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News from September, 2000

AikiWeb News: AikiWeb Forums
Posted 9/11/2000 8:44am [from Jun Akiyama]

AikiWeb is proud to announce the newest feature of the site: AikiWeb Forums. It's a full-featured bulletin board for your aikido discussion enjoyment. Please join the AikiWeb Forums community! Update: There's been a lot of activity as well as great posts on the Forums. Check them out!

AikiWeb News: New Article, Knee Information
Posted 9/13/2000 11:31am [from Jun Akiyama]

Knee problems are a common ailment in aikido. This new article entitled Knee Information by Janet Rosen, R.N., goes over a lot of information regarding the knees and injuries to that joint. Quite informative!

AikiWeb News: Interview: Stan Pranin
Posted 9/13/2000 3:46pm [from Jun Akiyama]

AikiWeb is proud to announce the second article for its Interviews section -- an interview with Stan Pranin of Aikido Journal. Enjoy!

AikiWeb News: Multimedia Section Updated
Posted 9/14/2000 11:17am [from Jun Akiyama]

The Multimedia section has been updated and split into three sections: Videos, Miscellaneous, and a brand new Aikido Sensei section with images of various aikido teachers. As of today, this new Aikido Sensei section contains pictures of Hiroshi Isoyama sensei (8th dan, Aikikai), Hiroshi Ikeda sensei (7th dan, Aikikai), Yoshinobu Takeda sensei (7th dan, Aikikai), and Frank Doran sensei (6th dan, Aikikai). More to come, soon! Just added 9/15: George Leonard sensei (5th dan, Aikikai)

Magazine: New Aikido Today Magazine
Posted 9/17/2000 10:48pm [from Jun Akiyama]

I stumbled across the latest Aikido Today Magazine (Sept/Oct 2000) at the bookstore today. If you're not subscribed, head on down to the bookstore and pick one up!

Website: Aikido Online's New Discussions
Posted 9/20/2000 11:50am [from Jun Akiyama]

Not getting enough discussion here on the AikiWeb Forums? Then head on over to Aikido Online for their two new threads in their discussion forums: "Anecdotes" and "How I started aikido."

Book/Video: New Book: Dueling with O-Sensei
Posted 9/20/2000 4:40pm [from Jun Akiyama]

Ellis Amdur has just announced his new book called, Dueling with O-sensei: Grappling with the Myth of the Warrior Sage. He writes about his book, "In essence, I've always been fascinated by aikido, but have also believed that deification of anyone blinds us on how to possibily achieve anything of value from a discipline. Therefore, my intention is, with all respect, to face Ueshiba Morihei eye-to-eye, and to consider aikido as having emerged from his own struggle with flaws, moral failure and weakness as well as genius. My access route has been, at times, to consider myself in the same light." Sounds quite interesting!

AikiWeb News: New Article, Woods for Training Weapons
Posted 9/26/2000 9:21pm [from Jun Akiyama]

A new article entitled "Woods for Training Weapons" by James Goedkoop of Kingfisher Woodworks is now online here on AikiWeb. First printed in Aikido Today Magazine, this article examines the characteristics of many kinds of woods used in weapons training including their relative impact strengths and densities. Good information for anyone interested in making weapons or purchasing one!

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