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Country: Hungary

Spring Camp with Kobayashi Yasuo 8. dan, Masuda Manabu 6. dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: April 9-12, 2015
Venue: Hungarian Kobayashi Dojo
Address: Hungaria krt. 9-11., Budapest 1101 (map)
URL http://kobayashiaikidohun.wix.com/springseminar2015
Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/events/775451139178079/
E-mail: kobayashi.aikido.hungary@gmail.com
Seminar with Ulf Evenas 7. dan Shihan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: February 28-March 1, 2015
Venue: Shurenkan Aikido Sport Association
Address: Megyer str. 14, Budapest 1044 (map)
URL http://www.sas-aikido.hu/urlap/ulf-evenas-7dan-shihan-tab...
Facebook URL http://www.facebook.com/events/1507669259517092/
E-mail: info@sas-aikido.hu
Seminar with Christoph Stoebich 4th dan; Norbert Niklai 4th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: October 9-10, 2010
Venue: Koch Valeria School
Address: Tiborc u. 28/1, Pecs (map)
URL http://www.nanzan.hu/snas
E-mail: aikido@nanzan.hu
Seminar with Michel Gollo 6.dan Sihan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: February 19-21, 2010
Venue: Aikido seminars
Address: Derkovits u.4-6, Budapest (map)
E-mail: juhaszmjanos@t-email.hu
Seminar with Kuribayashi Takanori Shihan 6. Dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: November 3-4, 2009
Venue: UTE Judo Hall
Address: 13 Megyeri Road, Budapest 1044, Budapest (map)
URL http://www.aiki.hu
E-mail: aikikai.hungary@gmail.com
Seminar with Seishiro Endo 8. Dan Aikikai Hombu Shihan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: December 1-3, 2008
Venue: UTE Judo Hall
Address: 13 Megyeri Road, Budapest 1044 (map)
URL http://www.aiki.hu/en/
E-mail: info@aiki.hu
Seminar with Matti Joensuu 6th Dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 4-10, 2008
Venue: Szechenyi Ferenc Horticultural technical college
Address: Hosok space 1., Balatonfured (map)
URL http://www.aiki.hu/new/en/
E-mail: tamas.lazar@gmail.com
Seminar with Giampietro Savegnago 8.dan and Luca La Rosa 6. dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: October 12-14, 2007
Venue: Kigarukai Aikido Klub
Address: Keszkeno u. 18. (Jasz u. junction), Budapest H-1131 (map)
Phone: +36 20 3494705
URL http://www.kigarukai.com/Pietro2007.html
E-mail: info@kigarukai.com
Notes: Download detailes in English from the webpage.
Seminar with Michel Gollo 5.dan aikikai sensei- Attila Pivony 3.dan aikikai sensei     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 23-29, 2004
Venue: Hungarian aikikai summer camp
Address: Topart u. 17, H - Agard (map)
Phone: ++ 36 70 380 84 50
URL http://www.aikido-aikikai.com
E-mail: p.atil.@freemail.hu
Notes: Fee: 100 eur-
Summer Course with John Rogers 5th Dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: July 19-25, 2004
Venue: Aikikai Hungary
Address: Bercsenyi Primary School Sport Centre, Jaszbereny (map)
Phone: +36 20 395 8104
URL http://www.aiki.hu
E-mail: info@aiki.hu
Notes: Seminar Fee (all inclusive): approx. 100 euro
Spring Course with Matti Joensuu 5th Dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: April 17-18, 2004
Venue: UTE Judo Hall
Address: 13 Megyeri ut, Budapest (map)
Phone: +36 20 395 8104
URL http://www.aiki.hu
E-mail: info@aiki.hu
Notes: organizer: Aikikai Hungary
Summer Seminar with Michel Gollo, 5th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 18-24, 2003
Venue: Bercsenyi Sporthal
Address: Bercsenyi street, Jaszbereny 5100 (map)
Phone: +3630/271-1916
URL http://summercamp.bixerver.com
E-mail: aikikai@aikikai.hu
Seminar with Yasuo Kobayashi, 8th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 5-10, 2003
Venue: Hungarian Kobayashi Dojos Federation
Address: Kossuth Zsuzsa Szki., Eger (map)
Phone: +36-30-385-9466
E-mail: mkde@hu.inter.net
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