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Doka of the Day - November 27, 2022
In a landscape abundant with advanced weaponry,
The living souls become one in prayer
With the virtue of the workings of the Kami of Creation (samuhara).

                              - Morihei Ueshiba

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It Had to Be Felt #76: Asai Katsuaki: "Like a safecracker"
Posted 2/17/2022 7:16pm [from Jun Akiyama]

The latest "It Had to Be Felt" essay is now available for your reading pleasure, this time on Asai Katsuaki (8th dan, Aikikai Deutschland), written by Markus Rohde (5th dan, Aikidoschule Essen). From the essay: "Asai sensei once told us that when he attacked O-sensei, his body moved because he was drawn into that movement, before he could understand why. Taking ukemi for Asai Sensei often approaches that; he definitely possesses some degree of this attracting force. You really get the feeling to be taken, and being required to stick to him."

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Seminar: Oct 6/7, 2022 in San Diego: Ikeda Shihan/Tomoleoni Shihan
Posted 9/15/2022 8:04am [from Lisa Tomoleoni]

2022 Shimbokukai Autumn Seminar: Aikido Shimbokukai welcomes Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, 7 Dan and Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan, 6 Dan for our Autumn Seminar at Jiai Aikido in San Diego October 7-9. Aikido practitioners of any style and affiliation are welcome! Training will be in-person and there will also be a virtual option available. The format of this seminar will be different, in that all classes will be co-taught by both instructors, presenting variations of techniques one right after the other. This unique teaching offers attendees the opportunity to experience the many shifts within each technique and the connections between variations of techniques.

Event: July 10: Online Conversation withUkrainian Aikido Instructors
Posted 7/06/2022 2:18pm [from Jun Akiyama]

Sunday, July 10, 2022 9:00 AM PDT: Online Fundraising Event for Ukraine: A Conversation withUkrainian Aikido Instructors. Join us on Zoom for an interactive conversation with Ukrainian Aikido-ka. More info and sign-up at:

Event: July 9, 2022: "Aikido: What's Trauma Got To Do With It" Online Panel
Posted 7/06/2022 9:04am [from frances welson]

Join us on 9 July, 2022, for a panel discussion about Aikido and trauma. The event will start with a panel of practitioners experienced in many aspects of trauma in Aikido After the discussion, the floor will be open for questions and comments. Whether you've thought about the issue of trauma a lot, or it's completely new to you, our upcoming Solstice discussion will shed light on this highly relevant topic and, we hope, help upgrade Aikido practice and teaching for all of us. All are welcome!

Seminar: 6/18/2022: Aikido for Ukraine Seminar 2022
Posted 6/17/2022 10:10pm [from Jun Akiyama]

June 18, 2022 in Boulder, CO: Aikido for Ukraine Seminar 2022, a "humanitarian fundraising event, which aims to support the spreading of Aikido, the art of peace, throughout Ukraine." Featuring Kei Izawa (7th dan) of Aikikai Tanshinjuku; Edgar Johansson (5th dan) of Denver Aikikai; Evolene Premillieu (4th dan), Aikikai instructor at One Dojo; and Abel Villacorta Sensei (4th dan), host, One Dojo Director & Head Instructor of Boulder Ki Aikido The event registration page also allows donations.

Article: Article: "True Budo: Contextualizing Japanese Text and Quotes"
Posted 6/15/2022 7:03am [from Jun Akiyama]

Here's a good article entitled "True Budo: Contextualizing Japanese Text and Quotes" by Marc Trudel which explicates and provides some research into the sometimes repeated quote of "This is the ideal budo true Judo" as reportedly written by the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano, according to author John Stevens. Well worth a read.

Seminar: Jacques Horny Shihan 7.Dan in Dubai, June 18/19, 2022
Posted 6/15/2022 7:02am [from Bjorn de Decker]

seminar in Dubai on 18 & 19 June from 16h-19h with Jacques Horny Shihan 7.Dan Aikikai

Dale Matthews Sensei Passes Away
Posted 3/28/2022 7:54pm [from Mark Mueller]

Dale Matthews Sensei Godan passed away in Simpsonville KY. Dale was the founder and dojo-cho of one of the oldest Aikido Dojos in Kentucky. He started Aikido in 1975 with Mitsugi Saotome.

Seminar: Mar 25-27, 2022 Midwest Aikido Bridge
Posted 2/17/2022 7:15pm [from Lisa Tomoleoni]

Mar 25-27, 2022. Join us for 3 days, 11 classes, 8 instructors: Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan 7 dan, Robin Cooper Sensei 7 dan, Meido Moore Shihan 6 dan, Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan 6 dan, Salvatore Forestieri Sensei 5 dan, Adam Sorkin Sensei 4 dan, and Gary Marks Sensei 3 dan. Everyone is welcome! Check the website for further information please.

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