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Seeking Zanshin: Blood, Sweat, Tears & Aikikai Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-24-2005 11:53 PM
One small gal + a dojo full of big guys = tons o' fun
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In General Feeling Energized: Mon. Feb. 21 - Thurs. Feb. 24, Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #168 New 02-24-2005 11:53 PM
Monday night:

Interesting perspective on Sankyo from Sensei regarding the three planes upon which one creates tension in uke's wrist to perform the technique --- the horizontal (side to side), the diagonal (spiraling up uke's arm) and the vertical (forward).

Wednesday night:

Worked more on Sankyo, this time in Suwari Waza. I kept forgetting to place my shin between me and the crook of uke's elbow for control before the hand-change. Sheesh. My bad.

The test technique I was asked to focus on was Ushiro Ryotekubidori Kaitennage. Once again, I still need to keep uke low and make sure the force throwing him is more perpendicular to him.

We did a couple of really good rounds of Randori (though I've still got to work on more tenkan than irimi --- what else is new) that left me feeling quite energized. Love it when that happens. Water is so darn tasty afterwards. :-) I cracked open a nice, juicy organic rambutan (yum) and made myself a lovely stirfry when I got home to treat myself for a change.

Thursday night:

Sensei really sped things up on the 31-step jo kata tonight --- I don't think I've ever had to do it that fast, but it was a nice challenge. I started noticing a new bad habit --- cutting corners on the strikes in order to keep up with the pace. Now, I'm not sure if it's really bad zanshin or whatever or simply trying to flow from one movement to another...hmm.

We did a couple of different types of Kokyunage in a circle tonight (nage in the middle) and in retrospect --- despite having some issues with blurred vision in my left eye --- I found that as nage, I'm getting better at focusing on ukes attacking in succession, as well as maintaining a balanced posture. At least it feels stable to me. *keeps fingers crossed*

My test technique to work on tonight was a new on to me: Ushiro Ryokatadori Ikkyo. Meet the new bane of my Aiki-existence (yes, I'm aware that it's becoming an ever-increasingly long list these days). I'm reminded of the "static" Ushiro Ryotekubidori Ikkyo that one has to do for the Gokkyu test, particularly in how nage has to be beside/hip-to-hip with uke (which is precisely my problem thus far).

After watching Sensei do this a few times, I noticed that (as he mentioned earlier that I need to step to the side first before ducking under uke's arm) he does a kind of backwards sankakyu-no-irimi/triangular entry by stepping to the side and then back *towards* uke (which, since I was not doing this, would explain why I felt like I was too far from uke when I stepped back --- since I was stepping straight back); doing this apparently depends upon uke's energy --- and yet Sensei later told me just to step back and not think about the sidestep. Gahhh!

Essentially, Sensei's advice was (since I was forgetting it) to thrust my hands upwards and extend while beside uke just prior to going under his arm so as to not lose control over my own centre during this potentially vulnerable move (there may also be an atemi in the form of an elbow to uke's face just prior for the sake of distraction --- or pleasure, I suppose --- whatever turns your crank ). Then the rest of the technique is completed by using the force from both your forehead and hand into Ikkyo...I also need to make sure my forward foot is turned outwards and that I am in a stable posture before bringing uke down to the mat completely.

Also of note: Sempai Jeff came out tonight --- I hadn't seen him in ages (not since just after the last seminar, I believe) so it was, as always, good fun to trade Jo blows with him.
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