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12-03-2008, 10:28 PM

I'm looking for information about a training exercise known as Tengyo. I believe the Kanji spelling consists of the character for heaven (ten) combined with the character for go (iku).

Nage leads Uke an enormous circular irimi nage from ai hamni kata te dori, sweeping upwards in a spiral - ending with both arms extended up to the heavens while emitting a long primordial roaring kiai. There is no throw down involved, the emphasis is on Nage extending toward heaven in body and spirit. The practice is very 'purifying'.

I know that it was performed at the beginning of keiko prior to tai no tenkan over 20 years ago in my dojo when my teachers' teacher was still alive. Thesedays, one of my teachers sometimes does this but only rarely; it ceased to be a part of regular keiko from before my time.

I'm interested to know if Tengyo was/is practised or known about elsewhere.

Thanks very much,