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Re: Ki to the Highway

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Is ki at play in the proper exchange of what the instructor is trying to teach ? yes, IMO, but not in the way nor at the level of importance the instructor is giving it. There is much more at play in that exchange that he does not mention or is just dancing around in with his verbiage. For example, he mentions proper connection, but he does not elaborate and he does not talk at all about proper body structure and extension of energy; his primary focus is on acceptance - granted, that is part of the process, but there is much more - this, IMO, is the type of ki instruction that is not practical and just leads to why so many serious budoka view the ki folks as woo woo.

That don't make sense. You say Ki is at play then go on to say about level of import. It's just a drill.

There is no dancing of verbiage. Why doesn't he elaborate? Because it's a drill on one aspect obviously.

Why do you want or expect everything in one video?

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