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Re: A little story about Ki.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
And budo was love and love was natural. But all the numbers had gradually lost the truth and love had become a mysterious thing. Thus spiritual space beingness itself was lost and rather than being there was only becoming. Rather than heaven, a place of pure support and oneness there was only disconnection and discontent and untrustwothyness. And the connection itself, kokyu was lost.

And the stillness of mind was lost and with it intelligence and wisdom. Replaced by cleverness and intellect. And now being without oneness they individuated and lost spiritual views and became more and more physical even in thought and thus came about differences meaning superior or inferior, and all other dualities and duellistic think.

Being now disconnected from direct experience of Ki the cleverness and intellect was seen as the prime mover along with the emotions caused by the loss of love. All was upside down and intellect said that the now mysterious thing called Ki was led by mind.

And the light was lost also and thus with it the soul. The godlyness, the goodness. And the dark side was created and intellect replaced good with Right and of course wrong. Thus insanity was created for right meant right irrespective of wether it was good and any good which wasn't right was therefor considered wrong. Thus joined with cleverness and intellect war became right, superiority became right and madness became normal.

And the non resistive spirit of devine kindness had been lost. And spirit became a troubled violent thing and thus was abused and used for warring and dressed up as warrior spirit.

The downward spiral.

Numbers became blind and only able to see physically. Numbers became weak and needed armies and groups and unified costumes and identities to feel safe for inside they were fearful. And numbers became things only and so paranoid about their identity and social position for they were insecure. Happiness was gone and replaced by cynicism, sarcasm and at best glee.

Zero was gone and yet left the numbers with an inconsolable black hole, an inverted void and thus they craved. Craved power, craved ability to dominate or undermine, craved more and more things, craved recognition as special, craved rank and craved control. Became jealous and envious, avarice was born and greed, and them and us became the norm.

Aikido was merely a dream. Ki was seen as a fallacy or mystical force. Love was seen as a weakness. Kindness was now merely seen as some kind of pity. Meakness being non resistance was now seen as some kind of subservient weakness. And so it was, and so it is.

Yet truth is always there, waiting to be returned to, a place of peace and harmony, a place of Aikido.

Dear Graham, ????????????? Joe.
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