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09-15-2001, 11:03 AM
This is a replica of a thread already posted on Aikido Journal BB. I thought I would post it here also to broaden the feedback.

I have just had an interview for a job in Grande Prairie, Alberta. If I get the job, it is a position I don't think I could refuse for it fits in too perfectly with my career aspirations (The position is Senior Biologist with Ducks Unlimited). However, there is a huge downside, I have not been able to find an aikido dojo in the area. The closest dojos I have found are in Edmonton, more than 400km away. I am currently ranked 4th kyu in the USAF-East with 2.5 years of aikido training. My wife is unranked with 9 months of aikido training. If anybody knows of any aikido or similar martial art in the Grande Prairie area I would love to hear about it.
I have found the web page to a Shorin Ryu Karate dojo in Grande Prairie, Anybody know about this style. From what I have read there is also judo and taekwondo in Grande Prairie but they don't seem to have any web sites. I would like to hear anything those of you having trained in these three other arts might have to say about what I would likely find if I were to take them up. I have only ever trained in Aikikai aikido and have loved every minute of it. My first guess from what I have seen in demonstrations is that judo is closest to what I might enjoy (full contact, some emphasis on ukemi). In any of these three cases I worry that the dojos might be too sport oriented for me as I personally have no interest whatsoever in competition, tournaments, rules. I could handle such things as a training tool but not as the goal of training. More important goals for myself are self-defence (not in the sense of being indestructible, more in the sense of applicable martial techniques), fitness and training to remain calm and relaxed even when "pushed".
The web site for the Shorinryu karate dojo is: www.geocities.com/gpskc
I found the names and phone numbers of the judo and taekwondo schools but nothing more.
Kita Kaze Judo Club
Grande Prairie Taekwondo School
I have been to just about all the aikido dojo directories (federation derectories and search engines) and have found nothing. Oh well, I haven't been offered the job yet, for all I know I may be training here in Ste-Foy for a long time.