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Home > Techniques > Beyond Yonkyo (Armed)
by Dennis Hooker <Send E-mail to Author>

I'm not to good at verbal descriptions but I tried.

These differ some from Rocky's rendition but then I suppose we learned them at different times from different teachers. These technique require the use of a bayoneted rifle or long spear, it is training against long weapons the jo up. It requires two moves to get inside Uke unlike the jo down to the hand which require one move.

Gokyo: Uke using a bayoneted rifle. Uke has the right hand in the triggering position the left had around the barrel stock. He thrusts with the bayonet at the abdomen (easier withdrawal than the chest). You slide into his left side your right hand goes to the elbow as in Ikkyo and your left palm up grasps his fingers from the bottom securing them on the stock piece. If you were looking as you hands the right palm would be down and the left up. Now proceed as in Ikkyo with your normal footwork.

Rokkyo: Uke using a spear from the right hand position. Left hand at the base of the staff and right hand extended position as if thrusting or reaping with a 9 foot spear. Slide in at the thrust. You will only get half way in. Your right had goes to the elbow like ikkyo but with the hand turned over the thumb on top. Your left hand goes to his left hand as in Ikkyo, but grasping the thumb and fingers securing them onto the shaft you will be holding his arm like a jo. If you looked at your hands the right palm would be up and the left down. Apply pressure to the elbow and thrust down as if his arm was a jo (be careful you can snap the elbow with to much presser. Pin in this position applying presser to the elbow (again be careful).

Nanakyo: Spear or rifle thrust, you slide in the right hand grasping uke's left from the top, your left had grasping uke's left form the bottom. Both you hands are securing his left (or lead hand) on the weapon. Rotate his arm about a quarter turn so the elbow is up and into your armpit. You can apply pusher at this point. If you can not apply sufficient leverage to disarm him or brake the elbow, slide you left foot across your front, it will be in front of uke. Now drop down on your right knee and lean back across uke's back applying presser to the elbow (be careful).

Hachikyo: Uke in the right handed position thrusts with the bayoneted rifle or spear. You slide in but not so deep as the last time. You grasp the rifle stock or spear shaft in your left hand and push it up and toward his right shoulder. Grasping the lower part of the shaft (between his hands) you pull. This gives you leverage on the weapon and you can take uke down bring the blade of the weapon across the back of uke's neck.

Dennis Hooker
Shindai Aikikai
Orlando Fl.

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