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Re: Aikido and inner aggression

Alex Mitchell wrote: View Post
thanks again Matt. Sorry but I found the other post offensive "to go drink a crate of beer". And what will that achieve exactly? I gave up drinking and I am proud of myself for doing so and then taking up a martial art to give me something positive to do. Which it did. I battled long against the demon of drink till I won but for a long time it won over me time and time again.
Dear Alex,
Sorry if you found my comment about the beer offensive.I was trying to indicate to you that maybe you should consider relaxation/stress management techniques.I personally find an odd glass of wine etc helps me , just chilling out and I watch the world go by.
If you had alcohol issues and you are now clear of this I commend you,Its not easy [so I am told] to quit drinking or other types of substances eg drugs.
Perhaps a few sessions with a trained person [therapist ] might help you to realise the nature of your aggressive mind set?Again I salute you for your attempts /intentions to resolve this anger issue.You appear to know what the enemy is[the anger ].The next thing to try and do is control /minimise the anger.Not an easy task.I wish and hope you can arrive at a solution to this problem.Yours Sincerely, Joe.
Ps As far as Aikido is concerned I personally found the book Aikdo in Daily Life, by Koichi Tohei of great value.
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