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August AikiWeb Columns

Posted 2005-08-11 11:12:02 by Jun Akiyama
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With apologies for missing July's AikiWeb columns (due to my being way too busy!), I'm very happy to announce that the line-up for the AikiWeb Columns has expanded and that the new August AikiWeb Columns are now available for your reading pleasure!

But, first, I wish to bid adieu to one of our columnists, Lynn Seiser, who has decided to step down from his monthly column; Lynn, thank you for all of your hard work and contributions.

Our new columns line-up will feature new columnists Dennis Hooker, Peter Goldsbury, Michael Hacker (on aikido-related Japanese language matters), and "The Grindstone" (another collaborative column) as well as our regularly featured columnists Ross Robertson, Paul Schweer, and "The Mirror."

So, I hope you'll help me welcome all of the new columnists as well as continue to appreciate the hard work put in by our regular columnists. Enjoy!

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