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I can't stress enough the importance of conflict resolution in predispositional relationships in domestic environments. It happens every day we must co-exit with others, strangers different from us. At work, the dojo, or school. Being brought together under volunteer circumstances we are required to function and interact together if we are to maintant any type of status or recognition . Because of our backgrounds and personal experiences, we set visable and invisible bountries with individuals we barely know or want to know, or understand. We don't lend to communicating effectively as it poses personal risk and volunerablity. Our personal backgrounds and experiences not disclosed in these enviroments (where we don't feel personally safe, where we don't feel secure) become powerful hanicaps to interpersonal skills and relationships. We don't move forward to resovle personal conflict, over-coming the interference of predispositional elements we harbor in dealing with people.

Both individuals have failed to communicate effectively to reduce conflict instead of inciting more intense conflict in a domestic environment. Changing the predispositional view of these two individuals, taking another angle on the current relationship and how to move it productively forward for the purpose of a positive and porductive training relationship, is vital to each individual. It is also vital to the other particiapants in the dojo and their dojo experience. The benefits of changing our predisposition are psychol in relation to the purpose of being a part of the environment, and the goal of being an erudite practitioner in the art of Aikido. No other goal or purpose should exist.

Not only do you live your ego at the door, but everything else.
Again, I am very appreciative to read the thoughts of everyone.

When we are training, remember, come into the dojo a "whole human being", with whatever that means to a person. Just because we practice aikido doesn't mean that we stop being human. We bring our strengths and weakness with us and we train with that. Our mindset, or perspective dictate where we go with our training. Free will...It's easy to get "super spiritual" and esoteric about how we need to "seize" this or that opportunity. The simple fact is that we are humans and we do the things that humans do. Until the spirit and the mind is open to a new way of being, we remain in a constant struggle against our weakness and the weakness of others as it impedes on our respective environment.

It is easy to say "both" failed, etc. etc....The simple fact of the matter is that there is an order to the dojo that is there that can protect us and provide structure for learning. I went through my paces until I EARNED my rank.

I would say to all who look to go to another level, you don't lower yourself to someone else's nonsense. You maintain the standard and move forward. It's up to the student to do the necessary. Period. O'Sensei would not stop "communicate". He did the technique and that was that. The students either applied themselves, their attitudes and their spirits or they didn't.

I trained today, had great training. Just as I suspected 5th kyu instructor said some things, didn't do some things and go harshly corrected by the Aikido teacher. This is only the beginning. Because even then, he "knew" what he was doing and was not open to what was taught to him....

He is on one path and I am on another.

Again, I appreciate what others have to say. But, at the end of the day, this is a Martial Art...Due care should be taken and training should be serious and enlightening....And when someone steps out of line, there needs to be an immediate correction. Hopefully by the sensei, as some have stated here.
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