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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Not always in a insergency anyway But even here things like MAPP vehicle technology Anti IED and RPG technologies are vital to Soldier survival.

Lets not forget my ancestor Ranger Moses Hazen LOL

Amen... but I don't think Aikido is being taught anywhere within SOCOM. Why? Because there are (as you have pointed out time and again) more effective Close Combat Skill Sets. Google James Williams and you see some of the Koryu type "stuff" he's teaching SOF. He's been helping out Snake eaters for quite a few years now.

Amen.No quibble with anything here Sir.

Rangers Lead the Way!

William Hazen
I knew you agreed! I couldn't tell you if aikido is being taught or not. We ARE teaching Modern Army Combatives. SOF guys do alot of whatever they want as you know.

IMO, direct combat skills is what is necessary. The whole "Soft" skill set comes in a very complex way. Aikido would be a little to removed and a little too philosophically direct and would not reallly impart much to them on a day to day basis. Plus they get this kind of training in other ways.

Of course there is always the wonderful example of What Dr Heckler-Strozzi did and I always think that is a good thing!

Technology is a wonderful thing, it can certainly leverage things and provide the necessary distance for you to affect them, but they cannot affect you. In the end though, we have to look at people face to face and deal with them as human beings!

I always think there is room for improvement in this department...always. RTLW.

Oh btw, Tony, SAS is pretty good too! Seriously, they have pretty much taught the rest of us how to do business.