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Title Description Author
Training the Mind Training the Mind and Working Beyond the Body Eric Sotnak
On Training On Training and the Mindset of "Shugyo" Eric Sotnak
Right to Train? Do People Have an Inherent Right to Train in Budo? Chuck Gordon
How Much? Optimum Time Per Week to Train Cady Goldfield
Danger: Lottery Mentality The Danger of Training with the Desire for Unearned Success Roger Alexander
Kata Training and Aikido Kata in Aikido Training Diane Skoss
About Ukemi Ukemi: More than Just Falling Down and Being Thrown Lisa Tomoleoni
Polishing the Mirror and Grinding the Stone Training in the "Valley" or on the "Mountain" of Physical Ability Dennis Hooker
Around the Corner I Attend a Dojo A Poem Wendy Gunther
Seminar Tips Tips on Making Seminars More Enjoyable J. Akiyama
Honest Practice Dealing with One's Ego During Practice Jim Zimmerdahl
Aikido to Apples Control of Uke is Not Possible Without Control of Ourselves Lee Escobar
Why I Train Observations on The Reasons Why To Train Eve Peters-Campbell
Opening the Door The Perception of Strengths and Weaknesses Justin McCarthy
The Role of Fear How Fear has Affected My Training and My Life Tarik Ghbeish
Thoughts on Bugei Studies Do Bugei Studies Produce a Unique Result? Karl Friday
Facing One's Internal Demons "Unless we come to terms with our own capacity for violence, we can never control it" Chuck Gordon
Appropriate Ukemi How appropriate is resistance in ukemi? George S. Ledyard
Aikido as Budo A Reminder about the Martial Side of Aikido George S. Ledyard
Selecting a Dojo My "Boilerplate" Response When Asked for Dojo Recommendations J. Akiyama
Evaluating a Dojo Some Tips for Evaluating a Dojo for Newcomers Bill Witt
The Development of Ki On Developing Ki in Aikido Patrick Augé
Non-Traditional Attacks The Roles of Traditional and Non-Traditional Attacks in Aikido George S. Ledyard
On Stopping, Starting, Preservering, and Growing Thoughts on the Subject of Why People Stay or Quit Aikido Mike Collins
The Costs of Training with the Best On Paying for Budo Training Peter Boylan
Taking Ukemi and Being Uke Differences Between Taking Ukemi and Being Uke Peter Boylan
It Does Get Harder As You Go Along An honest, heart-felt, and introspective year-long communications as Frank takes his aikido training "off the mat" and into his personal, everyday life Frank Gordon, Paul Schweer
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