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Re: Tohei, Solo Practice, and Internal Training

Excuse me but his little tete a tete started in post 32. What I said is quoted. It starts with "I think"

Chris refers to that as an assertion. Not true.

It is a conclusion of mine hence the words 'I think'

As pointed out later in the thread I explain why I think so. ie: Those principles and even exercises were already in shin shin toitsu do. Nowhere else in that form.

A fair conclusion I would say.

To find out one would have to go look at that yoga form, much of which I was taught.

However you can no doubt read up on it and find out for yourself, nothing stopping anyone doing so.

I know there is at least one book on it but not being one for holding on to what I consider superfluous data ie: names of writers or even for that matter specific titles of all the books I have ever read or been told about then I would have to look it up. One is called something to do with yoga, maybe dynamic yoga or Japanese yoga by a master of the art. Ithink his name begins with H.

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