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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Thanks Mike, so you are saying that it is possible say in an arm Wrestling venue, where things appear to be fairly well isoloated from the hip movement/ground...that Jin is still in use.

I would not venture to say that you could "see" this...I think this would be very silly as it would simply look like arm wrestling with the other guy tanking it!

Thanks for the reply.
Kevin, Actually there is a slight "catch" in the way Kuroda does it.
Notice he does it a) when he's lying down, body stretched out.
and b) with his pinky.

a) For someone with these skills, it's easier if the body is oriented this way. (Once you have Jin skills, body orientation doesn't really matter, but it still doesn't hurt )
b) In that particular context, once you have the skills, in a way its easier to only use the pinky, or index finger because it forces you to work double time in using your Jin to "input" it to the other guy
Which is why the Ueshiba demo where he lifts and tosses people with his index finger in Kokyu dosa is a "kind" of a trick. You need the skill first, but that context makes it easier for him to pull it off.

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