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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I wanted to make sure you understood this was a serious invitation to reach out, if you really have something worthwhile, and if it turns out you don't, its a great opportunity to learn and make friends. A real win/ win . As many people are stating now- there is a new openness that is knocking down barriers and bringing people together. I think that's a good thing, and for anyone discussing spirituality; helping the community is a great start.

That was a lesson I learned from a rather cantankerous old Jewish guy!
Hi Dan,

Thanks for your thoughtful posts. Clearly I have managed to make you feel that it is necessary to attack me from that corner you found yourself backed into. It wasn't me that put you there, though, so I am not so sure why you feel it necessary to relate things to people here that were included in a private message that I sent to you.

I know you mean well with all that you do. Of course, good intentions and all are not really indicative of good results. Case in point, you aren't getting anywhere with me - not that you really care. I do love it when you and yours love to make the point, "...there really is no more discussion/debate about these things..."

I asked many questions of you that you continually choose not to answer. You do this every time I ask those questions. When I ask them rhetorically of the community at large, you know to illicit responses from people who are not you, either You, Mark, and now Rob Liberti tend to step up and use the all powerful - but Dan can stop everyone dead in their tracks to explain away that you are on the right path. OK Dan, Bravo. So now you come out here and demand answers from me - even though I plainly expressed to you in that very same private message why I am not at liberty to discuss certain things publicly. I know, that just doesn't suit your needs at the moment. However, that will just have to do. So sorry.

The bottom line for me is very simple. I will reiterate it again here for you just so there are no misunderstandings... You seem to be free to do and say as you please. While that is wonderful given your high status and all, I am not so high... I do have such freedoms as you as I have teachers to whom I answer and protocols which I take to heart. I have no intention to put those things aside. None at all. I really don't worry about what you think about that, nor what you will say about that here, or on the private side. Pride and Ego aside, I really don't worry about what others may think about me, even if that means my credibility is questioned or (gasp) even lost. So now we have your list of questions and demands...

Here is where I am at with you calling me out... again:I do not now, nor, short of a miracle, will I ever answer to you.
  • Feel free to write me off - That is your right
  • Feel free to not respond when I post questions about your all encompassing model of Aiki - That is your right
  • Feel free to disparage me personally (again) and then call me out (again) to prove how right you are - That is your right
  • Feel free to demand that your minions excommunicate me from your kingdom of Aiki never to be granted access again - That, too, is your right

So many rights. Isn't the world grand? Its a shame that all of those rights don't mean you are right. So it goes...

So yes... You can stop us all dead in our tracks... (a point I have never publicly denied, and actually often publicly acknowledged). As wonderful as that might be in that world of Aiki of yours, it doesn't give you the power to stop people from questioning you - even if we just all happen to be wrong

Let's be even clearer, Dan. It is clear that you have opened a door for people to step through, one where the power of Aiki (Aiki as you define it) rules the day. Remember that Ego and Pride, Dan? You are offering a model of Aiki that reeks of such things couched in a smile and a firm grip. Wonderful, Dan. Good on you, mate! It will be very interesting to see what all the powerful folks you develop will do when (metaphorically speaking) the building is on fire, and the door to the room you let people in through is blocked and all those wonderful, powerful men of Aiki are so full of what you have given them in excess that they can't fit themselves out through the small window of hope that I have been alluding to. You know, the one that you blocked their access to, straight on from the beginning.

It's all good, sins of the father and all... there is always time to repent. Or is there?

Best in training to you and all...


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