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Aemon_'s Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 10-21-2004 11:34 AM
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Status: Public
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In General 10/21/04 -- it's been a while.... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #18 New 10-21-2004 11:34 AM
wow, i havn't posted in quite some time.

quick summary of this year:
quit job, quit school - moved - got new job (intern), starting school in spring - no money to train - found good priced (note: not cheap), recommended dojo, hopefully starting on Nov. 1st - school starts in Jan. - hope i dont have to stop training again - overall feeling of training again - STOKED!!

i haven't even rolled in about 3 months, so i'm in for some pain i'm afraid - but i'm ready!!

i'll again try to keep this updated, but i make no promises

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In General Friday, 1/23/04 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #17 New 01-23-2004 03:13 PM
ok, so now after all that time i missed, i have to take a monday night class in school. i have to miss the only night i'm able to train, but Greg Sensai gave me permission to attend the advanced class on thursday night. yikes, i'm still very much a newbie, i'm just a tad nervous. but maybe i'll survive...just maybe...

anyway, i havent been to weapons training in a long time, i hope to be there this saturday morning though. hopfully i won't embarass myself too much.

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In General Tuesday, 1/13/04 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #16 New 01-13-2004 02:10 PM
wow, it's been quite a while since i made an entry.

where to begin....i missed 3 weeks back at the end of november. my wife and i finally got out of the apartment and rented a house, much better than the crappy apts. that took up a few monday nights. anyway...

so after 3 weeks of absence, Lynn Sempai made the observation that i had just about forgotten even how to roll. i made it to a class, then we broke for christmas. so i missed another 2 or 3 weeks, too lazy to find out right now.

so after that break, i made it to 1 class - now i got stuck with a monday night class at school. so now the only day i have to train empty hand is thursday, and thats the advanced night - i'm nowhere near that level. but, i have heard we may start an open saturday class after weapons training. i hope that happens.

anyway, i will try to actually keep this thing updated for a while.

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In General Monday, 10/6/03 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New 10-07-2003 10:48 AM
missed weapons on saturday, visiting family.

monday was a great night for training. i had a not so good friday/weekend, then a long day on monday at work. so training that night was a great release.

i think my ukemi is getting better. i have some problems with a few breakfalls, but i do say so myself i think my front and back rolls are getting much better.

i think i'm getting the hang of katate dori nikyo ura. i just can't get that pressure on the wrist correct. but i'm sure i'll get there.

monday night was the second time i've done sankyo. man, that is confusing to me for some reason. i start to do the technique, then forget what i was doing. but, more practice, more practice.
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In General Saturday, 9/27/03 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #14 New 09-29-2003 03:13 PM
missed weapons class... my alarm clock, um, broke...

but, we had a video ukemi clinic. we had a straight line taped to the mat, and a video camera at one end. we would take about 8 rolls on the line as best we could, then watch the video, then fix our problems. i feel like it helped alot. i guess i'll find out in the next class.

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In General Monday, 9/22/03 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #13 New 09-25-2003 09:59 AM
finally got to the dojo, man, it was a long day at work.

practice was good, a few things dawned on me, with some help of a fellow student. we worked on Katate dori Ikkyo (i think, i'm trying to start remembering the names of technique).

and then, after class, good old EIA (exercise induced asthma) reared its head again. almost didn't make it up the stairs of my apartment. the doc always said "you'll grow out of it", well, here i am 21 and it still bothers me. guess i'll have to go see the doc and get an inhaler. cause its starting to cool down, and it gets worse in cold weather.

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In General 3:00 monday afternoon... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New 09-22-2003 01:39 PM
c'mon 6:00!!!! this day is crawling, can't wait to get in the dojo!!!!
Views: 1443

In General saturday, 9/20/03 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New 09-21-2003 03:00 PM
hmm, not much to say really. weapons training. it was a nice morning. not very eventfull, not to say i didnt get anything out of it - i did learn the first 10 steps of the Jo Kata.

Views: 1239

In General monday, 9/15/03 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #10 New 09-19-2003 12:28 PM
i was kinda out of it on monday. kinda spacey, not sure why, but i'm sure next week will be better.

i'm really looking forward to the seminar. kinda nervous. i'm still a newbie and still alittle unsure of myself, i'm used to the group of people i train with, at the seminar i'm gonna be training with alot of people i dont know. but i guess thats the beauty of it too, meeting alot of people who have a similar intrest as you.

my wife may actually come and see alittle bit of the seminar. i dont think it will intrest her at all, but when she finds a job she wants to get back into kickboxing.

Views: 1342

In General Saturday, 9/13/03 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 09-15-2003 09:51 AM
well, saturday was ok. we went a little fast, and i haven't had time to learn much yet (weapons). but i'm sure with time i'll learn.

i had to leave early to take some placement tests for school. i'm transfering to another college here in town (blah blah, off topic).

this quater, i dont have any classes on monday nights (the only night i have to train). but at some point i will probably have to take a monday night class, which will suck. thats 3 months that i will not get to train empty hand at all. but i should still have saturdays for weapons. but thats not now, so i'm cool.

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