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Re: where is the Aiki in Dentokan Aiki-Jujutsu

Devon Smith wrote: View Post
I think Mert is trying to get you to think about what you'd do in the instance shown in the video he posted, which is an application of Hakkoryu's niho nage as taught in the past and still described by Shodai Soke Okuyama in the higishi manuals today. Realize this is an exercise, like waza, but it has a point to teach.

Even if the receiver has traction on the floor, the movement to upset him is the important point, and to be able to do this with relaxation is key. This isn't the technique that best demonstrates "aiki" in my opinion but I can understand why he chose it.

Mert, please let me know if we're on the same page in this regard.

I understand but my point was that I don't see any difference between how Dentokan would approach this exercise and Hakkoryu. I've not practised this particular exercise but I am sure, judging from the demo itself, that my instructors would teach the same principles. The aim of every dentokan aiki-jujutsu waza is to be able to perform without strength and proper use of bodyweight. The principles integrated into the waza are designed to achieve this - posture before technique as one sensei once put it.
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