View Full Version : YouTube: T.K. Chiba Semimar in 1986

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01-19-2015, 12:14 PM

Here is an Aikido video of T.K. Chiba (currently 8th dan) teaching at a seminar in 1986.

Can anyone identify his uke? Or, where this video was taken?

And, what are your thoughts on this video?

-- Jun

01-19-2015, 02:04 PM
The uke is Paul Sylvain. Here is a contemporaneous iaido video.


01-19-2015, 04:35 PM
Thank you for sharing. The teaching is never too old even it was made in 1986.

01-19-2015, 05:07 PM
Dear All,
I have hours and hours of Chiba Sensei video .I never tire of watching them. Chiba Sensei inspired so many people all over the word. Great teacher , very charismatic and at times can be very humorous.As for Sylvain Sensei sad to say he was killed in a tragic car accident.Quality of video not too good.Great video nevertheless. Sensei certainly does some great waza .Loved the kokyu ho tachi waza stuff.I think I saw Lorraine Diane Sensei in the vid. If by chance you see the vid, Lorraine, hope you are well, Cheers, Joe.