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ESCalderon Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 01-16-2007 08:42 AM
Erik Calderon
Erik Calderon's Martial Arts Program
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In Training Three Things You Should not do in Class! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #73 New 10-30-2010 01:02 PM
One, Two, Three....Three things you should never do in class because it makes you look stupid! That's right, plain out, STUPID!!!

The first thing you should never do, which by far makes you look the stupidest of all, is to never, ever in your right mind, ever try to teach someone that's been doing Aikido longer than you have, even if you know they're doing it wrong. It could be that your partner, that's been taking Aikido longer than you have, is just focusing on something else and, needs the space to experiment. It could be that your partner just had a bad day and is not totally with it, and you need to just keep quite and respect them by letting them work it out. It could be that your partner that's been doing Aikido Longer than you have, just had a brain fart, realizes it, as long as you are attacking in a sincere way, and wants to move on. It could be that your Partner that's been doing Aikido longer than you is not being attacked, by you, in a sincere way....So many, "It could be that your partner, that's been doing Aikido longer than you have....."

Why don't you come up with a few and post them in the comments.

The second thing you should never do in an Aikido Class is try and hold your fart.....I've tried it.....and.....guess what.....it just made it louder. Now a days, I step off to the side and try a silent, but deadly fart...you know, you relax your muscles, relax your stomach and let out the gas............hopefully no one is close enough to smell it. You can always use the excuse, "whoever smelt it dealt it." And don't forget, it's not that bad, most you'll get is a good laugh if it's too loud!

How about some comments, has it ever happened to you..........It happened to me once when I was doing suwari waza kokyu ho, and I held my breath instead of breathing out and tried to hold it in, and boy was it loud!

Ok, the last and third thing you should never, ever, ever do in class, because it makes you and your sensei look like a total fool..........

Your Sensei calls you up to perform a technique, and your excited that Sensei singled you out to demonstrate the technique.....you are so excited that you attack, and before Sensei even starts to do the technique, you start to fall...Not sure what's going on in your mind, but you have just made the Sensei look really bad, like Sensei can't perform the technique, and you are taking a dive for Sensei to make Sensei look good, but on the contrary, you've made Sensei look bad!

If you're going to take a dive for Sensei, at least wait until Sensei is performing the technique, to make it look real.....personally, I think that a Sensei that needs uke to fall, shouldn't be teaching Aikido, but that's simply a personal opinion.

I've done it a few times while I was in Japan, and totally felt bad about it, then focused my mind and energy on simply attacking, not worrying too much about what was going to happen to me, and guess what ended up happening........Sensei use to call me most of the time to demonstrate techniques....I guess he liked an honest, sincere attack!

I've got a few more videos up, please enjoy them, hopefully they will give you a new point of view on Aikido:

Suwari-Waza Shomen-Uchi Nikyo 

Erik Calderon
Erik Calderon's Martial Arts Program
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RSS Feed 5 Responses to "Three Things You Should not do in Class!"
#5 01-04-2011 09:46 AM
Diana Frese Says:
re: points one and three, by the way. Excellent advice on understanding things from the other person's point of view. Also, I'm one of the ones who was scared of ukemi, but better off if just do the best attack possible!
#4 01-04-2011 09:38 AM
Diana Frese Says:
Just found your blog and will read more, but first I have to pass on a story from a lady long ago whose husband was on an American military base where Yamada Sensei and Ichihashi Sensei taught. I don't know if they were there then, but she told me she heard that one time during the roll back jump up someone made the noise said "Navy beans" and rolled back and kept on with the exercise.
#3 11-02-2010 07:29 AM
scarey Says:
Farting as kokyo - classic!!! It's actually probably wise to develop this as a backup skill in the event that a technique starts going in the other direction. Supplementing this kind of training is also much easier than any technique learned on the mat. This skill can be accomplished through consumption of any burrito from Taco Bell.
#2 11-01-2010 08:02 AM
Makochan Says:
Hi Erik; Very interesting blog. My club is newish, I am forever telling my students 'don't anticipate' my technique take the throw, don't fall down. To one I say 'you always keep me honest'. Attached clip, fourth throw. my uke farts, I call it a Kokyu from Uke. enjoy. http://www.asoryuaikidoclub.net/videos/pages/Katate-dori,%20Kata-dori%20&%20Kosa-dori%20Jiyu%20Tachi%20Waza.html best, Billy
#1 10-30-2010 01:55 PM
Mark Tyner Says:
Wow! I was reading this with a serious and open mind, and after reading the1st thing one should not do, I am in total agreement with you. Then I started to read the 2nd thing and I started laughing so hard that I couldn't finish reading. I do not mean to make a joke of the post in any way at all, but I just felt it was so funny, that it took awhile for the tears in my eyes to subside before reading and agreeing with the 3rd thing one should not do. Thanks, this made my day.

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