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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

Thanks Chris Good Stuff...

I did notice one (what we would consider anyway ) flaw/difference in your basic demo however...All of our movements are executed palm up as though you have a Katana...I hesitate to explain how important this small distinction is( The last time I tried to explain it some of the IMA "experts" here had a field day attacking my posts LOL)... But your own experience in Koryu Tai-Jitsu should illustrate the serious structural flaws in your "framework/structure" with the wrist down... I have not seen too much of Aunkai's Stuff or felt it but I am guessing that he/they might notice it too.

I do understand that our Aikido is not mainstream but the wrist down approach is something that Shoji Nishio felt was a fundamental training flaw in Aikido that made it unrealistic to practice and use against other Martial Arts.

I look forward to more of your Demo Vids and Happy Holidays.

William Hazen
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