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News from August, 2000

Norio Mamura Sensei Passes Away
Posted 8/05/2000 10:17pm [from Jun Akiyama]

Norio Mamura sensei of the Milwaukee Aikido Club passed away on July 30th, 2000 at the age of 82. Funeral services were held last Thursday. Condolences to Mamura sensei's family, friends, students, and loved ones.

Seminar/Event: Summer Camp in the Rockies Review
Posted 8/08/2000 11:37am [from Jun Akiyama]

Stanley Pranin of Aikido Journal has put up a very nice write up of the 20th Annual Summer Camp in the Rockies that occured last week.

Website: Iwama Uchideshi Information
Posted 8/16/2000 9:35am [from Jun Akiyama]

Aikido Journal has an interesting article on Requirements for Training as an Uchideshi in Iwama. Good information for people interested in training at Saito sensei's dojo in Ibaraki.

Book/Video: New Videos at Aikido Online
Posted 8/18/2000 12:26am [from Jun Akiyama]

Aikido Online has just released some new videos tapes including a four-tape set of the USAF Eastern Region Summer Camps from 1985-1988 (featuring K.Ueshiba sensei, Moriteru Ueshiba sensei, K. Osawa sensei, Yamada sensei, Chiba sensei, and Kanai sensei) as well a seven-tape set of the 1988 USAF Western Region Summer camp (with Chiba sensei, Shibata sensei, H. Osawa sensei, Kurita sensei, Murishige sensei, and Chiesa sensei). Sounds really impressive! (We'd appreciate reviews of these videos!)

Book/Video: Summer Camp in the Rockies 1985-1999
Posted 8/18/2000 1:33pm [from Jun Akiyama]

Bu Jin Design is now selling the Summer Camp in the Rockies 1985-1999 video tape (two hours) featuring Mitsugi Saotome sensei, Hiroshi Ikeda sensei, and Frank Doran sensei as well as guest instructors including Yoshio Kuroiwa sensei, Yasuo Kobayashi sensei, Pat Hendricks sensei, and Linda Holiday sensei. This tape covers 15 years of Summer Camps in the Rockies.

Website: New Technical Tips on Aikido World
Posted 8/27/2000 9:58am [from Jun Akiyama]

I just got word from Cheryl Matrasko that they've put up a few new Technical Tips on their Aikido World website. The new tips are animated images of techniques from yokomenuchi and katatori. There are quite a lot of other technical tip animations there, too. Looks great!

Seminar/Event: Seminar with Hiroshi Kato Shihan
Posted 8/30/2000 10:50pm [from Sasha Calderon]

Intensive Aikido Seminar with Hiroshi Kato Shihan September 12-17 at Shinkikan Aikido Dojo in Houston, Texas. Please check website for times.

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