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Creation Date: 09-20-2004 05:38 PM
Devon Natario
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  #71 New 12-28-2005 11:24 PM
Yes, sixteen. I got a good schedule this week so I get to go four times which is why I have mutiple posts per day. I teach this Friday with Ryan and Baylen definitely, but hopefully Kyle comes as well.

Todays class was phenomenal. You know I am starting to really love BJJ. I liked ground fighting from my experiences and each person I have ever gone against I usually win, but Derek is so methodical that I know he is going to clean my game up so much. I have some serious bad habits that leave me open for so many things. I know I could smash the average Joe on the street, but I would rather be able to smash most Jui-Jitsu players and then I know my game would be great. I feel I am in the spot to learn how to do that. The Lions Den, in all of my years of training offers the most complete training. I have searched for someone like Mitter Sensei, and I have found the spot. I am glad to be here.

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu/Submission Wrestling:
Today we went over the correct positions from guard, both defensively and offensively. Some basics; if you are the one in the guard you want to obviously post up and keep good posture to eliminate most of the submissions. If you like to play from the ground, that is fine, keep your elbows on the outside of their body and close to their hips to control their hip movement. You also want to control their upper body with your head. Keeping your head on them will keep them from coming up.

Now we worked a couple passes of the guard.
1) When someone gets you in the guard you want to keep your hands on their hips, then you want to place your knee in the middle of their butt and bring your other leg outward to an angle. At this time you use your elbow to open up their guard.

* To defend from this you have to come up, shift your weight over their knee and then grab the full guard again. You can always keep them down as well by lifting up and grabbing their neck. They can not do this if you keep them close to you.

2) You can also keep good posture and reach back and bring your hand/forearm through their leg and rip upward. Now you are going to pass this around your head, but you have to push out with your hips in order to be safe.

* To defend from this you must shift your hips to the side they are grabbing on, then lift and grab their neck and pull them down to your level. Then you have perfect position for Oma plata.

We also learned the arm bar from a person that is on top of you in low position. You want to get a little distance by pushing them up with your hips, then bringing their arm across your body. Once the arm is across your body you bring their head in close again to trap it. Now you push their head with your elbow and pass your leg over their head.
*you have to make sure you get a 90' angle from them, so moving is key in making this effective. You also must make sure not to tie your feet up. This arm bar is best from legs apart, if they stand up, then you grab your feet together and spread knees to get best position.
*If they get their arm out you have triangle choke with other arm and you just have to shift hips to other side.

We also worked shifting into spider, and from spider into sitting guard, and then into butterfly. If a person is going to pass your guard, it's best to get another position than to give them the mount.

Muay Thai:
We worked working the distance and coming in to a fight in the ring. We practiced working angles and trying to attack with speed and power.
I was able to score a few good kicks on John, and he was able to score some good ones on me. I like this because it helps me bring my years of training in the ring. I have no clue how to ring fight, I know how to bar fight and how to win a street fight. This is going to help me with someone that is 100% ready for me, which is good.

We did drill sparring and it was really fun.

Once again I had an awesome day, and that's what it's all about.

I want to fight in the Octagon before I get too old, but you know, Im having so much fun that it wouldnt matter if I did or not. Ill just keep training hard until I am asked if I want to fight.

At the end of class we did 1-10 progressive (1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 ...) kicks on each side and when I started I noticed the four people stop and look at me. I was kicking the crap out of the bag. Of course by the time I finished I was kicking like a sissy girl, but oh well.

Okay, this is me saying good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.
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