View Full Version : Aikido Dojos in Orlando Flordia area?

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Phillip Armel
06-17-2003, 11:01 PM
Hiya. I'm going too be going on vacation for a week or so too visit my aunt's and uncle's. Is there any Aikido Dojos right in the Orlando area if not right outside? I think it'd be fun too see other people doing aikido in dojos. My dojo didn't have a problem with that but yours might. Know of any in the area? Do you got any advice about what too say? I'd just like too watch even though I take aikido here in West virginia.

Greg Jennings
06-18-2003, 05:38 AM
Try http://www.aikiweb.com/search/ .


06-18-2003, 06:26 AM
Phillip: The following 2 dojos are ASU affiliated. I know there are others in the area, but I do not know their site off the top of my head.


I cannot make this clear enough, so don't ignore it. I train here, you'll have to trust me on this. Contact the dojo first!!!



Dennis Hooker
06-18-2003, 06:39 AM
come on by

Dennis Hooker


Tom Walsh
06-18-2003, 08:02 AM
The more the merrier!


we are located in the Daytona area.

Tom Walsh

John Boswell
06-18-2003, 08:09 AM

After reading Hooker Sensei's posts for almost a year now and checking out his website for almost as long, you'd be doing yourself a favor if you went his dojo... even just to sit in on a class and watch. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character and I know that I would personally kick my own butt if I were anywhere in the state of Florida and missed going by to meet Hooker Sensei.

2 cents.

06-18-2003, 02:26 PM
I agree with John, you couldn't go wrong with a visit to Shindai Dojo. Take a few moments to find out what nights Mr Hooker teaches. It is a very nice facility with air conditioning, nice changing rooms and a comfortable viewing area for non-practioners. A place anyone can feel comfortable.

Phillip Armel
06-19-2003, 11:18 AM
Great! I think my Aunt lives in TitusVille. I looked at search, but I just wanted too know if anyone went too those and wouldn't mind if I stopped by. I'm really going too try, I'd like too see some other people who do Aikido and some other styles. I dunno which one too stop at! Too manY @_@! I can try too visit more then one though, I think it'll be which ever one is closest. My dad just wants too hang out so I doubt that it'll be a big deal. I don't know if I'll train or not, I'll probably just end up sitting and watching because I go too a good dojo but our etiquet is a little bit different from most and I know I'd screw up lol.