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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Whoa! Dude! You've got NINJA scrolls?!?!

OMG! That is soooo cool . . . I read that they were TOTALLY into Mikkyo (Secret Teachings) which is where they got their REAL cool powers to disappear and stuff. This goes WAY beyond Ten, Chi, Jin, I mean they had it going on which is why the word "Ninja" struck fear into the heart of any samurai soldier.

You know, Takeda and Ueshiba both could disappear and reappear and Takeda used a bunch of different weapons and could even flip tatami with one hand. Do you think? I mean it kind of adds up! I mean the whole, not being any recorded history prior to Takeda and then BAM all of a sudden Daito Ryu appears out of the blue like a NINJA!! I'm thinking if it had a secret history, well then it would kind of be unknown wouldn't it? And how did Ueshiba get hooked up with that Bo dude that did that Ninja Bo stuff?

So, I know they're not scrolls exactly, but you know those little books they sell on Ebay that are Ninja Mikkyo? Well, they are written in Japanese, so I was thinking they might teach the secrets, I mean the REAL secrets. What do you think?

If I could pass through a wall, or flip a tatami or disappear so something, well I'm thinking THAT would get some peoples attention alright!

Wait maybe it might get the wrong sort of attention though . . .

I mean I wouldn't want a whole secret society after me on the internet . . . hey, I bet that's what real Ninja do these days. They are the shadow warriors of the internet. They can pass through the wall of my house unseen. They can appear and disappear at a moments notice.

Whoa dude! It kind of gives me the creeps just thinking about it. Okay, never mind, I don't WANT to know. Forget I even mentioned it . . .


I think you are one of the Mikkyo inspirations for "Portlandia."
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