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trademark8806's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 06-14-2009 12:51 AM
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Status: Public
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In Testing My next test! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #54 New 11-08-2010 04:54 PM
Time and Events Requirements
Minimum 4 months and 40 hours of training after earning 6th Kyu.
Ki Tests and Exercises
Hanmi No Kamae - "Half-body stance"
Banzai no Kamae - Stance with feet shoulder-width and both arms raised ( Krati Kid)
Zengo Undo - Raising and lowering arms as if cutting with a sword, with 180 degree pivoting motion
Happo Undo - Raising and lowering arms with movement as if cutting in eight directions
Tekubikosa Undo - "Crossing the wrists exercise;" high and low variations required
Kamae with Bokken - Demonstration of five basic sword stances
Bokken and Jo Suburi - Demonstration of basic strikes with sword and staff
Shomenuchi Kotegaeshi - Downward strike to the head/ "Wrist turning" throw and pin
Shomenuchi Ikkyo - Downward strike to the head/ "First teaching" and pin
Katatetori Sankyo - Same side wrist grab/ "Third teaching;" both nage waza (throwing) and katame waza (pinning) variations required
Yokomenuchi Sokumen Iriminage - Strike to the side of the head/ "Side of the face, Entering throw" (technique performed in the manner of Sayu Undo)
Munetsuki Kotegaeshi - Thrusting strike to the chest / "Wrist turning" throw and pin
Katatetori Kaitenage - Same side wrist grab/ "Rotary throw". Tenkan variation required
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In Testing My last test and my next test Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New 12-20-2009 01:50 PM
The Level I am at somedas:

7th KYU -- White Belt with Stripe

Time and Events Requirements
Minimum 2 months and 20 hours of training

Ki Tests and Exercises
Seiza - Sitting Japanese style with legs folded underneath
Shizentai - Natural stance with feet shoulder-width
Orenaite - Unbendable arm, tested while in hanmi stance
Koho Tento Undo - Rolling backward and forward from sitting, kneeling and standing positions
Ushiro Ukemi, Rolling - Tumbling backward completely, from kneeling and standing positions
Mae Ukemi, Rolling - Tumbling forward completely, from kneeling and standing positions
Kokyudosa - Partner practice in seiza position; exercise to develop timing or "breath" power

Katatekosatori Kotegaeshi - Cross-hand wrist grab/ "Wrist-turning" throw, pin
Katatori Ikkyo - Lapel grab/ "First teaching" and pin
Katatekosatori Kokyunage - Cross-hand wrist grab/ "Timing throw;" controlling the head

Next Test:

6th KYU -- Yellow Belt

Time and Events Requirements
Minimum 3 months and 30 hours of training after earning 7th Kyu

Ki Tests and Exercises
Ushiro Ukemi, Breakfall - Rolling backward with slap, and returning to standing position
Mae Ukemi, Breakfall - Falling forward with slap, and returning to standing position
Empty Hand Strikes - Shomenuchi, Yokomenuchi, and Munetsuki; demonstration of basic strikes
Funakogi Undo - "Rowing exercise"
Shomenuchi Ikkyo Undo - Raising and lowering th ...More Read More
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In Testing 7th que test Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 12-07-2009 10:56 PM
So, tonight we had 20 mints then we tested. I had to change people whom I trined with. I also only had 20 mints to lurn a brand new teque , because they don't normaly teach the teque. I screwed up so much. However, sissay said I did well, so I gess it's ok. He siad that everyone misses up on there test , but you get better at not doing it as much as you get better. I was having a hard enoof time with the teques I had been priticing, to have a new one or two to just lurn , secred me. I stumbled throw it and he siad congrates. So, I am hofully a 7th que now.
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