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Home > General > Does Aikido Make Me a Warrior?
by Dennis Hooker <Send E-mail to Author> - 19. Sep, 1996

Does Aikido make me a warrior?

It instills in one a warrior spirit if correct instruction is available. Why are some of us that were hard line warriors, ex-SEALs, marines, special forces, air-borne rangers, and the like (I know at least one from each of these groups, myself included, that are Aikido teachers) in Aikido? To become better killers -- I don't think so. Perhaps it is to become better people. Damn -- how quiant that would be.

There are many of us that know how to go to war and survive; some of have! There are many who talk a good game but have had no need of an art like Aikido to redirect that incountry attitude. Some folks need arts like Aikido to redirect their lives in a productive way.

If I went back to war, would it be as an Aikidoka? No!

But when I came back to the real world, it would be the first place I would run to. With God's grace, it would be there for me and for the benefit of those who need to learn the way (do) to live in society again, to redirect the war technique (jutsu) into a useful tool. I would beat my sword into a plowshare. But believe me, I know how to beat it back into that other form when needed.

I read a lot on this list (Aikido-L) from those who talk the talk, and very little from those who walked the walk. "Is boxing a martial art? Is UFC a martial art?" No! They are events designed to provide some folks with enough gore to satisfy their brutal lust. But I see no ears riped off, no eyes gouged out, no checks ripped open from the lip to ear, wind pipes crushed, or a hundred outher nasties some people will do to save their lives.

Do we make a distinction between "do" and "jutsu?" You're goddamn right we do, and from some of the people I know from the old days, society should be happy we do.

I once watched as a jujutsu man came into a dojo where a Japanese shihan was teaching. He ask to work out with the class and had a real attitude. The sensei was teaching a civilized art Aikido. The man was asked to uke, half way through the attack he changed and the challenge was made -- he knocked the sensei down. The sensei changed too and we carried the man off the mat and he was hospitalized. Don't ask me who -- if you were there you know.

I only bring this up to show that things are never as black and white as we would like them to be.

A Little Dose of Reality from Doctor Dennis (The Happy but Poor) Hooker

Dennis Hooker
Shindai Aikikai
Orlando Fl.

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