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07-18-2019, 12:54 PM
From an interview of Saotome Sensei by Sensei Guy Hagan.

"The following article is written in Sensei's voice based on that interview, and to match the flow of the conversation as much as possible. It is also written to convey Saotome Sensei's deep convication and explanation about how the study of destructive techniques can be not only consistent with Aikido moral philosophy, but requisite for a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Founder. "

Guy Hagan

A quote from Saotome Sensei.

"My purpose is to guide Aikido students away from the "dancing mindset', from training in a comfortable way mentally and physically. I want to make them think about the real meaning, the real application of "harmony" -- it comes from the moment of being in front of an enemy who can destroy you, who is not going to participate in your harmony. This is the essence of O Sensei's Aikido meaning, and without this understanding Aikido is missing something important. I often ask my students, "can you defend your life?" Because if your answer is "no", then your Aikido has no real meaning and you have no real understanding of Aikido principle. If Aikido is just dancing for you, then your Aikido is shallow, and it has no ability to either defend or heal."
"Balance From Destruction: Secret Teachings of O Sensei"



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