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Re: shiho nage

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Ah, I see, that is what Joe meant !

But... that would involve a flowing movement. Why not start the first three with the same flowing movement?

kind regards,

Dear Tom,
You do indeed start all the four movements of Shiho Nage /any other waza by making a flowing movement .Not the flowing tai sabaki [ushiro tenkan]movement related to no 4 in the shiho nage .The difference is that in each case tori has to acquire a flowing tai sabaki [depending on what you want to do ]] in executing each waza.The forms may change , but the principles remain the same.Its all about Where /When ?How.
Where =Position of Tori in relation to Uke.When =timing[Early /Late/Mutual. How=what you decide to do in relation to the aforementioned and in relation to how your Uke attacks/responds.
Cheers, Joe.
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