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Re: Spiritual Power

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Gary, I think you have it the wrong way around.

It is not contentment or satisfaction with the content of your training that stops you learning it's quite the opposite.

Once again it amazes me how some feel they know what's best for someone else. As I said earlier..... presumption.

Now someone not content or satisfied with the content of their training, well there's the person who has stopped learning.

Dan teaches these people, giving them what was missing for them, that's why it's good.

By presuming you imply the person is stupid, cannot think for their self, needs your advice and thus your being so 'helpful'

Such advice is helpful only for those who ask for it otherwise it's completely misplaced.

But there again, if your spirit moved you to write such then maybe you too are on topic..ha,ha.

It is clear that you and I don't travel the same road......and even if we were we are not even close to being in the same point along the way. It is your "call" that I am presuming to give others advice and that I have called anyone "stupid".....and I don't care to be helpful in the context that you are putting it in. You are right that suggestion from me were not don't take them. I would give you the same suggestion, visit Dan and see what is what.

You presume to know me through a few short posts here, maybe from a short PM exchange some time back or by placing your overlay/template on to me. You don't know me, don't presume to. I will say that I have had the opportunity to view a lot of video, then grab wrists with the same I do have some level of understanding of what is going on in any video i have the chance to view. I also consider that I have some understanding of what is hard, what is soft and what is effective soft, but don't take my word for it as this may only be a presumption on my part.

I think I am done with posting here, so presuming, suggestions and advice won't be an issue for me going forward.... Have a great day.....
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