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03-10-2001, 03:21 PM
Dear friends of the Aikiweb Forum,

I represent a group that is trying to put forth an international bibliography and videography on Aikido, in all languages and with information as to availability and where to buy them.
We're trying to get help from all countries, beginning with Portugal, France and Brazil. In order that we may include (and a very important inclusion, at that...) the ol' good USA, is there anyone willing to take a little time to help us?
We need a list of books, videos and CD-Rom on Aikido (all styles), with the most complete data available.
Our final resulting list will be freely available to everyone, all over the World.
Anyone interested in getting more information and helping us, please write personally to me (alcantara@svn.com.br)
Waiting for your reply
Best regards

03-12-2001, 08:21 AM

Take a little time in trying to participate in this project.
I believe it will be helpful to all of us.
Best regards