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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Joseph Brown wrote: View Post
If you haven't experienced high level internal arts masters up close then the distinction between what they do and what others do on freakin' Youtube is harder to understand.
Once you have, things get easier.

I see what Akuzawa is doing (I've attended three of his workshops, ...
Some tme ago I've linked a youtube-video of Bill Gleason in the German forum where I'm very active and people know me.
I've linked it because I was excited seing someone doing things "on youtube" that I got to know during a certain seminar. I saw Gleason do what we were doing in the seminar. I meant do understand what he was teaching. Even if the sound of the video wasn't very good.
I hope, I am not totally wrong with my expertise.

The people at the forum said "This is what we are allready doing." And they explained me what was doing to see in the video. From their view. Without having felt it. And without having been taugth it orally.
I understood their explanations very well: I had done what they described during my own practice. It was extactly what I knew before attending the seminar where I did myself what is to see in the video.
The difference simply had to felt. To be felt by my own body, in my own body.

We only see, what we know. So simpel.
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