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Home > Aikido Seminars > Seminars in United States

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Country: Australia: New South Wales

Seminar with Berin Mackenzie 5th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: June 24-26, 2016
Venue: Retreat Centre
Address: Explorers Road, Katoomba 2780 (map)
Phone: +61 425 259 609
URL http://www.aikidosydneycity.com/registration-for-our-2016...
Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/events/1682222352022536/
E-mail: info@aikidosydneycity.com
Notes: 3-day live-in intensive combining Aikido practice with workshops in Japanese shiatsu massage and Oki-do yoga
Seminar with Joe Thambu, 8th Dan; Jon Marshall, 6th Dan; Paul Cale     Share (Permalink)
Date: June 5, 2016
Venue: Aikido Yoshinkai NSW Dojo
Address: 310 Marrickville Road, Marrickville 1475 (map)
Phone: +61 3 9440 7028
URL http://www.aikidoshudokan.com/updates/aiki-perspectives-s...
Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/events/1715719895352181/
E-mail: seminar@aikidoshudokan.com
Notes: This seminar provides a unique insight into aiki combat principles and applications. Early bird fee $110. On the day $140.
Seminar with Saburo Takayasu Shihan, 7th Dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 29-30, 2015
Venue: Takemusu Aiki Association Australia
Address: 180 George Street, Redfern 2016 (map)
Phone: 61(4) 01 431 382
URL http://www.aikidoaus.com.au/weaponsseminar/
Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/events/836095869772229/
E-mail: geoffhadden@hotmail.com
Notes: Aiki-Ken and Aiki-Jo: Discovering O'Sensei's Weapons Techniques
Seminar with Yasumitsu Kadoya Sensei (6th dan)     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 9-10, 2014
Venue: Aikido Kenkyukai Sydney City Dojo
Address: Shop 107, 92-120 Cleveland Street, Chippendale 2026 (map)
Phone: +61425259609
URL http://www.aikidosydneycity.com/kadoya-sensei-aikido-semi...
Facebook URL http://www.facebook.com/events/1435822643321864/
E-mail: aikidosydneycity@gmail.com
Notes: $150 full weekend or $90 per day. Pre-registration required.
Winter Camp with Takeda Satoshi 7dan Aiki-Kai /AKI     Share (Permalink)
Dates: July 13-14, 2013
Venue: Aikido Cntr. Byron Bay Temple Byron
Address: 46 Melalueka street , Byron Bay (map)
Phone: 0417 443 710
Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/events/322957791139756/
E-mail: fudoshindo@gmail.com
Notes: Please refere to the Face Book URL. Thank you.. Chicko
Seminar with Yoko Okamoto, 6th dan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: April 27-28, 2013
Venue: Newcastle University Forum
Address: University Drive, Callaghan 2308 (map)
URL http://newcastleaikido.com/?p=1052
Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/events/378394668909222/
E-mail: info@newcastleaikido.com
Seminar with Daiyu Takeda 5th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: September 29-30, 2012
Venue: Aikido Kenkyukai Sydney City Dojo
Address: Shops 106-107, 92-120 Cleveland Street, Chippendale, Sydney 2008 (map)
Phone: 0425259609
URL http://www.aikidosydneycity.com/daiyu-takeda-sensei-aikid...
Facebook URL http://facebook.com/events/353017198087500
E-mail: aikidosydneycity@gmail.com
Notes: Prepayment by 31 August $140 full seminar OR $85 per day, $150/$90 after this date if any spaces remain
Seminar with Charles Xerri 5dan A.K.I. / Japan Aikikai     Share (Permalink)
Dates: July 14-15, 2012
Venue: Baron Bay Aikido Centre / Byron Temple
Address: 46 Melalueka st., Byron Bay (map)
Phone: 0417443710
URL https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3369654245153&set...
E-mail: fudoshindo@gmail.com
Notes: A Tribute to the Great Yamaguchi Sensei. ALL Aikido Affiliations Welcome
Seminar with Hideo Hirosawa 7th Dan, Saburo Takayasu 6th Dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 27-28, 2011
Venue: King George V Recreation Centre
Address: 3 Cumberland St, The Rocks, Sydney 2000 (map)
URL http://www.aikidoaus.com.au/
E-mail: seminar@aikidoaus.com.au
Notes: http://www.aikidoaus.com.au/news-a-articles/articles/96-hirosawa-sensei-seminar-2011.html
Workshop with Berin Mackenzie 4th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: July 19, 2011-November 30, -0001
Venue: Aikido Kenkyukai Sydney City Dojo
Address: Shop 107, 92-120 Cleveland Street, Sydney 2008 (map)
Phone: +61 425 259 609
URL http://www.aikidosydneycity,.com
E-mail: aikidosydneycity@gmail.com
Notes: This is free introductory workshop on Aikido for Children
Seminar with Chicko Xerri sensei     Share (Permalink)
Dates: November 20-21, 2010
Venue: Newcastle PCYC. A.K.I. dojo
Address: Corner of Young and Curley Roads, Broadmeadow, Newcastle (map)
Phone: 0410 756 019
E-mail: gaby.denhollander@hunterlink.net.au
Notes: Exaggeration Disregards AiKi. All affiliations warmly welcome.
Seminar with Yoshinobu Takeda 8th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: October 1-3, 2010
Venue: Sydney Academy of Sport & Recreation
Address: Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen, Sydney 2101 (map)
Phone: 0414 376 912
URL http://www.aikidosydney.com/camp/takeda_camp_2010/index.html
E-mail: aikidosydney@hotmail.com
Seminar with Jean-Rene Leduc, 5th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: November 14-15, 2009
Venue: Sugao Gakuen
Address: 3 Myoora Rd, Terrey Hills, Sydney (map)
Phone: +61-425-259-609
URL http://www.aikidosydneycity.com/stuff2/2009JRLSydney.pdf
E-mail: aikidosydneycity@gmail.com
Seminar with Saburo Takayasu Shihan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: October 3-4, 2009
Venue: North Sydney Aikido Dojo, North Sydney PCYC
Address: 1st Floor, 224-230 Falcon St, North Sydney NSW 2060 (map)
Phone: (612)98809837
URL http://www.aikidoaus.com.au
E-mail: gasshuku09@gmail.com
Notes: The Essence of Aikido - Takemusu Aiki and beyond: Understanding traditional Japanese martial art concepts
Seminar with Joe Thambu, 7th Dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: August 28-30, 2009
Venue: Aikido Yoshinkai NSW
Address: 72 Wyndham Street, Alexandria 2015 (map)
Phone: +61 2 9560 1434
URL http://www.aikidoshudokan.com/australia_neo/?p=792
E-mail: admin@aikidoshudokan.com
Notes: Aikido: Foundations - 28/8, $60; Restraint & Removal - 29/8, $90; Aikido: Principle & Practice - 30/8, $60; All 3 Seminars $139
Seminar with Takeno Takafumi Sensei 9th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: April 11-13, 2009
Venue: Aikido Yoshinkai NSW
Address: Peter Forsyth Auditorium, Francis St, Glebe, Sydney (map)
Phone: 02) 9560-1434 / 0422 522 888
URL http://aikido-sydney.com.au/latest-news/takeno-sensei-sem...
E-mail: aikido.yoshinkai.nsw@gmail.com
Notes: Takeno Sensei will be accompanied by Nakagawa Chiemi Sensei (5th dan). There will also be a demonstration on 4/13/2009.
Seminar with Berin Mackenzie 3rd dan A.K.I.     Share (Permalink)
Dates: November 30-December 2, 2007
Venue: Govinda Valley Spiritual Retreat Centre
Address: Lot 1, Lady Carrington Drive, Otford, Sydney (map)
Phone: +61-425-259-609
URL http://www.aikidosydneycity.com/stuff2/2007SummerGasshuku...
E-mail: akisydney@hotmail.com
Seminar with Chicko Xerri sensei 4th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: February 10-11, 2007
Venue: Broadmeadows, PCYC.
Address: Young road, Newcastle (map)
Phone: 0410756019
URL http://fudoshindojo.blogspot.com/
E-mail: gaby.denhollander@hunterlink.net.au
Notes: Tribute to Yamaguchi shihan
Summer Camp with Suzuki Yasuyuki 6th dan (AKI Japan)     Share (Permalink)
Dates: December 30-31, 2006
Venue: Sugao Gakuen
Address: 3 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills, Sydney (map)
Phone: 0414 376 912
URL http://www.aikidosydney.com/camp/summer06/summer06.html
E-mail: seymour@easy.com.au
Notes: full details re: cost, accomodation and schedule available on website
Seminar with Daiyu Takeda 4th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: October 14-15, 2006
Venue: Sugao Gakuen
Address: 3 Myoora Rd, Terrey Hills, Sydney (map)
Phone: +61425259609
URL http://www.aikidosydneycity.com/daiyusensei.html
E-mail: akisydney@hotmail.com
Notes: $140 for 2 days, pregistration required
Seminar with Saito Hitohiro     Share (Permalink)
Dates: June 10-12, 2006
Venue: North Sydney Police Community Youth Club
Address: 224-230 Falcon St, North Sydney 2060 (map)
Phone: 61 0425 273 457
URL http://www.aiki.com.au/news/index.html
E-mail: contact@aiki.com.au
Seminar with Joe Thambu Sensei (6th Dan)     Share (Permalink)
Date: August 6, 2005
Venue: Aikido Institute (Sydney)
Address: Level 1, 72 Wyndham Street, Alexandria 2015 (map)
Phone: 03 9480 1570
URL http://www.yoshin.info
E-mail: seminar@aikidoshudokan.com
Notes: Restraint & Removal: The Aiki Concept 2005
Seminar with Gordon Jones 6th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: March 26-28, 2005
Venue: Gosford Gymnastic Centre
Address: Gooriwa Rd, Matcham (map)
Phone: 0408803331
URL http://www.centralcoastaikido.com
E-mail: info@centralcoastaikido.com
Notes: Open to all Aikido students.
Seminar with Koretoshi Maruyama     Share (Permalink)
Dates: September 3-7, 2004
Venue: Goshinkan Dojo
Address: Lot 2 Melaleuca Dr., Byron Bay NSW 2481 (map)
Phone: 61 2 66 856389
URL http://www.aikidoyuishinkai.com
E-mail: aikido@spot.com.au
Notes: 'Aikido without Boundaries' -all styles are welcome to attend
Seminar with Pat Hendricks 6th dan     Share (Permalink)
Dates: June 12-14, 2004
Venue: Aiki Kunren Dojo
Address: TBA, Sydney (map)
Phone: 61 02 8702 4772 work
URL http://www.aiki.com.au
E-mail: contact@aiki.com.au
Seminar with Koretoshi Maruyama     Share (Permalink)
Dates: September 5-9, 2003
Venue: Goshinkan
Address: Meleuca Dr., Byron Bay (map)
URL http://aikidoyuishinkai.com
E-mail: info@aikidoyuishinkai.com
Notes: Yuki (healing) seminar follows aikido seminar
Aikido Seminar with Koretoshi Maruyama     Share (Permalink)
Dates: September 6-15, 2002
Venue: Goshinkan Dojo
Address: Lot 2 Melaleuca Dr, Byron Bay 2481 (map)
Phone: 61 2 66 856389
E-mail: aikido@spot.com.au
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