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Jedi Archives Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 09-20-2004 05:38 PM
Devon Natario
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Status: Public
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Comments: 15
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In General Eighteen Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #75 New 01-02-2006 11:02 PM
Eighteen and life and counting, eighteen and life to go..... Sorry, remembering the old days.

Todays class was again phenomenal. We actually worked a lot of basics today.

The basics for both positions.
We worked the arm bar from bottom, the guillotine from bottom, and we worked a simple pass from the top. No brain surgery here, but it's always nice to concentrate on the basics. Working the basics of any sport is a "must". Even in football, you work the basics each year, wrestling, etc etc etc. We worked hand positions, posture, and to "feel".

We went live at the end and I got to work with Felicia. She's got some good skill. It's weird working with a girl and I feel I do not try as hard, but I force myself to because she wont benefit from me being a wuss to her. She's also good enough to get out of everything I can put on her, so no worries there.

Muay Thai:
We worked on the basic strikes on one another. Jab, Cross, Hook, Cut Kick, Powerhouse kick. It was fun and at the end we did drill sparring. I didn't do too bad, but I have a ways to go. I haven't sparred for a long time. I only remember getting mad when someone is winning and I want to fight them. It's my downfall, but I guess I need that sort of drive to do what I want to do. But out of respect for the training hall, myself, and my instructors I must follow the rules. If I want to spar I can go spar on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I did not work out today. I feel like a bum. I missed working out. At ...More Read More
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In General Teacing how to spar Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #74 New 01-02-2006 02:20 PM
It is hard for me to teach how to spar. I have progessed to the point where going back makes me feel vulnerable.

Todays class I concentrated an hour to sparring. I taught Baylen how to close the distance and to faint, as well as fake. I taught him what moves to do to create confusion in the other persons brain.

We started to spar and he got too close and I took him down. It was habit, and I could not stop myself. I felt so vulnerable when he was close that I took him down. I should not have, but I did.

I then went in to ground fighting and I covered guard, spider guard, and standing up. He did very well on all of it. I went over the same things I went over with Ryan in last class. If you want to look that up it's my last entry I believe.

Okay I am out of here.

Good job Baylen.
I will be testing him for Orange Belt soon. I will wait until after the certificates arrive. I also want the next class to be 100% Orange Belt techniques. I haven't worked much on them in the last few months, so I am going to have to spend some serious time developing this in Baylen. I know this means that he will have to wait about a month more, but there is no hurry is there Baylen? I didnt think so. hahah
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In General Todays Ground Game Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #73 New 12-30-2005 01:45 PM
Today was a very good day for Ryan. He was able to learn a lot. I think he is starting to get out of "vulnerable baby" mode and into crawling. We are now at the first step of progression in his ground game.

Here are the things we covered.

We workedon the two different positions to be in if you are "in" someone's guard.
1) You want to keep your hands in good position, one on chest, one on hip and you want to posture up. Do not look down at your opponent with your head, look with eyes only. Why? Because I said- and because if you look down with your head you are ruining your position which leaves you open for things.
2) We went over the down position. Elbows close to the hips and forearms on the outside of the body, head on the chest for control, and knees forward trying to pinch the knees and elbows together. Not the best of the two, but not bad if they are taking you down.

If you are the person with the guard you want to post up grab their neck, and pull them down to you. If they are away, this leaves you with no submissions.

We also worked on a few passes to the guard.
1) Elbow in the pressure point, then pull the leg over the head and into side control
* Defense to this is to pull them down to you so they can not do it, or to transition into spider guard like we talked about. Grab sleeves and transition into spider and stand up.
2) Reach behind your back to get the leg and pull over head. Remember to hip out when you bring it over or you will get ...More Read More
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In General Seventeen Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #72 New 12-29-2005 10:39 PM
Today's class was once again great. Derek did some review and then we went live.

We started with spider guard and then we covered the different positions that the feet can be in to be a spider guard. The feet can be on the lges, hips, or forearms. You are to grip their Gi sleeves with your hands.

We learned two ways to break the spider guard. First we must break grips, which can be done by leaning a bit forward and grabbing your own chest Gi and bringing it back, or two spin around their ankle and then up.
Breaking Spider Guard
1) Break Grips, release right grip, and grab the leg on the opposite side. Keep your left grip on their sleeve, then open up your arms and pop hips, come around and do knee on stomach. Make sure you keep grips on the arm to prevent them from stopping you.
2) Break Grips, and grab ankles. Fake right and fake left and come to knee on stomach.

We worked on sitting guard again too. We went over the basics and how to move and how to sweep. We worked getting to our feet, and we worked from transitioning from one to the next. We worked three basic ways to beat the sitting guard.
1) step in middle and get underhook, grab their other arm and bring knee over their body.
* To beat this you have to put your left hook in and sweep back. Make sure you grab their other leg when going.
2) Step in Middle and grab sleeve and pull hard to your body. Drive down with right shoulder and roll bringing your leg over and into Oma Plata.
*To beat this, take yo ...More Read More
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In General Sixteen Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #71 New 12-28-2005 11:24 PM
Yes, sixteen. I got a good schedule this week so I get to go four times which is why I have mutiple posts per day. I teach this Friday with Ryan and Baylen definitely, but hopefully Kyle comes as well.

Todays class was phenomenal. You know I am starting to really love BJJ. I liked ground fighting from my experiences and each person I have ever gone against I usually win, but Derek is so methodical that I know he is going to clean my game up so much. I have some serious bad habits that leave me open for so many things. I know I could smash the average Joe on the street, but I would rather be able to smash most Jui-Jitsu players and then I know my game would be great. I feel I am in the spot to learn how to do that. The Lions Den, in all of my years of training offers the most complete training. I have searched for someone like Mitter Sensei, and I have found the spot. I am glad to be here.

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu/Submission Wrestling:
Today we went over the correct positions from guard, both defensively and offensively. Some basics; if you are the one in the guard you want to obviously post up and keep good posture to eliminate most of the submissions. If you like to play from the ground, that is fine, keep your elbows on the outside of their body and close to their hips to control their hip movement. You also want to control their upper body with your head. Keeping your head on them will keep them from coming up.

Now we worked a couple passes of the guard.
1) When so ...More Read More
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In General Relaxing? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #70 New 12-27-2005 11:17 PM
I noticed today that I don't fight as much against my opponents anymore. I try to relax so much that I lose a lot of ability to get out of certain movements in Submission Wrestling class. I feel like I just go with the flow and try to capatilize on their mistakes instead of forcing them to move where I want them, or to take their balance.

I know in Aikido I was the opposite. I still had my Jujitsu training prior to Aikido and I forced everything and took balance instead of manipulating energy.

I felt this was a strong focus in Aikido, at least for me it was.

I am starting my third month now in BJJ and Submission Wrestling and I am still just as relaxed as I was when I learned how to relax in Aikido.

I feel it hinders me at times and I try to force and take things like I used to, but something inside of me makes me want to relax now.

It's like I can never get it right. In Aikido I couldn't relax for the longest time, and now I can't stop relaxing.

My instructor says, "Don't just wait, be aggressive!"

I think, "I just spent years learning how to be passive, and now I have to go back to how I was."

I think I may have done these in the wrong order. I should have gone to BJJ first, and ended with Aikido.

I will be back at Aikido, I just want to learn how to tighten my groundwork and stand up fighting too.

Muay Thai and BJJ offer the best of everything.... Of course I am training in a MMA studio, so that is the focus.

Okay Im out of here
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In General Fifteen Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #69 New 12-27-2005 10:26 PM
Todays class was again awesome. I learned so much once again, Ill go over as much as I remember.

We worked the guard and how to posture up and stuff the arm bar, triangle, and any other move. We learned how to post up and keep posted (by bringing our arm tight to us). Then we learned how to get the angle with our feet (left back, right forward, hips turned) then we push the leg off of us and pass.

Then we worked when the legs go to the hips. We are to grab a hold of the pants, pull down, and put everything to the right. Pass on the left and keep body positioning on them.

Then we learned to release grips and to move to ankles and fake left, then throw right and pass to knee on stomach.

Then we released grips, grabbed with our left hand, our right hand grabs their ankle and we move open them up and pass on knee on stomach.

Then we worked the sitting guard, and how to stay with them and keep distance or ma ai.

The best position for the top guy is to place his foot in between your legs, and underhook with right arm, then pass knee over. They can defend by hooking and sweeping.

If they hook we can go to Hawaiian Choke and roll forward.

If they stay and sweep, roll into oma plata.

I went over oma plata. I went over the top half guard roll into kimura.

I hate it, so much stuff that I can not remember.....................

I will keep taking notes, but it's so dang hard to keep track of all the moves. I love it. The one thing I love about learning s ...More Read More
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In General Fourteen Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #68 New 12-27-2005 12:24 AM
Submission Wrestling/BJJ:
Todays class was very informative. I do not think I will have the ability to remember everything, but I will try to remember as much as possible. BJJ ran into Muay Thai and actually went all the way until 9:00pm. We did BJJ from 6:30-9:00pm. Do you know how much infor we covered? A ton. It was great.

Here goes:
We worked spider guard. Spider Guard is where you control the persons wrists and you use your feet on their hips. We first forked on getting from closed guard, to spider, and then to butterfly. Just to get a feel of what was going on and how we could transition. Now since we went from closed guard to spider Derek said it would be good to learn a few moves from this position.

First sweep was to trap with our left arm, place our left foot on their knee, and to place our right foot in hook position. Then turn to the left in order to do the sweep. This one was fairly easy.

Now next sweep was if that one fails, for whatever reason we place our left leg in their biscept and push 90'while spinningto grab their leg with our right arm. We have to make sure we are close together with our knees, and then we make sure our right knee is on their belt line. Then we push them back.

We learned another whizzer move. We get overhook in spider or butterfly, This whizzer we are going to grab our right thigh and then drive our hips into them and drive the whizzer down.

We worked butterfly guard and the same sweeps. Then he taught us the passes f ...More Read More
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In General 2005? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #67 New 12-23-2005 12:09 AM
Francs blog made me think about 2005 a lot.

I started teaching again this year. I have been at it for about 9 months now. My students are all yellow belts and they have come a long way.

I started training for MMA with the Lions Den. I came here a couple years ago to check it out. I chose to do Aikido instead. Of course, I would not be where I am today if I had made any other decision. I believe that it all happened for a reason. Aikido taught me great things, and I wouldn't be here making a blog about it if it didn't.

Back on track- I have only had 13 classes so far and I am loving it. I lost a BJJ competition by two points, but I will be back, lesson learned...

My son was born this year, and what better than that?

I have started doing research on the cost of certain locations to actually open up a dojo. I want to do all the research before I make a decision, but I am starting to look.

Once I get all day shifts, I am going to open a school at a local gym, church, or otherwise. Then once I get some students, it's off to start a business.

This year what else? Nothing much.. My son was the tip of the iceburg. You cant top that one :P Unless you had twin boys.

You know one thing we do not have is a darn YMCA or youth center here. We have nothing for children here. This dumb town is so concerned with tourism, they forget about the children. Welcome to Coeur d'Alene where we care more about plane rides over the lake than we do the kids of the person that's ...More Read More
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In General Lucky Number Thirteen Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #66 New 12-21-2005 11:53 PM
Brazilian Jui-Jitsu/Submission Wrestling:
We covered Butterfly Guard once again. We drilled the first sweep, which was to our left, while grabbing their arm. We worked Sweep #2 when someone is to base and we grab underhook and go the opposite direction. *Hips are key*
We drilled this a lot and I got semi-comfortable with it.

Then we worked on the defense when someone gets us in Butterfly Guard. We are to tri-pod post. (legs up, weight on their hips and tight in).
Once here we are to push hips (right down) putting weight on the opponent, then switch hips and pass their leg with hand. Make sure we pass the bguard and place that knee right in there. I had a problem bouncing. I need to work on keeping my weight on them the entire time.

We also worked on the defense of the sweep. When someone sweeps us, we tri-pod again putting our weight on their shoulder and at the same time we switch our hips and bring our knee up to their head. Then we slip our other knee up near their head, and pass into mount. Very nice defense to the sweep here. I want to work on this over and over and over.

Muay Thai:
We worked on cardio today.
4 rounds of 2 minutes

Then we did drill sparring. It was again, fun as always.
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