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Country: Slovenia

Summer Camp with Shinah Edmund Kern, Kyosi, 8.Dan-Aikido     Share (Permalink)
Dates: May 3-5, 2013
Venue: Dvorana Tabor Maribor
Address: Koresova 7, Maribor 2000 (map)
Phone: 00386 41 416984
URL http://www.aikido-zveza-slo.si
E-mail: info@aikido-zveza-slo.si
Notes: 80
Seminar with Edmund Kern. 8.Dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: July 17-24, 2011
Venue: Dojo school Dante Alighieri Izola
Address: Oktoberske revolucije 10, IZOLA 6310 izola/isola (map)
Phone: 003861416984
URL http://www.aikido-zveza-slo.si
E-mail: info@aikido-zveza-slo.si
Seminar with Hiroaki Kobayashi Sensei (6th dan)     Share (Permalink)
Dates: March 31-April 2, 2011
Venue: Shodokan Dojo
Address: F.R. Stane Barry, Ljubljana (map)
URL http://www.shodokan.si
E-mail: sensei@shodokan.si
Notes: Stephen Toyoda Sensei (president AAA/AAI) will be a special guest
Seminar with Glen Matsuda Sensei, rokudan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: March 18-20, 2010
Venue: Zanshinkan dojo
Address: Al Safa, Jumeirah (map)
URL http://www.aaa-aikido.com/Seminars/2010/Seminar-03-2010%2...
Seminar with Glen Matsuda (6th dan)     Share (Permalink)
Dates: March 11-13, 2010
Venue: Shodokan Dojo
Address: Various Locations, Various Cities (map)
Phone: 38641 612 075
URL http://aikidoworld.aaa-aikido.com/?p=1055
E-mail: aikido@shodokan.si
Seminar with Yukimitsu Kobayashi, 7.Dan, Hombu Dojo Shihan     Share (Permalink)
Date: March 18, 2008
Venue: Judo dvorana Bu-Ba
Address: Vodovodna 25, Ljubljana (map)
Phone: +38631479358
URL http://www.aikikai.si
E-mail: info@aikikai.si
Seminar with Wilko Vriesman 5. Dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: October 28-29, 2006
Venue: Dokiai Aikido Dojo
Address: Vodovodna 25, Ljubljana 1000 (map)
Phone: +386 31 479 358
URL http://aikikai.si/
E-mail: info@dokiai.com
Summer Camp with Wilko Vriesman 5 Dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 19, 2006-August 22, 0000
Venue: Judo Hall of Bu-Ba center
Address: Vodovodna 25, Ljubljana 1000 (map)
Phone: +386 31 479 358
URL http://aikikai.si
E-mail: info@aikikai.si
Notes: accommodation at the dojo possible
Seminar with Wilko Vriesman, 5 Dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: April 22-23, 2006
Venue: Aikikai.SI - Dokiai
Address: Vodovodna 20, Ljubljana 1000 (map)
Phone: +386 31 479 358
E-mail: info@dokiai.com
Seminar with Wilko Vriesman 5 Dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: October 21-23, 2005
Venue: Slovenian Aikikai
Address: Dokiai Dojo, Ljubljana 1000 (map)
Phone: +386 40 951 977
URL http://www.dokiai.com
E-mail: info@dokiai.com
Seminar with Wilko Vriesman, 5. Dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: April 22-24, 2005
Venue: Dokiai Dojo
Address: Langusova 8, Ljubljana 1000 (map)
Phone: +386 31 479 358
URL http://www.dokiai.com
E-mail: info@dokiai.no-spam.com
seminar with Edward Germanov 5th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: December 4-5, 2004
Venue: Shodokan Dojo
Address: Clevelandska 11, Ljubljana 1000 (map)
Phone: ++38641 612075
URL http://www.atemi-klub.si
E-mail: info@atemi-klub.si
Seminar with Andrew Sato, Rokudan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: March 12-14, 2004
Venue: Shodokan Dojo
Address: Ob sotoeju 14, 1000, Ljubljana (map)
Phone: 386 41 612 075
URL http://www.aaa-aikido.com/event-schedule2004.html
E-mail: info@aaa-aikido.com
Seminar with Ed Germanov, 4th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: December 4-7, 2003
Venue: Shodokan Dojo
Address: Ob sotoeju 14, 1000, Ljubljana (map)
Phone: 386 41 612 075
URL http://www.aaa-aikido.com
E-mail: info@atemi-klub.si
Notes: Contact Matjaz Dobravec in Slovenia for more info. Germanov Sensei is Director of AAI-Bulgaria. Training is open to all.
Seminar with Erhard Altenbrandt, Rolf Brand, both 7th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 4-10, 2002
Venue: Izola
Address: Livada Prim. School Gym, Izola, Slovenia (map)
Phone: 003864-41-416984, 00386-2-4205748
URL http://www.aikido-union.de/lehrgaenge/2002/20020804/
E-mail: aikido.1994maribor@s5.net
Notes: open for aikidoka from 5th kyu, any organisation / style
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