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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification

Dear All,
If one takes the time to read Hombu Regulations in relation to Fukushidoin/Shidoin /Shihan certification and recognition of status you will see that' rules' as laid down by Hombu/Aikikai Foundation state that the candidtes have to be at a certain level of proficiency/a minimum age/and a member of a recognised Hombu affilliated organization.For Fukushidoin /Shidoin promotion this can be granted by the persons own group.Hombu is not involved here assuming the candidate fulfills the basic criteria.
However Article 16 clearly spells it out in respect of Shihan.The candidate again has to be a certain age, minimum 6th Dan [with appropriate time served] and be an recognised instructor eg Shidoin, in the affiliated parent body of the candidate.Should the candidate be suitable??[what is the definition of suitable here.I ask myself]a Certificate of Approval is given .
Now this raises questions here, does this mean that any 6th Dan with the correct credentials as listed by Article /s of Hombu dojo is eligible to be tested by Hombu dojo to check his /her
command and understanding of Aikido?
If this is the case why does Hombu apparently fail to keep to the regulations?I am sure that among our fraternity some people may well be missing this opportunity.How does Hombu select these potential candidates?Since Hombu /Aikikai Foundation issues all OFFICIAL certs of persons grade etc why is there not a automatic reminder to Hombu that some person somewhere needs to be verified as a Shihan ?Could there be more to this than meets the eye?Perhaps Hombu wants [despite the many talented , long serving Aikidoka throughout the world as stated by others on this Forum] to keep the status of Shihan primarily for the Japanese?I would like to think that this is not the case , but can we rule this factor out?
As someone else has also stated there are at least in the U.K more non affiliated Aikikai Foundation groups than ones who are affiliated.These groups see no problem in relation to promotions up to and including 8th Dan /Shihan status.
In my mind anyone who who holds the rank of 6th Dan/is a qualified Shidoin/and has spent decades supporting and practicing this art with competent instructors should be automatically granted
Shihan status.May i also state that tjis article/blog in general is almost a taboo subject?Lets all stop hiding or being selective on what we want to discuss openly.Lets open up every can of worms, whether its in this area or not.A big Thank You to the guy who started this blog.He has bottle[courage ].Cheers, Joe.
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