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Re: What is Ki?

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Regarding the detail: It seems that people don't like discussing actual tends to actually reveal things..that are, perhaps, best kept quiet, for one reason or another. Be it dangerous info where people can hurt themselves or others; or that it betray a festering void of ignorance underneath the saccharine platitudes; or that the information is proprietary, or i don't know what..
I guess I'll have to read the book of Koichi Tohei about Ki.
If he can't explain what Ki is about, how to achieve, develop or experience Ki, no one else will,... I guess.

And if he's just telling blablabla in his book, it means Ki is just some hyped invented paradigm.

If he explains how to achieve, develop or experience Ki in a good way through his book, I'll practice those exercises until I experience it too. And I will keep you posted right here if it worked out or not.
Until that day, no one else should post in this thread ;-)

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