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trademark8806's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 06-14-2009 12:51 AM
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Status: Public
Entries: 68
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In Training new ways to do what I thoguht I knew... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #59 New 02-16-2011 02:46 PM
I went to a class on monday night at Northcoast akido, I was invited to trin with them. I did ofcorse , I am defently going to join I think now.
I did not do the high fall exercise becaue they still scare me and I dont knwo how to do my part. Sisay reed. Was telling them that the uki has to do there part or the teque wont work and that siad I got sacred.
we satred out with basic roless. I was doing ok but it kinda hurt on there mate , I notced this before even at my home dojo, but never been able to put my finnger on why. After doing a few sisay comes beside me and he say , "that looks like it might be a bit unconfotable" I stop look at him inquistively. he say "I have some ideas on how you might fix that" " you kinda slam into the mat, you need to be closer to the mat, try some closer to the mat " I just did and it actuly helped , imust of had a look on my face to that almost supporse. he siad " now you say tom your the best teacher" I was not sure he actuly watned me to ,so I didnent. I thoguht I knw how to role but always room for inporve ment.
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In Training 295 days... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #57 New 12-18-2010 05:16 PM
As of today I will tryned more or less for 295 days or thats is the time that has passed since I strated in March 30, 20009. I have tryend mentaly all of those days , of corse with calssed for 2 hour spans mostly 3 days a week here and there, with two all weekend semmenars.
I am prapering to leave my dojo , that has become kinda second home, I never relly felt like conncent to people all that esally, but at the dojo , I feel a bit saffer, bit less juded. I not saying that there arent times I feel judged, but most are based on my ablitys or lack there of , as in there are set standerds and you meat them at you pace, virs some set norm that is never even told you so you dont know you missing the mark entill you are so far passed it you cant possibly meat it. I not saying all of dojo mates are best friends, but I in the reltivly short time I knwon them I grown closer to them then I have to other people that may have been knwo for longer perod of time. It might be that aikido lends its self to being close, becaues phiscaly you are closely working with one enother. I sure it also is partialy my dojo, but that bing siad, I went to some semenaers where other peopel come and over all they all seem very accepting and junaly wnating to help eachother and just lurn together.
While art tlest at my dojo we have ranks , but its more like wroking to gether most of the time to better eachother understanding. True while you are a kue rank you are mostly the lurner, but I knwo so ...More Read More
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In Training Student Led Class... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #49 New 09-09-2010 02:16 PM
Last night was led by one of what I would call our "higher" students, that is to say she is a nedone(2 degreeblack belt, not sure I spelt that correct). Well she stared class anyway, she handed it off ot a , unand coming brown belt, he will be testing soon, and also latter to a fellow one whom will also be testing soon, october to be percise.
Anyway, the class atmosfer was one of all lurning, while to me they all are my suprior on the mate, even the 14 and 15 year olds, for they all are more expreced then myself. However, I recon I fond it hobling to watch and exprece a class where the whole time was more like everone helping everyone to lurn, no rank noted. I mean do not get me worng noone ever asked to more they then can, but more like equeles and eveyone with limitations intact.
This is not to say that normaly we are obsed with rank, my dojo is not so much, but espely lattly because we are trying 2 people to be black belts, we kinda are. Also , not that I think he demades it persay, when sisay is there it's defenly , as it shold be , he is teacher and we are students. It's a diffent exprence when we are all the student.
I have alredy lurned while on the mate age, sex, race all fade intill they are all but gone, only a gost remaing. In that you are equesls. Even other socail handcaps and ocwardness seems to feed , thow for me that one is hardest to leave. However, at lest at my dojo most of the time I do feel safe. It has been siad before that Akido leds its ...More Read More
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In Training Better late then never.... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #47 New 06-12-2010 06:03 PM
I been working on becoming a 6th kuy for like 6 months, now. I not only memorized them, but can do them all with my eyes closed or thats what I thought.
I know how to say Shomenuchi Kokyunage ....however , I know in my head how to Kokyunage and that it has for steeps. However, everyother time I do it I make the last tow steeps into one seep. It's like me and dubble slap rolse, same dellima. I know it contioly, but its like when I get scared I blank. I must have a phobia to it or somehting. I need to figure that out!
I geting perdy good at Katatetori Shihonage... only truble is knowing the defrence in how to pronoce Katatetori and katatori. They sound the same to me so I have to watch people moths when they say them. ( Auttory porcing disorder, must be kicking in).
I preddy good at shomenuchi Iriminage, only just have to rember go strate rather then too the side and keep arm start.
I know how to do Katatori Nikiyo, with my eye close, only need to work on the pin a litte bit.
Today in class got many ponters form sinsay becaue we did a lot of work on requriments. Onter then messing up on the 4 steps into 1 he says your more then readdy for you test. I nonded, for onece I think I am readdy too!
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In Training Aikido fr 1 year and 14 days today Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #42 New 04-14-2010 11:31 AM
I not sure time really seems to matter in the long secam of things , for eveyone moves at there own pace. However, I have done aikido since march 30, 2009 and I am only just now concerding geting 6th kue wich is like 2ed level in my dojo. I am thinking of going to a semmenar that I did last year when I was only a 2 months old in aikido. I survied last year , but I am kinda thinking its expensive, and I think based on lst year mostly amied at the black and brown belts. I am lowly whit belt or posably yellow belt. Sisays says I should go or thinks I would enjoy it, but that to keep in mind it is really long days. He actuly kinda wants me to go, but wont push me into anything. Last time I felt kinda pushed into it, this time its all dulled down. I not sure what I should do? A litte adivadce? I think I could come up with the money. Its only 70$ however, I have to see. I know last time I did lurn alot and the people were assumily nice. I did get overwelmed, but got to lurn alot of diffrent things or pick up on parts. Diffrent people precent things difrently and you sometimes one makes more ssence. I just feel like if I dod go and do bad I let my dojo down or something or mabby they dont even want me there? They dont exclude lower ranks but they also dont say you should go. oy , I am conffused?
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In Training I turst you as far as I can throw you.... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #34 New 03-22-2010 11:44 PM
Tonight we did a lot tequests. we started with doing a tequse that I am nto sure it a full teques. we grabed a persons hand and they pused our arm to make us roll as they moved it forward never letting go. then we were supposed to do cossy, but here is wehre the name of my bog comes into play. I trust you as far as i can throw you. I trust every memmber of my dojo, at lest all that I have worked with , enoff not hurt me intetionaly. I just not srue I am reddy to trust them to thwrow me over there back and nto hurt me. Or porhaps I should say I dont trust them enoff to fully support me , for I also do nto turst my self that I know what I am suposed to do. I tryed to try it but I got scared, so my person just liffeted me and then put me down. I was scared enoff with that, I feeli liek I puting my self in his or here hands and I not sure you proven your self that much. then we did boken work, I screwed up so bad. I knwo kinda how to do what was being asked, but I was doing relly bad. You knwo your doing bad when your traing parten ask for someone else to help you, he dose not even want to try anymore. Oh well I mad an effort.
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In Training The new place.... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #31 New 03-15-2010 11:17 PM
I atted the new place tonight. The dojo felt foren as if I had just entered a foreben place. With distinc air of welcome, just foloting on the serface. I wanted this so bad to be part of the new place , morever to contuine to do Aikido. Yet from the moment I relized this was good I felt a clod leagering in the darkness. I could not shake the felling, now I think I know why. Hopfully in time this cloud will be despersed with the connetivness I once felt.
So , I enter the dojo and the group before of brizien Jejeto peopel are still finshing up. The air is pasive, with a hint of apphenshion. I walk in timmedly, becaue I have my own issues with change. I go to teacher who is dealing with the money and forms we are to fill out. I feel almost the unwelcome feeling as he hands me a pen and form. I detifuly fill it out. Then I watie actioly for the sisey and higher people to go on the mat. I want to know where the lower belts are and where the shoman is and what not. Also, watied to know if they were doing formal streching bevaue of the new person or not? I still could not conpletly focoouse one beaue I could not help but wantder what everything was or where it was and what rules ment what , were they the same? Also, becuae I could not shake the felling that I was not only not relly welcome, but I did not fit here anymore. I tryed to focose on movent, but my brian just cept saying did I amke the worng chose? Am I not supposed to be heer. I supose it did not ...More Read More
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In Training Aiki Taiso Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #30 New 03-15-2010 11:34 AM
The aiki taiso is a series of frequently-used basic aikido movements.
They may vary a little
from one dojo to another. Use the aiki taiso as a centering exercise and an opportunity to perfect your movements.

Exercise Notes Count
Ikkyo undo Compressing wrist upward 5
Nikyo undo Compressing wrist inward 5
Sankyo undo Twisting wrist outward 5
Kotegaeshi undo Compressing wrist downward 5

Funakogi undo Rowing exercise 2
Shomenuchi ikkyo undo Swing both hands forward hand blades extended 2 Zengo undo Shomenuchi ikkyo undo with a 180 degree turn 4 Happo undo Shomenuchi ikkyo undo in eight directions 8 Tekubi kosa undo Cross wrists in front of body (low) 5 Tekubi joho kosa undo Cross hands in front of face 5 Sayu undo Swing arms to side, drop weight 4 Sayu choyaku undo Sayu undo with side step 4 Udefuri undo Swing arms from one side to the other 2 Udefuri choyaku undo Udefuri undo with 180 degree turn 2 Ushiro tori undo Spread arms forward, turn hip 4 Ushiro tekubitori zenshin undo Raise hands to eye level, step forward and bow 4 Ushiro tekubitori kotai undo Raise hands to eye level, step to rear and bow 4 Tenkan undo Pivot around outstretched hand 2
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In Training So the telling classss... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #21 New 01-16-2010 05:42 PM
The assient sisay, ( he also teaches wensday nights class) took over sisay's class.. I deceided to go dispite the fact that I had been avoiding his class because well, lets just say I don't lurn from his teaching aproch well. He was actuly being nice for him last class, so I decided that I would try and saterday is the more popular class. Meaning that others might be able to help me if he let them. Who knows I may gain observation scilles. So , I arive and alot of the people whom are normaly there are not. The class seeemed reltively productive. I mean I lurned alot and sisay was not too bad ither, not overly helpfull, but not untrying. Alot of what we did was above my head, but I got some of it and that is a start. As , sisasay siad today it is a lurning procces, and evergrowing one.
On a side note I relized that I should probly tell agin my sisay that I am not going to be coming to the dojo after sometime in early August. I got into HSU and that is way too far to commute. lol ( 13 hour drive) Or should I not tell him? People come and go and I only been there for about 8 months I gess( since about April of 09) , not like I am inport member or anything?
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In Training Lessons of the Day... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #19 New 01-10-2010 12:34 AM
Today was my second class of the new year. I started out horbaly bad. Twice I got severly dizzy and felt as if I was going to fall over. I am srue this was not aided by the fact the mint I walked in the Dojo and I not even sure why I felt extrely perionoyed. I felt like just walked into a pnainl that was going to junde everything I did or that I was already awating the dection for some action that I did not even do yet. Like it was diffrent demetion all togetether. So , since I had a few mints I tryed to bring my self back to realty, thow the felling lasted most of the class, not till the end di it pass some. I not sure why I felt this way becaue this class out of all is the one where sisisay evsises that we should be having fun at the same time as lurning. Kids are with us for the frist half. Plusse I tryed to remind my slf what was the worst that could happen. So, I went ahead with class. We did alot of rolling where I felt like I was going to hit someone too many people for my liking I gess, or at lest for today. I also got relly dizxzy a cupple of times. I stood by the door so hoping to not fall down and also hoping that I would be left alone. A fello student asked me if I was ok and I siad kinda. With a noned of my head. I tryed to resome pratice, thow it did not help that I was seeing images that I not sure were there, not like they could not be but like how things would turen out. People coliding ect. I got back out there then we were to Cosie falls ...More Read More
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