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Home > Haiti Earthquake Relief Donation Drive

Update: February 3rd, 2010: AikiWeb received 25 donations from all over the world totaling US$1,070. Due to PayPal charges in receiving the amount, $40.03 went to PayPal, making the total received $1029.97. AikiWeb pledged to donate an additional $100, but as I like round numbers, I'm adding another $70.03 on top of that to make the grand total for this donation drive to be $1,200.

I have just sent in the amount to the American Red Cross.

I want to thank everyone who has supported this donation drive to benefit those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Whether you donated to this drive or helped out otherwise, I appreciate your support.

Thank you.

The small island nation of Haiti was struck by a massive magnitude 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010. The International Red Cross has stated that as many as 3 million people have been affected by the quake with thousands, if not tens of thousands or hundred of thousands, of lives lost.

AikiWeb wishes to gather donations for those affected by the earthquake to send to the International Red Cross. Donations will be collected through January 31st, 2010. Donors will be listed below.

Please help out if you can. Every little bit helps. Thank you.

(Please note that donations made through AikiWeb will be charged PayPal merchant fees (2.9% + $0.30 USD per donation) which will need to be subtracted from our collected donation. Please let me know if you wish for your donation to be anonymous).


  • 2010/01/13: $100 donated, AikiWeb
  • 2010/01/14: $100 donated, E. Roben
  • 2010/01/14: $10 donated, J. Gnemmi
  • 2010/01/14: $20 donated, W. Guthro
  • 2010/01/14: $10 donated, W. Smith
  • 2010/01/14: $50 donated, G. Ledyard
  • 2010/01/14: $50 donated, A. Khachatryan
  • 2010/01/14: $100 donated, D. Mcabee
  • 2010/01/14: $100 donated, D. Goldberg
  • 2010/01/14: $10 donated, T. Bakken
  • 2010/01/14: $20 donated, K. Sprung
  • 2010/01/14: $10 donated, J. Brinkmeyer
  • 2010/01/14: $10 donated, B. Wells
  • 2010/01/14: $10 donated, Toushinkai
  • 2010/01/14: $100 donated, A. Gerl
  • 2010/01/15: $100 donated, R. Tisdale
  • 2010/01/15: $10 donated, C. Law
  • 2010/01/16: $20 donated, S. Dalton
  • 2010/01/16: $50 donated, D. Rozenbaum
  • 2010/01/16: $50 donated, G. Leichman
  • 2010/01/17: $50 donated, G. Mariani
  • 2010/01/17: $50 donated, J. Wonga
  • 2010/01/17: $20 donated, J. Seko
  • 2010/01/18: $50 donated, A. Mitchell
  • 2010/01/18: $50 donated, T. Campbell
  • 2010/01/23: $20 donated, C. Goldfield
  • 2010/02/03: $70 donated, AikiWeb
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