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Re: Aikido Predator Mindset

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
The term "predator mindset" was specifically selected to contraindicate a "prey mindset". I am guessing that the people who are taking a trip down pedantic lane have not actually read Rory Miller's texts.
Well I have and I've given my opinion of it in my first post of this thread. So to bring it full circle No...This mindset does not belong in Aikido or any Martial Practice except perhaps as a way to understand a few simple concepts. Rory Miller was on the right track since before we are anything else... Western,Eastern, Liberal, Conservative, or otherwise we are biological beings and very much a part of nature.

Remember Predators are basically cowards looking for an opportunity.

When confronted with violence I prefer the "Get between a Mamma Bear and Her Cubs" mindset or the "it ain't nothing but taking care of the guy next to you" mindset too.

You have to aim higher...It's not just about taking life if necessary...It's about protecting life at all costs. Even the life of the person you are in conflict with if possible. And this works on every level. For Example... Next Year will be the 100th Anniversary of the Christmas Truce of 1914.

As Dave Gross wrote in his book "On Combat" Human Beings have a natural aversion towards killing other Human Beings, However, they will fight to the death to protect the lives of others. Thus the revolution in the Military Training "Mindset" during the last century in conjunction with the technological revolution in Combat Arms.

Martial Awareness is a tool to help me express how I may best protect life..not just take it. Like I hinted at in my first post. If it was just about predator/prey Hell I'll just carry a gun and shoot the dudes who attack or threaten me. That some would have you believe is the proper expression of Kami.

Why waste my time with Martial Arts? Because in my heart I know there is something better.

William Hazen
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