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Home > Spiritual > What the "Bleep" is Ki?
by Andrew LeBar <Send E-mail to Author> - 10. February, 2000

Why are so many students still thinking of "Ki" as some mystical/magical thing? Is it possible that the term, "Ki" is used as another way to help students to understand the "Oneness" that is always present, whether we are in objectification or not? The first way of "knowing" is symbolic or representational. We make comparisons of this to that and say that we understand when actually there is a separation a veil. When we write or speak we break the Universe up into seer and seen to help in understanding. This is part of growing and learning. This is the "state of Mind" that most of us function in every day in every way.

The second way of knowing is "intuitive." Tohei Sensei said, "Ki is "like" the number One in counting all things" (this is an example of writing using an analogy that is trying to help others understand/be another level of consciousness). Why is Ki like the number One? Why is it that when we sit in breathing or meditation that eventually we become compassion that "experiences" the stream of the Universe as ONE? Why is it that for thousands of years sages and saints and today's physicists have written about the experience of life/existence as One? From many different cultures and levels of civilization this is described the same. That this intuitive perspective/consciousness is real while the representational/symbolic way of knowing is an image or not real.

Ki is only a word that is a way to help others understand, "relax completely," or a "different perspective" or another "level of consciousness" or "state of mind." What is in the way of our movement when someone strikes at us and we hesitate for even a nanosecond? It is two, or a breaking up of the Universe into seer and seen. If I do a demonstration of Ki as weight underside, I do not say that a force is not allowing these two men to pick me up. No I state that, because I experience relaxation as an immediate, intuitive state of mind that I can make it very difficult for these two men to pick me up. It is a knowing intuitive confidence that "the mind leads the body."

I could say that the force of my mind through my body is not allowing them to pick me up or that I am aware of the Ki that is extending. But this can confuse the issue for many people. "Extend Ki" implies that there is something to be done when there is nothing to do. Before even the first thought arises, there is nothing to do.



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