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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Jim Redel wrote: View Post
Having practiced akikjo, aikiken, the traditional sword (Shinkage-ryu) and the traditional jo (Muso Ryu) for over 20 years, I'd offer these two layers of the weapons training onion ...

1.) Excellent practice in 'structural' aikido ... balance, footwork, and timing, Can you demonstrate how to move, where to move, when when to move?

2.) When taught well, an opportunity to truly investigate the fundamental principles of yang-yin-zero (expanding, contracting, and yang-yin disappearing). Can you demonstrate firmness, softness and nothingness?
Dear Jim,
Agree with your views here.Do you know the Varjans, Kristina and Rikko? I also have a friend called John Mullican, maybe you know them?? Cheers, Joe.
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