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12-01-2015, 08:47 PM
Posted 2015-12-01 20:46:54 by Jun Akiyama
News URL: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/steven-seagal-wanted-by-serbia-to-train-special-police-forces/

According to this article on CBS news entitled "Steven Seagal wanted by Serbia to train special police forces" (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/steven-seagal-wanted-by-serbia-to-train-special-police-forces/), Steven Seagal has reportedly been asked by Serbian officials a job to train Serbian special forces in aikido.

From the article: "Steven Seagal used to overwhelm Russian and Serbian bad guys in Hollywood movies with his martial arts techniques. Now Serbia wants him to share his secrets. Serbian officials offered the veteran American actor and producer a job Tuesday training Serbian special police forces in Aikido, a Japanese martial art that Seagal is famous for in his blockbuster movies."

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12-02-2015, 12:26 AM
Publicity stunt proberly, he does seem to be popular with eastern European countries, ive always liked his aikido, as for training special forces as been said before on here hes way out of condition, better off staying with cheographed compliant fight scenes.