikido Discussion
September, 2004 Paul Schweer Too Sad Discussion
September, 2004 Ross Robertson Henry's Kitchen Discussion
August, 2004 "The Mirror" How to Make a Sword (Part One of Two) Discussion
August, 2004 George S. Ledyard The Use of Atemi (Striking) in Aikido Discussion
August, 2004 Paul Schweer Inside Every Gi Discussion
August, 2004 Ross Robertson Aikido and Group Sects Discussion
June, 2004 "The Mirror" Damage Discussion
June, 2004 Chuck Clark What is Zanshin? Discussion
June, 2004 George S. Ledyard Lack of Spirituality Discussion
June, 2004 Paul Schweer Passing Through Discussion
June, 2004 Ross Robertson Aikido: A Brief Field-Guide to its Flora and Fauna Discussion
May, 2004 "The Mirror" Mediating Reality, Connecting with the World Discussion
May, 2004 Chuck Clark Live Movement and Dead Movement Discussion
May, 2004 George S. Ledyard True Self Defense Discussion
May, 2004 Paul Schweer Behind the Reflection Discussion
May, 2004 Ross Robertson Resistance and Flow Discussion
April, 2004 "The Mirror" This is MY Mat! Discussion
April, 2004 Chuck Clark Whose Aikido is Best? Discussion
April, 2004 George S. Ledyard Weapons Training in Aikido Discussion
April, 2004 Ross Robertson Aikido and Asymmetrical Warfare Discussion
March, 2004 "The Mirror" Introductions Discussion
March, 2004 Chuck Clark Practice Discussion
March, 2004 George S. Ledyard Aikido and Aiki Discussion
March, 2004 Ross Robertson Vitruvian Man Meets Da Vinci Girl Discussion

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