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  1. Ready, Aim, Fire
  2. Persistence
  3. Gambarimasu!
  4. A Cranky GeriAikidoka Sitting In Her Chair, Complaining
  5. Henry
  6. Attribution
  7. It Had to Be Felt #56: Frank Doran: Command Presence
  8. Facing Godzilla
  9. Winning with Ukemi
  10. Aikido - More or Less
  11. Naturally Learning
  12. Writing About Aikido
  13. Eight Forces
  14. Trust
  15. Glamour
  16. Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast
  17. For Carlos, with gratitude for the lesson in Aiki
  18. This Is Only a Test
  19. It Had to Be Felt #57: Saito Morihiro: "Soft Strength"
  20. In a Good Place
  21. Only the Silence
  22. Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 28 (Part One)
  23. It Had to Be Felt #58: Maruyama Shuji: "Ueshiba did it, Tohei did it, I did it.... You can do it too."
  24. It Had to Be Felt #59: Matsuoka Haruo: "A Commitment to Breaking Through Barriers"
  25. Training After Shodan
  26. Wei Wu Wei
  27. Aikido Picayunes: Nawa
  28. Down One Road But Not The Other
  29. Now Is Time
  30. Musings on Twenty Years of AikiWeb
  31. Those who Die without Being Forgotten
  32. 20 Years
  33. Ramblings on Twenty Years with Aikiweb
  34. 20 Years: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
  35. Looking Back on Twenty Years of AikiWeb
  36. Your Sensei is a Hologram
  37. Aikido Picayunes: Nawa Redux
  38. Watching Them Fly
  39. It Had to Be Felt #60: Henry Kono: "Yin and Yang in Motion"
  40. It Had to Be Felt #61: Christian Tissier: "The Role Model"
  41. Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 28 (Part Two)
  42. It Had to Be Felt #62: Okumura Shigenobu: "A Truly Inspiring Teacher"
  43. It Had To Be Felt #63: Sugano Seiichi: "Alive Ukemi/Dead Ukemi"
  44. It Had To Be Felt #64: Sekiya Masatake: "A Living Manifestation of an Art"
  45. It Had To Be Felt #65: Yokota Yoshiaki: "Issatsu no Shunkan"
  46. It Had To Be Felt #66: Watahiki Yoshifumi: "A Promise to O-Sensei"
  47. It Had To Be Felt #67: Kurita Yutaka: "A Devoted Follower"
  48. It Had To Be Felt #68: Miyamoto Tsuruzo: "Human Betterment through Aikido"
  49. Book Review Essay 1: "Swords and Other Weapons, Life-giving or Otherwise: An Extended Review of Liese Klein's Biography of Kazuo Chiba"
  50. It Had To Be Felt #69: Ikeda Hiroshi: "The Rainbow Bridge"
  51. It Had To Be Felt #70: Nemoto Hiroki: "Plenty of Pain Wrapped in Kindness"
  52. It Had To Be Felt #71: Yamada Yoshimutsu: "Nothing Worth Learning Can Ever Be Taught"
  53. It Had To Be Felt #72: Kawahara Yukio: "Grab Me! Fight Me! Fight Me! (He was laughing)"