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Robyn Johnson's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 10-16-2004 10:35 AM
Robyn Johnson
Blog Info
Status: Public
Entries: 20
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Views: 45,742

Entries for the Month of August 2004

In General I actually felt comfortable enough to... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #17 New 08-25-2004 08:02 PM
...lead the 8 directional kata with the bokkens! (Tuesday's class--8-25-04)

(I didn't add anything to my journal last week even though I went to class and I started college for the first time on Monday (!!!!!) so I better add this in now before I forget. Oh yeah, we cut down and sanded and waxed our new jo's last week! They're perfect now!)

Last week, before class, Amy (she got her gi last week!) wanted me to help her with the 8 directional bokken cut. I did and even though I've known how to do it for a long time, I've never shown anyone how to do it before. But because I did that with Amy last week, when Mark asked me to please lead bokkens (so he could walk around and correct people), I actually felt confident enough to try the 8 d. cut up there! When I lead the bokkens, it's few and far between so I'm often nervous and every time I consider attempting the 8 directional, I just know that my mind might go blank so I never tried. I led everyone with shomenuchi stationary strike first, then all the turns, then with a tenkan, and the 8 d. cut (left foot forward) we went through twice. I considered trying the other side where it would be totally opposite but I figured I better not push my luck. Everyone said I did a really good job up there! Mark caught my eye and smiled and bowed---I think he was pleased and proud of me for being more comfortable up there and finally trying the 8 d. cut. Hurray!

I think another reason why I felt comfor ...More Read More
Views: 1487

In General Back from vacation Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #16 New 08-08-2004 02:39 PM
Wow! I actually got a comment on my journal! People actually do read it!!! (Or at least skim through to see if there is anything vaguely interesting.)

Kelly Allen wrote:
Hi Robyn

I just wanted to mention to you what I did for a jo. I just went to the local lumber store and bought a peice of oak dowling and cut it to the proper length. I didn't need to finish it. It already had a nice smooth surface and slid well in the hands. I think I paid less than 10.00 for it. That was 2 years ago and it's still my jo.
That's a really good idea, Kelly! If I hadn't already bought the bo's then I bet we might have tried that. Bo's haven't come in the mail yet but soon, I expect.

I had sooooooooo missed Aikido while I was on vacation (came back Tuesday night) that I couldn't wait for Thursday's class! When it came though, I was soooo tired that I felt almost too tired to participate. I did participate in the class (of course) and soon I was wide awake and really enjoying myself!

Besides us and Amy, Mark, Jim, Peter, Larry, and Wayne were there and we had a good time. We did Yokemenuchi Shiho Nage and Yokomen with a technique that was a lot like an Ude but both of our hands were on uke's wrist (as if doing Shiho) so it was like the back Ude only the hands were like that. Don't know if I'd ever done that technique/variation before and it had a name that I didn't recognize it and don't remember now.

Saturday's class (8-7-04)--- I must still on California time a ...More Read More
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In General Found Jo's--sort of Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New 07-31-2004 05:02 PM
I'm still on vacation in California. I've been having a wonderful time! From looking in the phone books there are at least 3 Aikido dojo's around here but I didn't bring my gi and things have been too busy to go visit anyway. I even rode past one on the way to the beach (not sure which one it was though) but to unexpectingly see one was exciting for me! I really miss Aikido and my people at my dojo a lot and I keep thinking about the techniques, etc. "Hi and welcome to Aikido Anonomous (sp?). My name is Robyn and I'm obsessed with...."

I did call around to several supply stores and I found a place relatively close that said they had jo's. My uncle drove me there (my mom was off with her sisters on a mini trip) and I was very glad to see the merchandise in person. The only jo that they had was very strange as it was tapered (sp?) and very skinny at the ends. Nobody in my dojo has a jo like that! I ended up getting 2 short (maybe 5 feet???) bo's (one for me and one for my mom) and they are the correct width. If they are too long, my dad has all the wood cutting stuff in the garage so it will be very easy to cut it down. I think it was a success. It's going to be shipped to our house so it might arrive by Friday and we're going home on Tuesday.

My vacation has been very nice but the only thing that I'm looking forward to when I get home is Aikido! By then I hope my terrible sunburn will be gone. Didn't get sunburned at all on my face but I got it ...More Read More
Views: 1394

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